WWE Extreme Rules 2020: Cesaro and Nakamura Vs. The New Day full match for SmackDown Tag-Team Title

Jitendra Jangir Mon Jul 20, 2020
WWE Extreme Rules 2020: Cesaro and Nakamura Vs. The New Day full match for SmackDown Tag-Team Title
The Horror Show at Extreme Rules makes the things started from here. We were led to the all of the tonight's matches that are going to take place up next by the degrees.

We went into the ring as Cole welcomed us, The New Day kicked the things off walking down Into the ring. Nakamura & Cesaro walked down into the ring together to pick their match against The New Day.

The bail rang as the match was under the way with Nakamura & Cesaro jumping quickly to take out THe New Day, Cesaro with an uppercut to Kofi. Big E came up to make the save and took first Nakamura out of the ring, and made heavy stricks on Cesaro. Big E drove Nakamura through the barricade, and then to Cesaro. Kofi with another dash on Nakamura through the barricade.

The New Day set off the table in the quest to drive Cesaro on it. Cesaro up the shoulder of Big E, looking to land him, but Nakamura allowed to make his interruption to save him. Now, Nakamura & Cesaro at the top of the rope, Big E joined them to make the save. Big E with a spear driving Cesaro out of the ring.

Kofi joined him partner Big E out of the ring, Kofi with some hits, Cesaro at the top of the table, Kofi went for some shots, The New Day got to be into the ring, Kofi looked for the diving suicide, but Nakamura & Cesaro caught him on the way. Now, Nakamura & Cesaro took the lead on The New Day. Cesaro with a big boot to Big E at the top of the apron. Big E got out and tried to dash them out, but once again Cesaro with knee strick to take him down.

Nakamura sliding knee and went out of the ring to bring up tables. Kofi at the top of the turnbuckle to dash down Nakamura, Big E with a belly-to-belly suplex to Cesaro. The New Day went on to set off the table, Big with a grab on Cesaro top of the turnbuckle, Big E tried to hang on as Cesaro turned the things off with the help from Nakamura.

Kofi with Headbutt, and took Cesaro into the ring, Cesaro, and Kofi at the top of the turnbuckle, Kofi looked to land Cesaro, but Nakamura made his interruption, Cesaro with a grab to landed Kofi through the table to win the match. Nakamura & Cesaro wins the match, they are the new SmackDown Tag-Team champions now.

Winners : Cesaro & Nakamura[The New SmackDown Tag-Team champions], Victory followed by pinfall

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