WWE Extreme Rules 2020 Results: Coverage, Recap, Highlights, Winners

Anfostar Team Fri Apr 23, 2021
WWE Extreme Rules 2020 Results: Coverage, Recap, Highlights, Winners
The Horror Show at Extreme Rules (2020) is the twelfth annual event developed under the Extreme Rules chronology. it is annually propagated by WWE which was scheduled to drive our attention on July 19, 2020, at the SAP Center in San Jose, California but now will proceed from WWE Performance Center on the same date [July 19, 2020].

In the main event, WWE Championship match will be on the line, whereby Drew McIntyre defends His title against Dolph Ziggler. In another prominent event, Raw Women's Champion Asuka will defend her title against Sasha Banks. Braun Strowman faces off Bray Wyatt in a Wyatt Swamp Fight. Nikki Cross won the Fatal-4 way match on the episode of SmackDown, now she will challenge Bayley for SmackDown Championship match.

Seth Rollins and Rey Mysterio to fight off in an Eye for An Eye Match, Pulling out opponents eys is The only way to win the match. It is also considered to be one of the most interesting matches at The Horror Show at Extreme Rules because of its kind of luring storyline.

United States Champion Apollo Crews gets to defend the title against MVP. The New Day to defend The SmackDown Tag-Team Championships against Nakamura & Cesaro in a Tables match

Featuring Matches

=>Drew McIntyre to defend his title against Dolph Ziggler.

=>Asuka defends Raw Women's Title against Sasha Banks.

=>Bayley to defend her title against Nikki Cross.

=>Braun Stroman challenged Bray Wyatt for Wyatt Swamp Fight.

=>Seth Rollins and Rey Mysterio to fight off in an Eye for An Eye Match

=>Apollo Crews to defend US Title against MVP

=>The New Day to defend The SmackDown Tag-Team Championships against Nakamura & Cesaro in a Tables match


Singles Match

Kevin Owens Vs Murphy

We kicked the things off with Murphy Vs Kevin Owens as the part of Kicks off show. Kevin Owen kicked the things off walking down into the ring to face off Murphy in a singles action who also followed the entrance. Murphy with the quick knee strick, but Kevin Owens blocked it in the quest to have early Stunner. Murphy with knee strick for the cover but kicked out at two. Murphy tried to slow down Kevin Owens with a sleeper hold, but Kevin Owens took Murphy into the turnbuckle hitting him back to get out of the slipper hold. Murphy at the top of the second rope with the jump, but Kevin Owens with instead with a DDT, and then a Huge Closeline, inside out Murphy went down.

Murphy back to his feet, Murphy face first went into the turnbuckle, Murphy with a push dashing down Kevin Owens into the middle of the ring, Murphy went for the double-knee for the cover but kicked out, Murphy gets up for another possible move but this time Kevin Owens caught him for the Pop-up Powerbomb, Murphy escaped from it and landed instead with a move to cover Kevin Owens, but kicked out at two. Finally, Kevin Owens with the stunner to win the match.

Winner : Kevin Owens, Victory followed by pinfall

SmackDown Tag-Team Titles Match [Tables Match]

The New Day Vs Nakamura & Cesaro

The Horror Show at Extreme Rules makes the things started from here. We were led to the all of the tonight's matches that are going to take place up next by the degrees. We went into the ring as Cole welcomed us, The New Day kicked the things off walking down Into the ring. Nakamura & Cesaro walked down into the ring together to pick their match against The New Day.

The bail rang as the match was under the way with Nakamura & Cesaro jumping quickly to take out THe New Day, Cesaro with an uppercut to Kofi. Big E came up to make the save and took first Nakamura out of the ring, and made heavy stricks on Cesaro. Big E drove Nakamura through the barricade, and then to Cesaro. Kofi with another dash on Nakamura through the barricade. The New Day set off the table in the quest to drive Cesaro on it. Cesaro up the shoulder of Big E, looking to land him, but Nakamura allowed to make his interruption to save him. Now, Nakamura & Cesaro at the top of the rope, Big E joined them to make the save. Big E with a spear driving Cesaro out of the ring.

Kofi joined him partner Big E out of the ring, Kofi with some hits, Cesaro at the top of the table, Kofi went for some shots, The New Day got to be into the ring, Kofi looked for the diving suicide, but Nakamura & Cesaro caught him on the way. Now, Nakamura & Cesaro took the lead on The New Day. Cesaro with a big boot to Big E at the top of the apron. Big E got out and tried to dash them out, but once again Cesaro with knee strick to take him down.

Nakamura sliding knee and went out of the ring to bring up tables. Kofi at the top of the turnbuckle to dash down Nakamura, Big E with a belly-to-belly suplex to Cesaro. The New Day went on to set off the table, Big with a grab on Cesaro top of the turnbuckle, Big E tried to hang on as Cesaro turned the things off with the help from Nakamura.

Kofi with Headbutt, and took Cesaro into the ring, Cesaro and Kofi at the top of the turnbuckle, Kofi looked to land Cesaro, but Nakamura made his interruption, Cesaro with a grab to landed Kofi through the table to win the match. Nakamura & Cesaro wins the match, they are the new SmackDown Tag-Team champions now.

Winners : Cesaro & Nakamura[The New SmackDown Tag-Team champions], Victory followed by pinfall

We were backstage with Alexa Bliss encouraging to Nikki Cross, Asuka and Kairi Sane.

SmackDown Women's Title Match

Bayley[Sasha Banks] Vs Nikki Cross[with ALexa Bliss]

Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross made their way out into the ring as Nikki Cross faces Bayley tonight in a SmackDown Women's Title match. Bayley with Sasha Banks headed towards the ring.

The Bail rang, as they both prepared for the fight. Bayley with a push to take Nikki Cross into the turnbuckle. Bayley with trash-talking with Nikki Cross. We saw Nikki Cross with a slap on Bayley into the turnbuckle. Nikki Cross with quick Neck Break for the cover but kicked out at two. Nikki Cross with DDT and then went up to the top rope with a Cross Body for the cover but kicked out at two. Bayley went out of the ring, Nikki Cross stood at the apron and had another Cross Body.

Bayley suddenly with a kick to drive Nikki Cross through the barricade. Bayley dragged Nikki Cross back into the ring. Bayley was running rough on Nikki Cross. Bayley with a takedown for the cover, but kicked out at one. Bayley with punches and caught up Nikki Cross into the apron. Bayley showed up her tattoo, Bayley looked back as Nikki Cross was not a place she was supposed to be, Nikki Cross went another side of the apron. Bayley with Belly-to-belly on Nikki Cross for the cover but kicked out at two. Bayley looked to regain the control, Bayley up to the top rope, Bayley with Superplex to Nikki Cross for the cover but kicked out at two. Bayley engaged with a talk to the referee as Nikki Cross with a role, but Bayley made it out.

Bayley tried to have Nikii Cross under the knee, but Nikki Cross instead drove Bayley's leg into the ring post. Nikki Cross with Dropkick and then Running Bulldog, Nikki Cross headed top rope, for the jump but Bayley kicked out at two. Nikki Cross with Back to Back Suplex. Nikki Cross up to the top rope, Bayley dashed her down, Bayley looked to hit Nikki Cross, but instead drove herself through the turnbuckle, Nikki Cross with DDT on the exposed concrete. Nikki Cross took Bayley into the ring for the cover but kicked out at two. Nikki Cross with distraction from Sasha Banks. Meanwhile, Bayley took advantage of landing a punch to the right of the face. and then with a Faceflane on Nikki Cross for the cover, 1,2,3 and won the match.

Winner : Bayley, Victory followed by pinfall

Bray Wyatt was up on the big screen enclosing a horrors house, He led us to the talk about Braun Strowman.

Breaking: Apollo Crews will officially defend US Title his title against MVP tomorrow night on Raw due to the injury. MVP with Bobby Lashley into the ring and he declared himself as the new US champion from now on. MVP brought up the title and got Bobby Lashley into making him wear the title. They both went out of the ring.

We were hyped with the up next, An Eye For An Eye match between Seth Rollins Vs. Rey Mysterio.

An Eye for An Eye Match

Seth Rollins Vs. Rey Mysterio

Seth Rollins walked down into the ring, he had a Plier in his hand, he looked to set into the ring, Rey Mysterio out of nowhere attacking Seth Rollins with a Dropkick, He prepared for the 619, but Seth Rollins made it way out. Seth Rollins out of the ring, hitting Rey with Stick, Back into the ring, Rey set Seth Rollins up hanging on the rope, he went for 619, but Seth Rollins slid from there. Rollins a huge drop to Rey on to the hardest part of the ring on the apron. Seth Rollins, we fro the left eye for Rey, but Rey got out. Seth Rollins with Streel chair shots, Rey rolled away into the ring. Seth Rollins dragging Rey through the steel stairs. Seth Rollins back into the ring with Kendo Stick.

Seth Rollins and Rey fought off out of the ring, Rey Mysterio drove Seth Rollins through the commentary box, Rey Mysterio forcing Seth Rollins with Steel Chair, Rey got toolbox getting some stuff out of it. Seth with a shots back with Steel Chair and grabbed him on the apron, apparently snacking his eye, but Rey drove Seth into the turnbuckle, both into the ring, Seth Rollins with kendo stick attack.

Seth Rollins set Off Kendo stick on the turnbuckle in the vertical shape, Seth Rollins Caught Rey and tried to have Rey through the Kendo stick, but Rey with His move turning the things up, Rey up to the top rope for the jump. Seth with Powerbomb, and then looked for the Stomp, but suddenly, Rey with Tornado DDT to Seth Rollins. Rey stood tall at the apron, Seth Rollins lifts Rey on his shoulder, Rey got Kendo stick to hit it on Seth Rollins, Rey Mysterio drove Seth Rollins into the barricade twice.

Rey now with Kendo tearing it apart and dug it into Seth's eye, Seth Rollins got the damages but got out of it. Rey with 619. Seth Rollins out of the ring, Seth Rollins suddenly, got Rey to cause his eye crashing through the steel stairs, but Rey instead with a Stomp.

Rey looked to dig the eye, Suddenly, Seth Rollins with a low blow to get out of it. Seth Rollins landed Stomp, Seth Rollins was close to damage Rey's Eye into the steel stairs, we saw Seth Rollins turning his eye off Rey Mysterio, as The referee brought the bail with Seth Rollins as the winner.

Winner : Seth Rollins

Dominik headed towards the ring with the medical team to take Rey out for the care. Seth Rollins Vomited out seeing the all the situation.

Still to come, Wyatt Swamp match between Braun Stroman Vs. Bray Wyatt, but for the time being we were up with Raw Women's Title match.

Raw Women's Title Match

Asuka[Kairi Sane] Vs. Sasha Banks[Bayley]

Asuka headed towards the ring with Kairi Sane. Sasha Banks with Bayley also followed the ring. The bail rang, as they prepared for the fight, Sasha Baks pushing Asuka into the corner. Sasha Banks with knee stick, Sasha Banks Driving Asuka into the canvas, Asuka with a right hand to Asuka, Suddenly, Sasha Banks with an Anklelock, Asuka got out of the ring. Shoulders down as Sasha Banks went for the cover but could not get the victory. Asuka with Armbar but Sasha Banks touched the bottom rope to break the hold. Banks with a punch, Banks at the top of the ring post, but Asuka with Knee up driving Sasha with her knee. Asuka landed some hits. Banks into the ring looking to land Asuka down out of the ring. Asuka with Knee strick from the top of the apron, taking Sasha Banks down. We saw Asuka looking to make Asuka lock, but Banks drove her into the turnbuckle.

Banks went on to damage, Asuka's figure, Banks was ripping Asuka's hands pulling them through the backside, Banks with cover but kicked out at two. Banks with trash-talking, landing stricks into the turnbuckle, Banks with Double knee right on the rib. She went for the cover but Asuka kicked out at two. Banks with damage to the arms, landing the kick on her chest. Asuka fired back knocking Banks, Asuka looked to have shoulder block into the corner. Duble Knee from Asuka taking Banks down on the canvas, Asuka ran for the hip attack, but Banks blocked it.

Both fought off at the top of the apron. Banks caught Asuka to drive back into the barricade, Banks into the ring with Frog Splash for the cover, but kicked out by Asuka, Banks with a submission move. Somehow, Asuka was able to get out of it. Asuka landed a knee on the apron and set herself pop up, German Suplex from Asuka, and now unloading back to back hits on Banks.

Asuka with another German Suplex and then went for hit attack for the cover but Banks kicked out at two. Asuka top of the ring post for the dropkick, but Banks was able to slid away firing back with her move for the cover but Asuka kicked out at two. Asuka went down. Asuka with a grip around Banks' waist, but somehow Banks was able to land on her knees.

Asuka and Banks both with hits, Asuka went for the Asuka lock, Bayley made the distinction, Kairi Sane was there to dash Bayley down. We saw the referee got engaged in the talk, Asuka continued to have Asuka lock, we saw Banks tapping out, but the referee was not having the eyes on tap.

Meanwhile, we saw Asuka spitting green mist, Bayley from behind with an attack with the title, Bayley wore, the Referee's T-Shirt, and went for the three counts. The official, did not go to bring the bail, but she forcibly made him ring the bail.

Winner: Asuka is still the Raw Women's Champion, Someone wearing the Referee's T-Shirt does not decide the winner, thus, Asuka remains the winner.

WWE Championship Match[ExtremeRules...for Dolph Ziggler only!]

Drew McIntyre(c) Vs. Dolph Ziggler

Dolph Ziggler walking towards the ring. Still, the stipulation was left to make. The music hit as Drew McIntyre made his way up into the ring. Dolph Ziggler took the mic and picked ExtremeRules...for Dolph Ziggler only! as the stipulation. Dolph Ziggler went under the ring, Drew McIntyre with a big chop to take down Dolph Ziggler. Drew back into the ring, Drew prepared for the Clamore kick, but Dolph rolled away from the ring. Dolph Ziggler went under the ring to bring chairs, Dolph Ziggler looked to land it, but Drew caught it in the air, causing Dolph. They both went back and forth out of the ring. Dolph Ziggler sent Drew through the ring post and brought out a table, Drew meanwhile, grabbed Dolph to land backbreaker, Drew into the ring with a cover but Dolph kicked out at two.

Dolph Ziggler suddenly, with Low Blow to Drew McIntyre, Dolph Ziggler brought up some chairs, as Drew was writhing in pain. Dolph with chair shots to the back of Drew. Dolph Ziggler set Drew's neck on the chair and landed another hit of chairs for the cover but kicked out at two. Drew out of the ring, as Dolph Ziggler followed him back, Drew caught Dolph and drove him on to the commentary box. Drew McIntyre went to have Belly to belly, Dolph blocked it, landing Neckbreaker, Slipper hold from Dolph Ziggler.

Drew back on his feet. Dolph Ziggler went on to send Drew into the turnbuckle, oh, what a CLoseline from Drew McIntyre. They both were out of the ring. Drew caught Dolph Ziggler driving him into the barricade, Drew tossed Dolph Ziggler into the ring. Drew with a slam and looked for Claymore kick, Dolph Ziggler out of nowhere landing chair shots on the knees, Dolph Ziggler with Zig-Zag for the cover but kicked out at two. McIntyre on the table, Dolph top of the ring post and landed an elbow to Drew on the table.

Drew did beat the counts backing into the ring. Dolph Ziggler was insane seeing this. Dolph entered the ring in the frustration, Drew McIntyre with Headbutt, but soon again Dolph Ziggler with Famausr and then Zig-Zag for the cover but Drew was still able to get up.

And now Ziggler looked for another Zig-Zig, but this time Drew caught him under a Claymore Kick to be still the champion.

Winner : Drew McIntyre, victory followed by pinfall

Wyatt Swamp Fight

Braun Strowman Vs. Bray Wyatt

Cole leads us to the Swamp fight from the enclosed location, Bray awaited Braun sitting on the chair. Braun Storman made his way in the car. They both stared down each other, we saw Braun Strowman saying I am back home. Braun Wyatt suddenly escaped from there. Braun Strowman threw the chair out on the rampage. Braun Strowman got hit from the back by a person looking like Braun in the shape. We see Braun got up, and found himself handcuffed with Shaklee. Bray Wyatt headed towards him with that Lantern. Bray Wyatt says, "welcome home Braun", Bray Wyatt had some trash-talking.

Bray Wyatt insisted Braun into joining his crew, but Braun Strowman went on to resist it. Bray Wyatt came up with a snake, and made it bite to Braun. Bray Wyatt went off from there. We saw Braun getting as the fire was firing on there. Suddenly, an unknown person came up to attack Braun, we see Braun landing rough shots and made flee from there, while, he was covered with the fire. We looked to have Alexa Bliss in the concern, apparently making the distraction for Braun.

Bray Wyatt appeared out of nowhere attacking Braun from behind. Instead, Braun caught sending Bray Wyatt on to the boat. Braun spot a boat coming through the swamp. He went down in the swamp to look at what the boat has got. Suddenly, Bray Wyatt with an attack from behind with a stick, and then went on to drown in the water. Braun somehow got out of it. Bray Watt continued to make the fight up with steel chairs. Braun suddenly, turned into the outrage, going back and forth. Braun Says "it's over".

Bray Wyatt out of nowhere, dragging Braun into the water, we see the water went red as Wyatt laughed in The Fiend look as well as saying let me in.

Winner : Bray Wyatt, victory followed by pinfall

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