WWE Extreme Rules: Asuka Vs. Sasha Banks Winner

Jitendra Jangir Mon Jul 20, 2020
WWE Extreme Rules: Asuka Vs. Sasha Banks Winner
In a literal sense, Sasha Banks left The Horror Show at WWE Extreme Rules with the Raw Women’s Championship, but not without controversy.

With the referee incapacitated, Bayley struck Asuka with one of the Women’s Tag Team Titles and put on the referee’s shirt to count a pinfall for Banks, unofficially hailing her partner as the victor and fleeing with the Raw Women’s Championship.

Asuka is still the Raw Women's Champion, Someone wearing the Referee's T-Shirt does not decide the winner, thus, Asuka remains the winner.

Asuka headed towards the ring with Kairi Sane. Sasha Banks with Bayley also followed the ring. The bail rang, as they prepared for the fight, Sasha Baks pushing Asuka into the corner. Sasha Banks with knee stick, Sasha Banks Driving Asuka into the canvas, Asuka with a right hand to Asuka, Suddenly, Sasha Banks with an Anklelock, Asuka got out of the ring. Shoulders down as Sasha Banks went for the cover but could not get the victory. Asuka with Armbar but Sasha Banks touched the bottom rope to break the hold. Banks with a punch, Banks at the top of the ring post, but Asuka with Knee up driving Sasha with her knee. Asuka landed some hits. Banks into the ring looking to land Asuka down out of the ring. Asuka with Knee strick from the top of the apron, taking Sasha Banks down. We saw Asuka looking to make Asuka lock, but Banks drove her into the turnbuckle.

Banks went on to damage, Asuka's figure, Banks was ripping Asuka's hands pulling them through the backside, Banks with cover but kicked out at two. Banks with trash-talking, landing stricks into the turnbuckle, Banks with Double knee right on the rib. She went for the cover but Asuka kicked out at two. Banks with damage to the arms, landing the kick on her chest. Asuka fired back knocking Banks, Asuka looked to have shoulder block into the corner. Duble Knee from Asuka taking Banks down on the canvas, Asuka ran for the hip attack, but Banks blocked it.

Both fought off at the top of the apron. Banks caught Asuka to drive back into the barricade, Banks into the ring with Frog Splash for the cover, but kicked out by Asuka, Banks with a submission move. Somehow, Asuka was able to get out of it. Asuka landed a knee on the apron and set herself pop up, German Suplex from Asuka, and now unloading back to back hits on Banks.

Asuka with another German Suplex and then went for hit attack for the cover but Banks kicked out at two. Asuka top of the ring post for the dropkick, but Banks was able to slid away firing back with her move for the cover but Asuka kicked out at two. Asuka went down. Asuka with a grip around Banks' waist, but somehow Banks was able to land on her knees.

Asuka and Banks both with hits, Asuka went for the Asuka lock, Bayley made the distinction, Kairi Sane was there to dash Bayley down. We saw the referee got engaged in the talk, Asuka continued to have Asuka lock, we saw Banks tapping out, but the referee was not having the eyes on tap.

Meanwhile, we saw Asuka spitting green mist, Bayley from behind with an attack with the title, Bayley wore, the Referee's T-Shirt, and went for the three counts. The official, did not go to bring the bail, but she forcibly made him ring the bail.

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