WWE Friday Night SmackDown Live Results, Feb. 2020 | Recap, Highlights, Winners, Title Match

Anfostar Team Sat Feb 15, 2020
WWE Friday Night SmackDown Live Results, Feb. 2020 | Recap, Highlights, Winners, Title Match
Welcome to Anfostar_Friday Night SmackDown episode takes place from Rogers Arena Vancouver, Bc. The show features a highly anticipated match between Bayley and Carmella when set to meet in a SmackDown Women's Championship bout. It also features a foreseen date between Otis and Mandy Rose that takes place tonight on Valentine's Day special SmackDown edition.

Venue: Rogers Arena, Vancouver, Canada

Time: Friday Feb 14, 2020( 4:45pm) / Saturday Feb 15, 2020( 5:45am IST)

Featuring Matches

SmackDown Women's Championship Match

Carmella vs. SmackDown Women's Champion Bayley

Tag-team Match

Roman Reigns & TBA vs. The Miz & John Morrison

Here we go!!

Friday Night SmackDown episode kicked off with the entry from Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross for A Moment of Bliss. Alexa Bliss welcomed everyone for having the first Moment of Bliss in 2020. They talked about their childhood crush. Alexa Bliss introduced Carmella who was soon to battle with Bayley. Carmella said that she is going to beat down Bayley tonight. Alexa asked her what with you two both friends, as you used to be the best friend. Carmella said It's Sasha Banks who is trashing everyone. Meanwhile, Bayley interrupted as the music hit. She said it's not the matter of Sasha Banks, you should not have dragged her in between, then went on to change her direction to Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross by saying that she beat you both in a handicap match. Carmell got up and challenged Bayley for the instant match. Carmella headed towards the ring followed by Bayley too.

SmackDown Women's Championship Match

Carmella vs. SmackDown Women's Champion Bayley

The bail rang and both the competitors got ready to have their match on the line to win. Bayley with a shoulder dash on Carmelle. Bayley took it on a little with her and instantly Carmella hit the shoulder drop to Bayley. Carmella gripped Bayley's hand. Bayley tried to insult Carmella at the edge of ring but Carmell hit a big slap on Bayley and went for the retribution. Carmella took the charge with a crossbody on Bayley and went for the cover but she kicked out at two. Bayley put herself out of the ring which leads Carmella into action with Suicide diver on Bayley. She took her in the ring and headed towards the top of the ring post for anther Crossbody on Bayley to cover her for two. Bayley again went out of the ring followed by Carmell a back to her. Bayley hit her into the announce table. After the break, Bayley was taking control of Carmella.

Carmella fired up with Moonwalk ring up in the ring and dashing down her right in the middle in the ring. Suddenly, Bayley took the charge and made her move on Carmell to cover her. She went for the cover but she kicked out with shocking two counts. Bayley went to the rope side to go on the top of the ring but she was cut out by Carmella and had her move on her to cover for the two counts. They went for the back to back roll-up to each other and finally, Bayley pinned her to win the match.

Winner : Bayley, victory followed by pinfall

After the match Bayley attacked Carmella from behind with her move but the instant she was followed by Naomi in the ring and they both talked trash in the middle of the ring. Meanwhile, Carmella pushed Bayley from behind and Naomi had her massive Superkcik on Bayley to completely maker her down. Naomi and Carmell stood tall in the middle of the ring.

Last week Baron Corbin set the stage to fire when he dumped a drink on a fan and ranted raving in front of the WWE Universe who was stacking to be the hard fan for Roman Reigns, which leads to a charge from Roman Reigns that stops the royal pain dead in his tracks. He hit Baron Cornin into the barricade and then took him in the ring but Baron Corbin escaped his way out of the ring to exit. Before this, he also went towards the technical room to cause an employe into destruction.

So to make it concern WWE fined Baron Corbin for his bad behaviour on the fans.

Bayley was outside who said she is ready to defend her title at Supershowdown against anyone because she does not care about it.

Two on one Handicap Match

Sheamus vs. Shorty G and Appolo

Sheamus was the next to enter the ring to have two on one Handicap match against Shorty G and Appolo. They both came in the ring with uniting and attacked Sheamus before we could hear the bail rang. Referee officially started the match. Sheamus took the control on Shorty G with back to back chest hits on Shorty G. It took a while to change the action for Shorty G and Appolo as they made theirs to the destruction.

Shorty G threw Sheamus out of the ring consuming Appolo for the driver on Sheamus. They took him in the ring back. Sheamus took the chargeback as he sent Shorty Gout of the ring leaving Appolo in the ring who was hit a Brogue Kick by Sheamus to win the match.

Winner : Sheamus, victory followed by pinfall

Carmella was backstage demanding a rematch with Bayley at any time. She promises to WWE that she is going to be the next SmackDown Women's Champion.

We were shown some clips on Goldberg's return who is soon to take his charge on The Fiend at Super Showdown for Universal Championship.

Soon-to-be Hall of Famer Hulk Hugon was in the camera who discussed Universal Championship match between The Fiend and Goldberg. He said I have understood the power of Goldberg being in the ring with him but talking about The Fiend then he is a scary man as what he has done in WWE.

Hulk said The Fiend is going to face Goldberg so it's the biggest challenge for him. Wray Wyatt interrupted Hulk and joked about what was said by Hulk which took Hulk to speak that you have nice jokes to do but this is not a joke that you are going to face Goldberg. Then Bray Wyatt took the framed photo of Hulk to be put on the wall among others. Meanwhile, Hulk cut off and went from there.

We went back into the ring with Sami Zane and Cesaro to hit the music show. Elias interrupted them while they were not fitting for the music. He entered the ring and they both took the competition on playing the music. Sami Zane and Ceasaro started playing the music while Sami had the

gutar but it was liked by the audience as they continued to louder their boo. The crowd cheered for Elias but Sami and Cesaro attacked Elias to beat him black and blue. Braun Strowman came in the ring to cover her his friend and took down everyone including the security guard. Sami and Cesaro got down from the ring, Braun finally caught Sami but he was tapped from behind by a security guard who then went to flee from there. He got forced to enter the ring and there Elias took him for the beating and then Braun Stroman threw him flying from the top of the rope. Sami and Cesaro were looking the destruction from the top of the ring.

We had the announcement later that Bayley will defend her title at Super Showdown. Next week we would get to see a singles match between Naomi and Carmella, the No. 1 contender will face Bayley at Super Showdown.

Next we saw Dolph Ziggler joining Mandy Rose who was actually waiting for Otis for a date. Otis observed both of them on the table which changed his mind into going back from there in the frustration.

Tag-team Match

Roman Reigns & Daniel Bryan vs. The Miz & John Morrison

The Miz and John Morrison entered the ring. They had the mic who talked trash about The Usos and they flaunted over to be the greatest tag-team in WWE and said they are going to defeat The New Day at Super Showdown. Roman Reigns entered the ring to have his match but still, we got to find the mystery partner for the match. We saw Daniel Bryan joined Roman Reigns for the match. We saw Corbin was walking from the crowd side showing a ticket in his hand. It looked that he approached as a fan to watch up the match. Roman Reigns could not believe in what just happened.

The match continued, after the match we saw Roman Reigns and John Morrison were in the tag, Roman Reigns took John to his side's ring post to put out kicks on John, Roman changed the tag with Daniel. He took the charge by kicking out both member from The Dirt Sheet. Daniel went on the top taking John with him and sent him flying from the top. Daniel sent down to the ring with Superkick where he was tagged by Roman Reigns, Baron Corbin watching them all from down, Roman Reigns turned his talk towards Corbin which brought help for The Miz to hit Roman Reigns. Daniel came in the defence. John Morrison went to the top of the ring and jumped from on Daniel and Roman Reigns, both were down.

After the break, Daniel Bryan was having the tag with The Mia as his opponent. The Miz took Daniel on the top rope and looked that he was going to make suplex for the top but Daniel skipped the moment by escaping from there. Daniel made the tag with Roman Reing and John Also handled the tag with The Miz. Roman Reign was on he boost in taking down Miz. Meanwhile, The Miz forged the way to make the tag with John Morrison and Daniel to Roman Reigns to another side. John Morrison prepared to go for Superkick but it was blocked by Roman Reigns and finally made his Superman Punch on John to win the match.

Winner : Roman Reigns & Daniel Bryan, victory followed by pinfall

After the match Roman Reigns' victory celebration was cut off short as king highness made his way in a royal way and SmackDown went off the air.

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