WWE Friday Night SmackDown Live Results March, 20, 2020: Highlights, Live Coverage, Winners, Rob Gronkowski Appears

Anfostar Team Sat Mar 21, 2020
WWE Friday Night SmackDown Live Results March, 20, 2020: Highlights, Live Coverage, Winners, Rob Gronkowski Appears
Welcome to Anfostar live SmackDown coverge_This week's Friday Night edition takes place live from WWE Performance Center. The show features Rob Gronkowski who sets to appear on March 20 edition of SmackDown. Amidst rumours that three-time Super Bowl Champion Rob Gronkowski may be joining WWE, Meanwhile, Mojo Rawley gets hyped when he announces that The Gronk will be on SmackDown next week!. He is currently on a deal with WWE and likely to come up to abbreviate the contract. The episode gears up still with no live audience due to Coronavirus.

It will be Spear Vs Spear at WrestleMania for the right man to emerge out as victorious. Roman Reigns and Goldberg steep up on SmackDown to sign the contract for their Universal Title Match at WrestleMania.

Pre-decided Scheduel

Roman Reigns and Goldberg steep up on SmackDown to sign the contract for the Universal Title Match at WrestleMania 36

Rob Gronkowski is set to appear on tonight

Paige is supposed to appear on tonight's episode

Smackdown Tag-team Champions The Miz and Morrison Vs Heavy Machinery

The Show Begains Here!!

Here we go!!

We had each announcement from each match for tonights' Smackdown. Michael Cole was right back in the ring holding the mic who lead us to Rob Gronkowski's some video about he helped Mojo win the match. Mojo Rawley was too in the ring with Michelle Cole. Mojo snatched the mic and introduced Rob in the ring.

The music hit and here came Rob in the ring. Rob said he's been watching WWE since he was a kid, from the nose bleeds, He watched the early days of FCW to support his friend Mojo. He's been at sold-out WrestleMania events in front of 80,000 people, and now he's in front of 0 people tonight but he's still hype.He said this year he is hosting WrestleMania 36 and he has got the back for Mojo as he did last time. Mojo said he has got his back too. They both went on to say that they both have got each other back. Meanwhile, they were interrupted by King Corbin who said them to bow down in front of their king. he expects Gronk to get on his knees and bow to his king

Rob and Mojo did not accept the obedience from the king which enraged him. The music hit and here came Elias with his guitar to make some confession over King Corbin. This did not seem perfect for King and he took brawl with Mojo and Rob. Gronkowski hit sending out of the ring. Elias entered the ring to take out Corbin. At the end of the brawl, Rob suggested that Elias and Corbin should be in the ring at WrestleMania.

Next to come, WWE Universal Champion Bill Goldberg will be here to sign his WrestleMania 36 contract with Roman Reigns.

Shinsuke Nakamura, Cesaro and WWE Intercontinental Champion Sami Zayn were seen walking backstage.

Tag-team match

Daniel Brayan & Drew Gulak Vs Nakamure & Cesaro

Daniel Brayan & Drew Gulak entered the ring followed by Nakamura, Cesaro and the champion Sami zayn.

Nakamura started the things off with Daniel Brayan. Nakamura hit a blow on Daniel to the ground while he was down. Daniel made the tag with Mojo who hit Nakamura on his chest by the help of Daniel. Cesaro was in the ring after making the tag. It took a little for Cesaro to be staying in the ring and he made the tag with his teammate Nakamura. Daniel took the charge to send Nakamura out of the ring, Daniel went down to send Nakamura on the announcement table. Cesaro was in the ring to take on Daniel Bryan. Cesaro with an Uppercut on Daniel. Nakamura took the charge with a big boot on Daniel and went for the cover but he kicked out at two.

THey both went on to tag with quick, Cesaro and Danial collied each other and shook the tag from their teammate. They leapt to make the tag with their teammate. Drew with a big German Suplex on Nakamura for the pin but he kicked out at two. Nakamura somehow made the tag with Cesaro who took Uppercuts on Drew. Sami was out to praise their teammates.

Drew brought Daniel in the ring by the tag, Daniel went on the top of the ring post, at another side Drew was having Cesaro in his grip. Daniel jumped from the ring post and rolled Cesaro up for the pin, Nakamura tried to break the pin but instant help came from Drew to cease Nakamura to come inside. Daniel pinned Cesaro to win the match.

Winner : Daniel Brayan & Drew Gulak, victory followed by pinfall

After the match Smai claimed that Daniel was not even in the tag.

After the match Daniel Brayan, Drew Gulak, Nakamura, Cesaro and the champion Sami Zayn was backstage. Sami claimed you always be a mediocre and that was the ting you won the match tonight. Sami said he is untouchable forever. Daniel interrupted him saying if you are untouchable then why don't you defend your title against me and Drew at WrestleMania. Sami said he would defend his title if, Drew could defeat Nakamura next week on SmackDown. They both went on to get agreed.

We went back to the ring and Michael Cole was in the ring to introduced Paige who on the big screen. As she was going to speak out something, she was interrupted by Bayley and Sasha Banks in the ring. Bayley said her to get on the ring so that they could have talk on the important, Paige went on and called them bullies. Bayley flaunted to be the longest reigning Smackdown Champion and that's she becomes untouchable, Bayley laughed on Paige for being forced into retirement. Paige said they're right, her career is over and what she loved to do was taken away from her, and she wouldn't wish that on anyone, even Sasha and Bayley. Paige instantly asked for permission from someone at Fox who could permit her to announce a match for WrestleMania.

Paige announced that Bayley will be defending her SmackDown women's title against Lacey Evans, Dana Brooke, Tamina Snuka, Naomi, and Sasha in a Six-Pack Elimination Match, Bayley left the ring looking at her best friend Sasha Banks who was still in the ring beaming over Bayley.

John Cena vs. "The Fiend" Bray Wyatt at WrestleMania xxx was on the line

The Miz and Morrison was in the ring to present The Dirt Sheet.

Nikki Cross and Alexa Bliss was back was backstage to pick something interesting for the next week. We saw Asuka calling out Alexa Bliss for a match. Nikki Cross took the mic and started to break the things off but Alexa Bliss snatched the mic and called out Asuka for a one-on-one match next week on SmackDown.

Tag-team match

Smackdown Tag-team Champions The Miz and Morrison Vs Heavy Machinery

The Miz and Morrison were interrupted by Heavy Machinery while they were having to do with The Dirt Sheet. The bail rang and we saw Otis and The Miz into the ring. They took a very short and The Miz tagged with Morrison. He came into the ring and kicked an upper leg on Otis's stomach, Otis went onto avoided the hit from Morrison. Otis went at the edge of the ring. He made the tag and both worked as the team to kick The Miz out of the ring. At another side, Turker took out Morrison with a kick on his Jaw. Tucker came back in the ring to lead on The Miz but this time The Miz was highly prepared to lead in the match.

The Miz went on to tag with Morrison who claimed some damages on Tucker and went with The Miz for the tag. Tucker took the charge in the match and tried to tag with Otis but meanwhile, the music hit and Dolph Ziggler came as the twist in the match. Otis looked at him and at another side The Miz sent Otis on the ground with a kick on his face. The Miz with Facebrust at Tucker for the pin but he kicked out at two. After the break, all was set. We saw Tucker tired at several times to make the tag and finally, he did it. Otis came in the ring take out both of them. Otis sent Miz and Morrison to the destruction and he prepared for his move but he was interrupted by Dolph Ziggler who showed some of his picks with Mandy Rose which enraged Otis and he went down to take out Dolph Ziggler.

He went down, Ziggler tried to flee from there but he caught him at the barricade and tried to hit him down but meanwhile, Miz and Morrison came as an interruption to stop him but nothing took a stopping for them as Otis hit both of them through the ring post-Morrison tried to jump down on Otis from the announce table but Otis caught him into the air to hit to the ring post. Otis now with a big splash to barricade on both of them. Otis took the chair but he was stopped by Tucker, Otis took a pose and hit brutalized both of them with hits from chairs. He took the complete destruction.

Winner : Smackdown Tag-team Champions The Miz and Morrison, victory followed by DQ

We saw Michale Cole was in the ring for the Universal Championship contract signing. He first of all introduced Roman Reigns to down to the ring and then to Universal Champion Goldberg. Cole said them to sit down on the ciars so that they can have a peace talk, but both the competitors took out the chairs out of the ring. Cole asked Goldberg who he expected to answer his recent challenge. Goldberg actually hoped it would be Reigns, but didn't think Reigns had the balls to challenge him. Cole asked Roman Reigns on why he accepted Goldberg's challenge. Roman Reigns said he's been fortunate because all the greats, from John Cena to The Undertaker, have challenged him but they all fell in front of him. Roman Reigns said Goldberg will be no different. Cole asked Reigns for the recent tweet that he took on using a pad during his entrance as you can see the tweet on below. Roman said Goldberg is nothing but a little b---h bulldog in his yard, holding his title he never earned. He then signed the contract staring at Goldberg. Goldberg spoke him a punk and said he's been destroying steel doors all over the world with his headbutt and come WrestleMania, Reigns will be his next victim. Goldberg too signed the contract. Goldberg took his title from the table removed it from the line to confront Roman Reigns and that's how SmakcDown went off the air.

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