WWE Friday SmackDown Live Results April 24, 2020: Full Results, Winners, Highlights, MITB Qualifying Match

Jitendra Jangir Sat Apr 25, 2020
WWE Friday SmackDown Live Results April 24, 2020: Full Results, Winners, Highlights, MITB Qualifying Match
This week's Friday Night SmackDown brings you the celebration for Triple H’s 25th Anniversary from WWE Performance Center.

On this week's Friday Night SmackDown we look to have our eyes on the two Money In The Bank Qualifier Matches. King Corbin sets to collide with Drew Gulak for the spot in Men's Money In The Bank Ladder match. Lacey Evans helped Tamina win the match against Sasha Banks, now Sasha Banks gets a chance to make her hands-on Lacey Evans.

Disconecting the Money In The Bank qualifying match WWE leads you a Tag-Team champion match whereby The Champions Alexa Bliss & Nikki Cross defend their titles against Dana Brooke & Carmella.


Tag-Team Championship match

ALexa Bliss & Nikki Cross Vs. Dana Brooke & Carmella

Women's MITB qualifing Match

Lacey Evans Vs. Sasha Banks

Men's MITB qualifing Match

Drew Gulak Vs. King Corbin

Friday Night SmackDown pays tribute to 25 years of Triple H in WWE

A special look at Braun Strowman and Bray Wyatt’s history

Live Coverage

Here we go!!

As we got the announcement that Triple H will be live here to celebrate 25 years of Triple H in WWE.

The New Day Kicked the things off by getting electrifying entry in the ring. Kofi Kingstone said last week we became the 8-time Tag-Team champion, then he said Big-E is the man behind everything to make it possible. It is who is responsible for everything as he pointed at Big-E. Then he said put the respect on his name. Later, we saw the interruption from the Luch house Party who said we have every team from the locker room getting the opportunity to have their names on the title but they never had a chance on it, os tonight they will be the first to challenge you for the titles match right now right here.

But they too had the interruption from The Miz & Morrison who wanted to have their titles back on the line. The Miz said that you beat me in the singles action but we are here to get them back with Tag-Team. Meanwhile, they had the interruption from The Forgotten Sons who also affirmed to have the opportunity on the titles. Forgotten Sons attacked The Lucha House Party while retired from the ring. Forgotten Sons targeted to put the attack on The New Day and caused the destruction.

-We saw The Miz & Morrion talking about The Luch House party backstage who tried to attack them.

Men's MITB qualifing Match

Drew Gulak Vs. King Corbin

Both had handlock at the middle of the ring, King Corbin sent Drew over the top rope, King Corbin had some trash talk with Daniel Bryan. Drew came back in the ring whereby he was attacked by King Corbin with a massive hand. Corbin tried to have another move on Drew but then Drew would escape to kick out Corbin from the ring and then sent him through the announce table with Big Boot.

Drew stood tall over the top of the commentary box. Back from the commercial, we saw Drew taking the whole control on King Corbin, King Corbin with a big Closeline and went for the cover but kicked out at two. King Corbin was in the control in the match, King Corbin lift Drew and sent him through the apron. Daniel Bryan was shading the words of encroachment. Drew with Closeline on Corbin for the cover at two, he sent Corbin out of the ring, he went following him.

They both came back into the ring but suddenly we saw Nakamura and Cesaro dragging Daniel Bryan from behind the barricade. Drew turned his eyes on Nakamura and launched himself on him he went on to attack Cesaro but meanwhile, King Corbin came from behind and attacked him. He then took him into the ring and had his move to win the match.

Winner : King Corbin, victory followed by pinfall

After the match Cesaro and Nakamura caught Drew Gulak and let King Corbin hit him with his stick that he carries with him.

-Still to come to the tribute to 25 years of Triple H in WWE.

Singles Match

Sheamus Vs. Daniel Vidot

Sheamus entered the ring to pick his match against Daniel Vidot who was already in the ring for the wait. The bail rang and we saw Sheamus running rough on Daniel Vidot with his hands on his chest. Then he would have Brague Kick to win the match.

Winner : Sheamus, victory followed by pinfall

Chapter three of Jeff Hardy. While chapter four "The Comeback" will be continued next week.

The Miz & Morrison Vs. Luch House Party

We turned back into the ring with The Miz and Morrison for their matchup against The Lucha House Party. Michael and Corry were still having the talk on Jeff Hardy and we saw Sheamus grabbing Cole from his head. Luch House Party entered the ring. Great athletism was shown by Luch House Party but The Miz and Morrison were looking to drip both of them. SpringBoard Starter on Morrison who connected the tag with The Miz. The Miz drove rough on Gran Metalik at the middle of the ring, but suddenly we saw Gran Metalik rolling The Miz for the pin to win the match.

Winner : Luch House Party, victory followed by pinfall

The Miz & Morrison could not believe just what happened with them. Luch House Party continued their celebration.

Women's MITB qualifing Match

Lacey Evans Vs. Sasha Banks

Sasha Bank with Bayley entered the ring, followed by Lacey Evans in the ring. The Bail rang and we saw Bayley bringing the instruction but was taken down by Lacey Evans, Sasha Bank looked for the advantage by taking her out of the ring. Sasha Bank followed her out but Lacey Evans sent Sasha into the barricade. Bayley brought the interruption which led Sasha to hit Lacey's right hand through the ring post. Sasha Bank continued to harm Lacey's right hand.

Lacey Evans came back into the action and took Sasha at the top of the ring post. They took a brawl on the top, Lacey Evans sent her on the ground and immediately had Women's Right on Sasha Banks, she went for the cover but we saw Bayley attracting Sasha Bank's leg through the rope which brought referee to break the cover. Now, the referee entangle with Bayley for not bring any distraction in the match, we saw Sasha Bankrolling Lacey from behind, she looked for the count but there was no referee to carry the count who was handling Bayley. The referee turned his eyes and had the count but it was too late as Lacey broke it.

Sasha Bank turned his question over Bayley meanwhile, Lacey Evans would have Women's Right to win the match.

Winner : Lacey Evans, victory followed by pinfall

After the match we saw Tamina bring the entrance in the arena, she attacked Bayley from behind. Sasha Bank looked her after.

Tag-Team Championship match

ALexa Bliss & Nikki Cross(c) Vs. Dana Brooke & Carmella

ALexa Bliss & Nikki Cross entered the ring as for the first, they were followed by Dana Brooke & Carmella. Tag-Team championship was up for the grab, the bail rang and we saw Carmella taking out Nikki Cross with Big Boot, Alexa came for the defence but she was too taken down by Dana Brooke high from the ring post. Nikki Cross tried to get back by attacking Carmella but Dana Brook again sent her on the ground with a massive hit.

back from the break and we were taking the eyes on Carmella taking her hands on Alexa in the turnbuckle, Nikki Cross had the little help for Alexa as she distracted Carmella, Dana Brooke was out of the ring who sent Nikki though the ring post, she turned her side to the ring but got the dropkick from Alexa Bliss. Carmella from behind taking shots on Alexa, Carmella showed her great athletism but later we saw Nikki Cross joining Alexa Bliss to team up for the move to win the match and that's how they defended their titles.

Winner : ALexa Bliss & Nikki Cross, victory followed by pinfall

Triple H entered the ring for his 25th-anniversary celebration. He was joined by Shawan Michaels in the ring. Shawan said Triple H didn't think he'd get to have this celebration without him, he then said Triple H is one of the greatest WWE performers of all-time. Triple came near to Shawan but got pissed off by Shawan concerning social distancing. Michaels went on to say that he sent out hundreds of invitations to Triple H's friends and loved ones around the world, and we're all here. They both looked at the empty Performance Center. Triple H mocked that at least Cole and Corey showed up. Shawan talked about that he never had a 25-year celebration. They talked about having good times as DX and being money. Shawn said it all worked, flawless executions and everything they touched turned to hold. Shawn led us to a video of DX's "Not So" greatest moments. The video included Triple H's all accomplished that he achieved being in the ring such as WrestleMania wins and countless WrestleMania moments.

We saw another video that included a dozen losses and punches in a corner from Ronda Rousey. Triple, H pointed out that there was nothing possible for without those people who I have been in the work such as The Rock, Steve Austin, Ric Flair, Randy Orton, Batista, Shawan Michael, Mick Foley, The Undertaker and son on. Meanwhile, we stated some phone calls from Stephen. She brought up and said She is watching both of them mocking her on T.V. The DX comedy continued. Triple H cut the phone. We another phone calls from Ric Flair, and Road Dogg. Meanwhile, WWE Chairman & CEO Vince McMahon joined Triple H and Shawan for the celebration. Vince said, "They didn't think he was going to miss out on making remarks, did they?" Shawan backed by saying that this is going to be the special moment. Vince said Triple H's 25 years is really extraordinary. Under normal circumstances, Vince would come down to the ring from the stage and join them. Vince is apparently practising social distancing.

Vince pulled the legs by counting some of the hits and misses from Triple H. He said that Triple H was behind the infamous "This Is Your Life" segment from 2017. Triple H was full of laughter. Vince laughed and said tonight he just wants to say that Triple H's performance tonight, and just him overall, is just God awful. It sucked, it was rotten, as someone close to them would say. Vince lastly said he loves him anyhow, Triple also threw the love for Vince and that's how it took a leave off.

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