WWE Hall Of Famer Booker T Talks On Rusev Being A Key Piece For A Company Like Impact & More

Jitendra Jangir Fri Jul 10, 2020
WWE Hall Of Famer Booker T Talks On Rusev Being A Key Piece For A Company Like Impact & More
As rumors go down for Rusev that he must be under the contract of some big companies. Wrestlers like Rusev could be the huge fish in the water for a wrestling company due to the kind of dominant he is towards the wrestling.

Amidst the pandemic, you can see Rusev stream and play video games on Twitch with his wife Lana and replying to the fans very wisely at some points, in fact, this is also the responsibility to unveil Rusev's status. Immediately after following his release from WWE, Ruve went through to strip off his name from Rusev to Miro.

WWE Hall Of Famer Booker and Six-Time world champion appeared on his YouTube channel Reality Of Wrestling where he T on Rusev Being a Key Piece for a Company like Impact & More.

Booker T added, "well, I think Rusev. Have you seen him lately? He's got himself as a great shape to seem like there's a little time off man has done a lot of these guys a lot of good. There's just one thing about the business. There are no off seats or anything like that these guys really never ever get a chance to have downtime like they're having right now. I'm sure they're wondering what's going on with their bodies because they feel good[Booker T laughs] So I say bad".

"I say all of those guys out there man, Definitely, Hopefully, they'll find a spot opening a pack of be a launchpad go back to you know, something bigger and better but there again if they do the right things that have Pac-Man they can make that company really really means something and I say that because I remember of going to Eaglin and we had two shows over there in the same Arena back-to-back nights and I work right on and before I know and I would add even tied up that night".

"We walked around the ring a little bit. We you know looked at each other. We looked at the fans and next thing, you know the fans to going Booker T and Rino, and I looked at each other we go. Don't do anything. There's a little keep going for the second element. We had such an awesome match that night the DNA. I don't know we've ever had only maybe 5,000 people with their reader, but then we came back to the next day and we had 5,000 people in the arena again, and I was really really hyped up".

"I was really a good older on a cloud of sport and it's company man to really really be something if they like I said just Monday night if everybody played their job, you know what I mean? Don't try to do it. Nobody else's job. Just your job do that job to the best of your ability, and hopefully, we have a great show at the end of the night. I just don't think the people that drive people in play. I don't know if the eyes will just totally not on the prize. I'm not going to sit here the judge is what I'm trying to say. It's for as by that company didn't do well back then I built Dixie Carter".

"I must say, Dixie Carter. Really really try to do a good thing, you know for the business was trying to put guys in certain places, you know, make sure wrestlers got a job and whatnot. But if what you got to be Askin you got to make sure you got the right pieces in place in order for the business to be successful and I say that because I got a small little company here in Texas, call Reality Of Wrestling and but I know I'm not the smartest guy in the room. I'm going to make sure I surround myself with a bunch of men and women that know exactly what their job or task at hand is and hopefully if everyone do their job will come together and make a great show that even as far as the show goes, you know, I don't have all the greatest ideas".

"So you guys listen Network lets up without my knowledge together. Let's come up with some great ideas. he has a lot of my young guys they come over a lot of the best ideas. They come with a lot of crappy ideas to you know, it's you got to know how to you know, you got to go out a filter, you know those ideas of it. Make sure you use the ones that are good the ones that all good. Hey, man, you don't want to go that route and you need somebody in place to actually be able to say that's we don't want to go that route for certain reasons. So I feel like hopefully if that company you keep the right people at the right places then it could definitely flourish. It could definitely be a feeding ground for a lot of up and coming talent as well as talent that's out there already this just looking for like you said a minute ago a place to land".

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