WWE Latest News | Charlotte Flair on responding Corey Graves' criticism

Anfostar Team Fri Dec 13, 2019
WWE Latest News | Charlotte Flair on responding Corey Graves' criticism
As for the same glace we get to see by the podcast of after the bell with Corey Graves. This time it was Charlotte Flair, the special guest as the audio appearance. Corey Graves asked her as distending about women's tag-team division. He said 'from my perspective, watching as a commentator and fan, it seems like the women's division as a whole_not lack of talent, not lack of desire but women's' division seems like it's definitely cooled off recently!! do you feel that all or do you disagree?

Let's find out what she has to about that all as an answer

She said "Let me speak from how I feel about the current situation turns up from my performance, I feel like The Queen has held to such a different standard, You know, "That is a mixed blessing. Unless I am not out there doing above extraordinary or having the greatest match ever it's like what's happening? I really do sit back another seeing what's happening. I was a little frustrated about my last year.

I found a new gear waling into a Triple Thereat last year. Then there was the Royal Rumble and the storytelling at the end of it with Nia Jax and Becky Lynch and then the main event WrestleMania and then I argued being retired the most known greatest WWE Superstar Trish for the women's division we've ever had. And I go, how my character now after that it was like sometimes my stander worst and high.

May that does not feel that gear and I have on the way of instead of getting angry and feel frustrated. I feel not everything can be the main event for me. I had all of those moments last year, how did I fall off? But the tag team thing for me is when you say I miss the eagle queen that's what I feel like I shin and I felt like that I don't need friends and that's what I think it worked as the disconnect is!!.

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