WWE Latest News | Lana Claims To Have Still Love affection from Rusev

Anfostar Team Fri Jan 03, 2020
WWE Latest News | Lana Claims To Have Still Love affection from Rusev
Last Monday Night Raw we saw the complete destruction taking place in Lana and Bobby Lashley's marriage because of Liv Morgon and Rusev's appearance. They became the ultimate faith for Lana and that's why the moment was dragging her towards embarrassment.

Since then Lana is emerging out on twitter with proofs of having the love attraction still from Rusev for her. Yesterday she was seen to flaunt over her trending facts on twitter she wrote "I hate to rub it in all my haters & naysayers faces right now but MY wedding on Raw was the highest part of Monday Night RAW going up 40 percent from the rest of the show & the highest ratings of the year!

You can go through the full tweet below from Lana

After which she again sighted on twitter claim that not even rusev Loves me also entire WWE Universe. She tweeted Why is everyone SO surprised that Only Liv Once is in love with me? RusevBUL is still in love with me. All my ex’s are still in love with me. The entire WWE Universe is in love with me they are just not brave enough like Liv to come and admit her truth! So don’t hate appreciate.

Later Rusev also buzzed over this matter saying that "I personally thought you gonna go with All my ex’s live in Texas"

You can see full tweets from Lana and bobby

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