WWE Latest News | Top Twitter feuds, Rumors, prediction Sasha Banks to battle against Lacey Evans ?

Anfostar Team Fri Dec 27, 2019
WWE Latest News | Top Twitter feuds, Rumors, prediction Sasha Banks to battle against Lacey Evans ?
Welcome to Anfostar_There are so many intense feuds on tweets that have turned into a match but I am going to make you look through recent tweets feuds that have turned or can turn into a battle?

The most recent feud was of last week when Dana Brooke has the challenge accepted from Bayley on SmackDown live. However, Dana got an instant defeat by Bayley but later they had a bunch of buzz for each other.

Dana tweeted replying Bayley "Last week wasn’t about stepping up to your level Bayley it was about showing Smackdown and the WWE Universe what I am capable of. How about another go, champ?

Later Bayley replied accepting a rematch with Dana Brook She said "Well there’s your first mistake, trying to impress the WWE Universe. And even though you don’t really deserve another shot with me, I’ll allow it. Just not for my championship.

Later on the SmackDown night Bayley defeated Dana Brooke and She she started beating Dana Brook along with Sasha Banks which brought another dispute by the entrance of Lacey Evans in order to protect Dana. Meanwhile, Lacey challenged Sasha Banks, although the match Fell on the double count later Sasha Banks tried to humiliate Lacey in front of her daughter who was getting angry on Sasha Banks. In fact, the matter was sorted out that time but later Sasha took her twitter to taunt Lacey's daughter she replied Lacey Evans "looks like your daughter still needs to learn some manners but the good news is she’ll need a new momma once I’m done with you."

On replying to Sasha she wrote "Don't confuse lack of manners with grit. You asked for everything that's coming sweetheart.

Lacey also took down that "After all this time in "the business" You both have to resort to changing hairstyles and going after my kid to make yourselves got my attention."

It looks that they are set to have a match for the next week or something else brings out? who knows!!

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