WWE Latest Raw News: Ravishing woman 'Lana' taunts Rusev on Twitter

Anfostar Team Tue Dec 24, 2019
WWE Latest Raw News:  Ravishing woman 'Lana' taunts Rusev on Twitter
Rusev is actually looking forward to the wedding day of Lana & bobby next week on RAW! And it just so happens to fall on Rusev Day. He said was he upset about getting screwed at TLC he said yes he was!! then said is he upset about it yes he is but is he going to do anything that will you be damn sure he will!! he further said is not he upset over Lana and Bobby Lashley getting married next week? however, it's going to be the greatest day of my life because the biggest punishment that he ever can give to Bobby is allowing him to marry Lana. Last he said he is single now but not for a long because the Rusev Day is coming on next week.

Later Lana took her twitter to reply that I’m LoLing so hard Rusev A.) You’re so clearly not over me that it’s comical. You can’t stop talking about ME. Just like the entire WWE Universe can’t stop talking about ME! B.) My wedding day falls on Lana DAY! C.) Thank ME for creating Rusev Day & making it relevant again.

Some days ago Lana also shared something about Rusev which reflected that "We got Lana and bobby a gift for their wedding next week". Lana got amused write that That’s the st..idest thing I ever have seen! We all know WWE Shop that a calendar of me the most Ravishing woman in the world in WOULD sell into the millions!

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