WWE Liv Morgan Returns To WWE With A Big shocking Appearance As To Reveal Surprise Spouse

Anfostar Team Tue Dec 31, 2019
WWE Liv Morgan Returns To WWE With A Big shocking Appearance As To Reveal Surprise Spouse
As we have already seen the Much-taled speculation about Liv Morgan return to WWE, presenting a shocking entry, she came down opposing the marry when the Officiant spoke saying that if there is anyone who considers that these two lovely human beings should not be married.

Let's read out the whole marriage process about who came to oppose them

The officiant finally made a call saying is there anyone who thinks that they should not ger married, on the point, someone appeared walking out to the ring and said he objects, this wedding is a sham and should not continue. The guy shocked everyone when he said that he is Lana's first husband. he said he and Lana got married the day she turned 18. He took out some offensive words saying that she left him for that...Rusev. Lashley gripped the guy to send him hard into the mat. Then the guy went out of the ring and The Officiant asked them is there anyone else who opposes the marriage. The Officiant was going to call them husband and wife but there was someone who interrupted them again and she claimed that she is the first wife fo Bobby Lashley. Lana took a slap on her and sent her down. Lana said to The Officiant to continue reading

The Officiant asked one more time that is there anyone to oppose which brought out Liv Morgan she said this can't go on. This marriage has to be stopped. The love of her life is right there.she would not have made it through this year if it weren't for their love. sje never knew that she would be herself with falling in love with each other. Bobby asserted saying that he has never touched her in his entire life, she then put everyone in the shock when she said she is not talking about Bobby, she is talking about Lana, after which Lana launches a slap on her and started brawling and at the same instant Rusev came out of the cake and he started beating him black and blue Rusev sent Lashley with a Machka Kick. this how the live marriage could not become successful

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