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WWE Live Results Dec. 30, 2019 | Venue, recap, Bobby Lashley and Lana to excahange live marriege vow

Updated On: Tue Dec 31, 2019 By Anfostar Team


Welcome to Live Anfostar results_We are live from XL Center, Hartford, CT, which will feature live marriage of Lana and Bobby during the show, Aleister Black battles with Buddy Murphy in a TLC rematch, Andrade to emerge out with U.S Championship.

Here we go!!

It was the final show of the year and it streamed Lana and Bobby's marriage in the headline. first, for first it came down Kavin Owens he said we're going to cut right to business tonight showing a video clip about how they beat him and Rey Mysterio and later to Samoa. He said you know AOP is going wild with every superstars in the locker room and I have been sent to hospital twice in month, Owens said he will keep calling them out and getting beat up but sooner or later, he's taking one of those idiots down with him. He then talked about Rey Mysterio. He showed a video clip showing a video "the attack on Rey losing the WWE United States Title a few days later to Madison Square Garden." Then Owens went on to say enough guys enough...suddenly was cut off by AOP and Seth Rollins

He said Owens is still failing to see the big picture. This isn't something he chose, this is something that was forced upon him by people like Owens who think they know best you, this is his sacrifice, for the greater good, to be a leader, a messiah, to take the industry into the next decade you have left no choice to impose my will. He further went on to say that if he resist them AOP will enforce my will, later with an instant flow Kavin got off the stage to attack AOP but got beat down the dust instead, with no waid more Samoa came forward to beat down AOP. he suddenly attacked AOP and they got themself in the ring but AOP again got back in the fight and they started hammering Samoa too but that was too soon as Kavin came up with steel chair and took hard-hitting on them, finally the security headed towards them to stop them, they pulled AOP back to backstage but before that Kavin jumped off them and dashed down them on the ground.

Singles match Tables, Ladders and, Chairs

Buddy Murphy Vs Aleister Black

Top stars were in the ring to pull damage on each other, it was hard-hitting everywhere as went on pushing with might, Aleister Black looked for the suplex from the top of the room but Murphy sent him on the ground and got him pinned with the suplex and went for the cover but kicked out. Finally, Aleister Black prepared for his last move to pin Buddy and won the match.

Winner : Aleister Black, victory followed by pinfall

We saw next Erick backstage with Lana who was preparing for her marriage, Erick scolded her for not inviting him and he went ahead to pick a match.

Erick Rowan vs. Kip Stevens

We saw Eick heading towards the ring with his "no one knows" pet cage. Kip Stevens was waiting for him in the ring. as soon the match started Kip Stevens slipt down off the ring to see "no one knows" but he got dashed down by Erick and instantly pinned him

Winner : Erick Rowan, victory followed by pinfall

Charlotte Flair vs. Natalya

Next, we saw The queen made her way out in the ring, she said so guess what I am here to announce my entry at Royal Rumble, she knows it is surprising for you and me too and you know she is going to win Women's, Royal Rumble. She said she's tired of bragging about being the Queen of WWE, and the fans are tired of hearing her say it. she has her boots on and her favorite robe one and wants to show us why she's the Queen She immediately took the announcement in the action by calling out someone in the ring and said to bow down to The Queen. We saw the appearance of Nataliya accepting challenge to fight against her.

During the match it was somehow to be entertaining for entire Arena as R-Truth came running to the ringside and other superstars who were chasing him in the pursue of getting 24/7 Championship, meanwhile, Charlotte took expression to weirdness and kicked one of the superstars who tried to got on the ring. Later they continued fighting in the ring Charlotte Flair went for Spear on Natalia to pin her but she kicked out, it was nowhere to belive for Charlotte that she is surviving, she climbed on the top of rope to make a high jump on her and got failed but she immediately put out Submission move to pin Nataliya and won the match by Submission.

Winner : Charlotte Flair, victory followed by Submission.

Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson vs. The Street Profits

Winner : The Street Profits, victory followed by

2-on-1 Handicap Match: Zack Ryder and Curt Hawkins vs. Drew McIntyre

Winner : Drew McIntyre, victory followed by

After the match we Randy Orton heading towards the ring side using crutches.to address the audence about his injury report. The crew member had to come forth to help Orton into clmimbin in the ring with the crutches.Orton said he landed bad on his knee and screwed it up last night, He didn't know how bad it was until he got the MRI results this morning, and well, he's going to be out of the ring for a very long time but the part that can break my heart the most is there's a good chance that he won't be able to come back.he took sigh of heartbreak, the fans started cahnting no! No! getting disagred wiht his decision, Orton said no matter what happens? he's going to do anything in my power make sure that somebody gets the RKO at WrestleMania 36.

After the match we Randy Orton heading towards the ringside using crutches.to address the audience about his injury report. The crew member had to come forth to help Orton to climb in the ring with the crutches. Orton said he landed badly on his knee and screwed it up last night, He didn't know how bad it was until he got the MRI results this morning, and well, he's going to be out of the ring for a very long time but the part that can break my heart the most is there's a good chance that he won't be able to come back.he took sigh of heartbreak, the fans started chanting no! No! getting disagreed with his decision, Orton said no matter what happens? he's going to do anything in my power make sure that somebody gets the RKO at WrestleMania 36.

After that the irruption from AJ Styles who immediately emerged in the ring and said he is gonna put his arms behind his back and let The Viper strike, he then went on asking the fans that's what you wanted, the fans chanted "yes" yes!!

He immediately put his arms behind his back and waited for Rady Orton but the response from the Viper, AJ said you are really hurt, ain't you? you for you Randy, AJ said he is a patient man so he will wait for Orton to WrestleMania to take that leg of yours and put him with the Calf Crusher and not only make him tap out but retire him. He turned his back said a good by but suddenly he turned and kicked Randy's right leg crutch, Orton stopped AJ saying that the biggest difference between them is that he is patient, and Orton is not!! and he launched RKO with like a snapshot and celebrated after sending him unconscious.

Andrade vs. Enhancement Talent

Andrade went to ringside to make his final showdown with the concrete by pulling the mat up. Ricochet came and interrupted Andrade to make the cover for him. Ricochet said it's not going to go down like that tonight. Ricochet says Andrade did this to Humberto Carrillo and Rey Mysterio but if Andrade wants a fight, fight Ricochet now.

Ricochet vs. Andrade

Winner : Andrade, victory followed by

The wedding atmosphere got surrounded the entire area. We the first appearance and introduction of the groom "Bobby Lashley" he emerged out wearing a tuxedo with the sleeves cut off. Later, we grabbed out attention towards Lana the Bride who came down in the wedding dress, flowers in her hand. Thus the Official wedding of the decade kicked off. officiant commenced reading the script and said "he speaks for everyone when he says they hope Lana and Lashley have a love that makes them better versions of themselves" he then pointed out at kids for the happy couple but meanwhile shorted him off saying that "she didn't put that in the script. She doesn't want a little monster coming out of her, giving her stretch marks and everything else, making her like all these Lana wannabes. Fans continued to chant "Rusev Day!!" on responding to this she said this isn't about Rusev.

Lana addressed that this is the luckiest day of Lashley's life because he's marrying the greatest WWE Superstar in history. She considered herself to be the luckiest one to marry Bobby she said This is what his manhood is for. She said she feels like to jump on top of him and immediately went of kissing Bobby, Officiant watched all the process and said Lashley can begin when he wants to but Lana won't shut up. Then the locke out within a few seconds as Lana went on to say that she spent a lot of time on the vows that Lashley is about to read to her. The officiant took the rings and said These rings are symbols of the love they express. He gave one to Bobby and said to repair after him. Lana said to ger hurried up for the marriage process.

The officiant presented the other ring to Lana but she interrupted him and said her Bobby has always given her everything because it's all about her. The officiant says this is the part he dreads. The officiant finally made a call saying is there anyone who thinks that they should not ger married, on the point, someone appeared walking out to the ring and said he objects, this wedding is a sham and should not continue. The guy shocked everyone when he said that he is Lana's first husband. he said he and Lana got married the day she turned 18. He took out some offensive words saying that she left him for that...Rusev. Lashley gripped the guy to send him hard into the mat. Then the guy went out of the ring and The Officiant asked them is there anyone else who opposes the marriage. The Officiant was going to call them husband and wife but there was someone who interrupted them again and she claimed that she is the first wife fo Bobby Lashley. Lana took a slap on her and sent her down. Lana said to The Officiant to continue reading. The Officiant asked one more time that is there anyone to oppose which brought out Liv Morgan she said this can't go on. The love of her life is right there. she would not have made it through this year if it weren't for their love. She came to WWE a lost soul, a wild teen who came to WWE. She noted that "Lashley has never touched this woman in his entire life, he's not sure what she's talking about. Liv questioned Lana why she's doing this, you don't love him.. Lana launched the salp unless she could say something again. They started crying on the apron and gave a push to brawl, immediately Referees came out to break the fight.

After settling the matter The officiant went on reading and he was just going to pronounce them, husband and wife, but Rusev came out of the cake and he started beating him black and blue Rusev sent Lashley with a Machka Kick. this how the live marriage could not become successful

WWE Raw Seth Rollins Lana Bobby Lashley AOP

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