WWE MITB: Bayley Defends The SmackDown Women's Title Against Tamina Snuka At MITB

Jitendra Jangir Sat Apr 18, 2020
WWE MITB: Bayley Defends The SmackDown Women's Title Against Tamina Snuka At MITB
SmackDown Women’s Champions Bayley will have her next title challenger in the form of Tamina..but for that she had to go through Sasha Banks to get the title shot against Bayley. A week's ago Sasha Banks was all prepared for the challenge, she was delivered at the instant by Bayley to Sasha Banks. Tonight Tamiana defeated Sasha Banks by the aid of Lacey Evans. Now Bayley will defend her championship against Tamina.

ALso read the full recap of the match.

Bayley and Sasha Banks headed towards the ring to have the match with Tamina. Bayley joined commentary. Tamina also walked down to the ring, the bail rang and we saw The Boss giving Tamina a T-Shirt of her own, Tamina said it be short for her to wear it and attacked The Boss.

After the break, Sasha was dominated on Tamina by landing some kicks on her. Meanwhile, she had trash talk with Tamina. Sasha caught Tamina by the grip of her hands around the Tamina's neck. Tamina tried to break the hold but the hold was not too soft to break it.

Tamina hit Sasha to the turnbuckle and did break the hold. She landed some kicks on Sasha Banks and threw her out of the ring. We saw Tamina following back to her but got the distraction from Bayley, Sasha Bank took the advantage and hit Tamina to the ring post. Bayley tried to have her hands on Tamina but aided by Lacey Evans who made a flying dash apparently taking Bayley Out of the occasion. Tamina launched Superkick to win the match.

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