WWE MITB: Lacey Evans Joins Stacks Her Spot In Women's MITB Ladder Match

Jitendra Jangir Sat Apr 25, 2020
WWE MITB: Lacey Evans Joins Stacks Her Spot In Women's MITB Ladder Match
Lacey Evans defeated Sasha Banks to fill the second spot from the end for Women's Money In The Bank Ladder match. Lacey Evans had the distractions from SmackDown Women's Champion Bayley which somehow chaced Sasha to pull over the beat on Lacey but soon Lacey Evans would backfire for the Women's Right to win the match.

Sasha Bank with Bayley entered the ring, followed by Lacey Evans in the ring. The Bail rang and we saw Bayley bringing the instruction but was taken down by Lacey Evans, Sasha Bank looked for the advantage by taking her out of the ring. Sasha Bank followed her out but Lacey Evans sent Sasha into the barricade. Bayley brought the interruption which led Sasha to hit Lacey's right hand through the ring post. Sasha Bank continued to harm Lacey's right hand.

Lacey Evans came back into the action and took Sasha at the top of the ring post. They took a brawl on the top, Lacey Evans sent her on the ground and immediately had Women's Right on Sasha Banks, she went for the cover but we saw Bayley attracting Sasha Bank's leg through the rope which brought referee to break the cover.

Now, the referee entangle with Bayley for not bring any distraction in the match, we saw Sasha Bankrolling Lacey from behind, she looked for the count but there was no referee to carry the count who was handling Bayley. The referee turned his eyes and had the count but it was too late as Lacey broke it.

Sasha Bank turned his question over Bayley meanwhile, Lacey Evans would have Women's Right to win the match.

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