WWE MITB: Rey Mysterio Gets The Entrance In MITB Men's Ladder Match

Jitendra Jangir Tue Apr 21, 2020
WWE MITB: Rey Mysterio Gets The Entrance In MITB Men's Ladder Match
Rey Mysterio has joined Appolo Crews, Aleister Black and Daniel Bryan for Men's Money In The Bank Ladder match by defeating Murphy on Monday Night Raw.

We were right back in the ring with Rey Mysterio for his match with Murphy. He was followed by Murphy in the ring. The bail range. The three-time world champion nearly had Murphy with 619 but Murphy blocked it and tried to create some hits on Rey, Murphy sent Rey out of the ring apparently targeting Rey's finger, Murphy followed back Rey and send him first through the barricade and then to barricade, he took Rey back into the ring and attempted have more moves but this time Rey took out Murphy and himself went on to lunch on Murphy but we saw Murphy escaping the jump and caused a diet injury on Rey's finger, Back from the break Rey was in trouble as Murphy continued to target Rey's left hand.

Rey Mysterio with Cross Body and then took out Murphy with DDT on Murphy and went for the cover but kicked out at two. Rey with a good shot at the top of the apron.

Murphy fought back with a rough shot on Rey, Murphy holding Rey on atop of his shoulder and tried to launch on the ground but used his idea to make it unable then Rey took the control in the ring. Rey brought Murphy into the ring and climbed on the top of the turnbuckle to lunch himself on Murphy but he was caught in the air applying Powerbomb.

Muphy had the cover but kicked out at two, they both fought at the top of the turnbuckle, Rey would take down Murphy who fell helpless on the ring rope which advanced Rey to have 619 and then Hight Jump on Murphy to win the match.

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