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WWE Monday Night Raw Feb. 17, 2020: Venue, Start Time, Prediction, Math Card, Where To Watch

Updated On: Tue Feb 18, 2020 By Anfostar Team

Image Credit: WWE

Welcome to Anfostar_Tonight the Monday Night Raw will take place Angel of the Winds Arena, (originally known as the Everett Events Center). The episode has got to feature two matches so far. This Monday Randy Orton and Matt Hardy will come into action in a No Hold Barred Match. The back summary of the match leads us to the moment when Matt Hardy emerged in the ring to confront Randy Orton and then displaying with turmoil between two. Randy Orton was too short to cut him off with RKO and woke him up to the familiar cognisance that was conducted with returning Edge. Now Matt Hardy will be in action to settle the score with Randy Orton. At the other side Bulgarian Brute is back in the action, this time with newly formed alliances? Rusev will team up with Humberto Carrillo To Collide, Bobby Lashley & Angel Garza in a Tag-team formation.

Seth Rollins will hold “sermon” on Monday Night Raw. The Monday Night Messiah will preach, no one knows what exactly has to preach. But one thing for sure you fill up with and that is the action because the history repeats itself. Last week Shayna Baszler bite Becky Lynch from her neck and that's how she sent her in the ambulance. However, all was set when Becky Lynch returns to the ring on the same night where she left off the message for Baszler that you better find me before I get her. It will also capture the attention.

Venue: Angel of the Winds Arena, (originally known as the Everett Events Center)

US Time: Will air live on Monday evenings on the USA Network from 8:00-11:00 PM EST

India Time: Raw will aire live in India on Tuesday at 5.30 am on Tuesdays on Sony Ten 1 in eglish, Visit Soney Ten 3 to watch in hindi

Below are the following matches and their recap

Quick Hits

Matt Hardy turns red to battle Randy Orton

Rusev & Humberto Carrillo Set To Collide Bobby Lashley & Angel Garza

Seth Rollins will hold “sermon” on Monday Night Raw

What's next for Becky Lynch and Shayna Baszler

Aleister Balck Sets To Pick A Bout Against Erick Rowan Tonight On Raw


Matt Hardy turns red to battle Randy Orton

Following the brutal attack from Randy Orton on Matt Hardy by the same Con-Chair-To that sent Edge out of Raw on a stretcher. Edge is nowhere to come to the Raw but this week Matt Hardy is coming to settle the score with Randy Orton. The former Raw Tag Team Champion made her resolution against Randy Orton when he faces Randy Orton in No Holds Barred Match this week on Raw. The Viper has already embarked his way on rivalry with returning Edge by attacking his own friend by steel chairs and then he took another shocking bout with Matt Hardy who came last week to listen to his explanation on what he thought to attack Edge. The Viper did not even let him go as he caught him for RKO.

The attack also caused Matt Hardy to take the prop from Local Medicine. Earlier, Matt Hardy took to his twitter to say goodby to WWE but he is still here to settle some unfinished business with Randy Orton.

Last week we saw Randy Orton entered the ring to explain his reasons for attacking Edge a few weeks ago. He waited outside at the edge of the ring, fans started booing, he entered the ring and asked for the mic. Fans continued to louder their boo, He said he still owes on the explanation on what he did weeks ago, what he hurt Edge, it more than hurt me. He was interrupted by Matt Hardy, he said come on and say, everyone and he wants to know the explanation on Edge's attack. He went on to say about how the four created so much being in WWE.

Meanwhile, Randy Orton tried to have his RKO on Matt but Matt saved himself kand fired on attacking Randy, it went for a while as Randy Orton finally got his RKO on Matt. Randy suddenly, went out of the ring to bring out the chair to do what he did a few weeks ago with Edge. He placed the chair right to head of Matt like the same he did with Edge. He then left the ring leaving Matt in a helpless condition.

What will happen when Matt Hardy meets face to face with much-destroying person Randy Orton. Will Matt be able to get back his retribution on Randy Orton or The Viper continues to make his destroying streak.

Rusev & Humberto Carrillo Set To Collide Bobby Lashley & Angel Garza

Rusve is returning to WWE Raw since he last teamed up with Liv Morgan in a mixed tag-team match against Bobby Lashley and Lana. There have been lots of rumours grovelling around about Rusev that he is leaving the company but it looks that he is back in the action again and once again with his much-talked rival Bobby Lashley.

Rusev will team up with Humberto Carrillo against Bobby Lashley & Humberto Carrillo's cousin Angel Garza. Last week we saw Angel Garza savagely attacked Humberto Carrillo when he came up with Zalina Vega and apparently caused the harm to his own cousin. Later Rey Mysterio came for the cover who was too set for the exposed concrete by Angle Garza which surely has put blazing rivalry in the font to come.

Lana said on twitter that she will be there in the match standing towards her husband's side. while Zalina and Angel Garza are strictly business.

Let's see who will emerge out as victorious among these newly formed alliances?

Below are some tweets from Lana and Zalina Vega who are actually hyped before the matchup.

This Monday Night Raw we will also have got many lineups as Matt Hardy Comes For Payback From Randy in No Holds Barred Match, Seth Rollins to hold “sermon” on Monday Night Raw. What's the next move for Becky Lynch and Shayna.

Seth Rollins will hold “sermon” on Monday Night Raw

Seth Rollins will hold “sermon” on Monday Night Raw. The Monday Night Messiah will preach, no one knows what exactly has to preach. But one thing for sure you fill up with and that is the action because the history repeats itself. Seth Rollins is continued on the way to victory streak since he won the Raw Tag-team titles by defeating The Viking Raiders a few weeks ago. From that time to now The Monday Night Messiah is creating his way teaming up with AOP and his tag-team partner Murphy.

Last week they fought in Eight-man tag-team match against Kevin Owens, The Viking Raiders and Samoa Joe. The match was forged out to lead the victory for Seth Rollins, AOP and Murphy. Seth Rollins is well off tricky ways that he did been with The Shield with Deam and Roman Reigns. This thing surely advances Murphy and AOP.

Now this Friday Seth Rollins is coming to preach “sermon” to the audience and nothing is batter known that what exactly he will have to have to say on his new way to victory.

What's next for Becky Lynch and Shayna Baszler

The Queen of Spades made a shocking appearance last week, taking a bite out of Becky Lynch, despite the bleeding, Becky Lynch would take the situation in her hands by driving Ambulance herself and then taking it back to spot with a covered bandage around her neck. Becky Lynch would leave the message for Shayna Baszler. she called out Shayna. Becky Lynch said she came out here back to rip down Shayna's face to pay her back on what she did with her. "You wanna put your hands on The Man. You wanna sink your little rats' teeth into my flesh just to get my attention... SHAYNA BABY mission accomplished!" Becky Lynch went on to say that "she will beat her week by week, little by little". "Now you batter find me before I found you"

Later, Becky Lynch also put the word for Shayna Baszler As we earlier noted that WWE held the WrestleMania 37 press conference earlier today at SoFi Stadium & Hollywood Park in Inglewood, California with WWE Chief Brand Officer Steph McMahon, Becky and Roman Reigns in appearance. During the press conference, Becky Lynch revealed her nickname when a media person commented on the fight between the two on last Monday night Raw. Becky said, "Yeah, just call me The Vampire Slayer,".

Then she was asked about her bite to be real which revealed in a kind of answer that "Yeah, just call me The Vampire Slayer," members of the media, pointed towards the bite that if it was a "legal" in a WWE. Becky Lynch said, "It's not a legal move, but it wasn't in a match,". I had just completed a match, I completed a very hard-fought match. I was exhausted at the end of that. That was one of the toughest victories that I've ever pulled out. It was a match that I was very happy with, very proud of, and to have it ruined like that, to have it ruined by Shayna, somebody who wanted to make a name for herself.

Shayna Bazsler put the response on the line when she took to twitter to reply Becky Lynch Statment "Lol ok, Buffy. But living in make-believe won’t stop #Reality"

You might call it A warning, or a challenge? but the rivalry has been waged between two dominative competitors. Let's see what cooks around this week on Raw.

Aleister Balck Sets To Pick A Bout Against Erick Rowan Tonight On Raw

Aleister Balck is set to challenge Erick Rowan on Tonight's Raw. Aleister Black who decided to call out anyone in the Raw locker room. Now he is all about complete to challenge the familiar streaker who will damage the same causes that Aleister Black is going through to make it with continues streak of victories.

The two are best in the ring, Aleister Black has been unstoppable with winning the most match with continues sprit and another side Erick Rowan has gotten the exalted and same spirit of winning the matches. Erick Rowan may make him regret that decision to call out everyone in the locker room: The former SmackDown Tag Team Champion is set to battle The Ominous Man From Amsterdam in a bout on tonight’s Raw.

The clash is more like an explosion which will burst in a loud manner tonight on Raw. In fact, there will be one man standing tall continuing his victory streak and another will break out his first breakthrough after a long time.

Stay sticky with Anfostar to have furthermore information about WWE.


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