WWE Monday Night Raw Live Results March 30, 2020: Highlights, Winners Card, Recap, Four Major Returns

Anfostar Team Tue Mar 31, 2020
WWE Monday Night Raw Live Results March 30, 2020: Highlights, Winners Card, Recap, Four Major Returns
Welcome to Anfostar_ *WWE has affirmed several Superstars for Monday RAW episode, which is the Raw go-home for WrestleMania. The show continues to drop from WWE Performance Center due to Coronavirus Pandemic. As for the announcement we get to see The Undertaker rises before Boneyard battle with AJ, Styles, Edge returns following Orton's Last Man Standing acceptance, Becky Lynch prepares to close out against Shayna Baszler, WWE Champion Brock Lesnar makes a final pre-WrestleMania appearance. These are the top superstar who returns for the last time when they meet for the big WrestleMania. The episode will be live from WWE Performance Center.

Pre-decieded Match Card

Becky Lynch Highlight Her Final Raw Before WrestleMania

Edge Returns To Raw Ahead Of His WrestleMania Match With Randy Orton In Last Man Standing Acceptance

The Undertaker Highlight Final Raw Before WrestleMania

The Beast Makes His Final Appearance On Raw Go-Home Episode For WrestleMania

The Begains Here

Here we go!!

We went back to the time and situation when The Undertaker hooked the crooked into AJ Styles twice.

The caption of the tonight's episode got started with The Undertaker, He said "AJ is a small man with a big mouth. The Undertaker doesn't know if AJ has a big set, or he's really just that stupid. Either way, your mouth is writing checks that your ass can't cash. He went on to say that AJ Styles did not know what it takes to hang with The Undertaker, he went to count Triple H, Randy Orton, Brock Lesnar, Booker T, Mick Foley, Steve Austin, Shawn Michaels. He said Allen has stepped in something he can't get out from. Taker gets it, it's just business, but AJ crossed the line the first time he mentioned her, wife Michelle McCool. The Undertaker bring the matter about disrespecting her wife. He said AJ Styles will have to pay off for what he spoke about the wife.

He went on and said if AJ wants to be relevant at WrestleMania 36, there's no better way to make that happen than The Undertaker. Try him he'll make you famous. He then pointed at both the man Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson and said They will hurt, feel pain and most importantly, they will Rest In Peace. That's how he ended her last appearance on Raw before they go to meet at WrestleMania 36.

We had earlier announcement whereby The Street Profits and Kevin Owens will face Seth Rollins, Andrade and Angel Garza in six-man action.

THe Man just arrived driving her 18-wheeler into the parking lot of the WWE Performance Center.

Becky came on the stage and showed us a Winner Takes All triple threat match for the WWE Raw Women's Championship and WWE SmackDown Women's Championship at WrestleMania 35. In the match, Ronda Rousey (c) (Raw) and Charlotte Flair (c) (SmackDown) defended their titles. The match was on the line.

Becky Lynch was on the top of the stage and said A lot of people tired to take this title from Ronda Rousey to many others. Ronda Rousey did a spotlight. She said "Baszler was right when she said taking the title from her would destroy her. Becky admits she doesn't know who she is without being champion these days walk around her". Becky went on to say that Shayna Baszler just wants to do the same that Ronda Rousey could not do all the way. Becky said if Baszler wins the match against it will take the spotlight Ronda couldn't for once, or if she loses she will get put back under Ronda's shadow.

Becky said Which one do you mean because...Baszler attacks from behind with the Kirifuda Clutch. Baszler brought Becky over to the announce table and slams her face-first. Baszler took the title and tossed the title over Becky Lynch. She left off the title and went from the there.

Singles match

Aleister Black vs. Jason Cade

Winner : Aleister Black, victory followed by pinfall

Tag team match

The Street Profits and Kevin Owens Vs. Seth Rollins, Austin Theory and Angel Garza

Zalena Vega came in with Garza and announced that Andrade will no be able to compete in this. She then introduced Austin Theory being in the match. The bright opportunity for Austin to showcase his talent.

Austin was taking all the advantage which put in through the match. The Street Profits on the high rate with their moves on Austin. Seth Rollins came in blew a Superkick on Angelo Dawkins. He went close to Kevin had a trash talk. Angelo Dawkins was unable to make the tag as three of them did not give a chance to Angelo Dawkins. Seth went to make what he could make. Angelo Dawkins tried to get and wanted to have Superkick but Seth Rollins blocked it with a Sling land on the following move.

Angelo Dawkins had finally the tag after having a Superkick on Seth Rollins. Kevin Owens came in to face Seth Rollins but Seth backed out to make tag with Garga. Kevin faced Garza and had some of the highly damaging moves to lay down Garza. Kevin Owens had his move from the top of the ring post and he went for the cover but broken out by Austin, Montez Ford came in with a Leg Kick on Austin's back to the neck. Montez Ford took out Austin and launched himself on Austin from the top of the ring. Another side Kevin Owens had his move to win the match.

Winner : The Street Profits and Kevin Owens, victory followed by pinfall

Seth Rollins suddenly came in and had Stomp while Kevin Owen was tried to get up for the celebration.

Kevin Owens was still in the ring waiting to say something as he held the mic in his hands. Owens said Rollins needs to be honest with himself because the only that makes sense is what you said last week on Raw, that he was nothing when got to be in the ring. He said when you get into the ring then it does not matter what your past was!!. Kevin Owens went to praise Seth on achieving all the things. He then sent a message by saying that you achieved everything but when you come into the ring your and mine matter will not matter, the only thing that matters is you and me in the match. Owens will show Rollins that he's not a God when he takes his first WrestleMania moment from Rollins. Kevin lastly said take one from you when I burn it down at WrestleMania.

Edge was right on the camera and said "Everyone is saying Orton hasn't been this good since Edge was around 9 years ago. Edge said he inspires that passion in Orton and that scares Orton. Edge went to say that Orton won't be able to pull himself back out after the beating at WrestleMania.

Singles match

Kayden Carter Vs. Asuka

Winner : Asuka, victory followed by pinfall

Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman joined the stage for Brock's last appearance on Raw before he goes one-on-one against Drew McIntyre at WrestleMania.

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