WWE Monday Night Raw Live Results May 18, 2020: Live Coverage, Winners, Highlights

Jitendra Jangir Tue May 19, 2020
WWE Monday Night Raw Live Results May 18, 2020: Live Coverage, Winners, Highlights
The Show continues to be live from the WWE Performance Center due to the Coronavirus outbreak. Baron Corbin steeps up tonight on Raw to go toe to toe with WWE Champion Drew McIntyre. Plush, The IIconics' return victory over WWE Women's Champions Nikki Cross & Alexa Bliss gives them a chance to get their hands on Championship as Alexa Bliss and Alexa Bliss defends their WWE championship against The IIconics on Raw.

All the speculation has come to an end as Randy Orton and Edge possibly collides in a Wrestling match at Backlash 2020. Edge and Randy Orton comes off this Raw to respond Randy Orton

WWE Backlash(2020) might be continuing from the close-center WWE Performance arena on June 14, 2020 due to the Coronavirus Pandemic. WWE Backlash was planned to live from Kansas City. It is being rumored that WWE is planning to move Backlash on another location if, possible.

Plush, The Viking Raiders challenges The Street Profits in an Axe-throwing Contest.

Pre-decieded Matches

Singles Match

Baron Corbin Vs. Drew McIntyre

Tag-Team Championship Match

Alexa Bliss & Niki Cross Vs. The IIconics

Axe-throwing Contest

The Viking Raiders Vs. The Street Profits

Full Results

We kept the things started with The Man's leave-off from WWE. It was the most heartbreaking and the incredible moment too for the fans across the world.

Baron Corbin Vs. Drew McIntyre will be live.

Charly was up in the middle of the ring to introduce The Viper as he put a challenge to Edge for a Wrestling match at Backlash. Randy Orton entered the ring and he said "we tore each apart and this building and that night Edge was the batter man but Edge is not the superiors I just need this ring and a referee to prove as the superior. He pushed himself near the camera to lead a message to Edge.

Randy said "why you did not accept my challenge because you are grit in passion and what just grit in passion is a doubt now. The Mic hit and we welcomed Edge in the ring with a much aggressive way. He said to Randy that you are not a batter wrestler just like he did and the other superstars in the locker room. Randy Orton interrupted him reminding him of what he just happened to be here. Edge aggressively shut him up by accepting the challenge. Randy got off the ring at the hearing of the acceptance.

Seth Rollins and Murphy were backstage, and they will live next to issue an apology to Rey Mysterio on what he just with Rey last week on Raw.

We welcomed Murphy and Seth Rollins in the ring, they headed towards the ring. Seth Rollins and Murphy hugged each other. Seth Rollins took the mic and said sometimes in life you have to lose who you truly find yourself I lost to Drew at money In The Bank. Truly I lost every. I fell into darkness but without darkness, there is no light.

He further said "What happened to Rey was unfortunate and somewhere right. I needed to do this just being a messiah, it just meant to be for me. He then pushed himself near to the camera to lead a message to Rey, he said it was just blessing in disguise, I know you are home and can't see anything because of the harm. But soon I would like to meet face to face in the ring.

Humerto interrupted them issuing some challenge to Seth Rollins for a match, Seth Rollins said He is not dressed to fight, well if you want a fight then My disciple Murphy has a match later with Aleister Black and I know he will deny to have with you too.

Singles Match

Murphy Vs. Humberto

Murphy defeated Humberto at easy stack by the little bit distraction from Seth Rollins.

Winner: Murphy, victory followed by pinfall

After the match Murphy continued to beat up Humberto, Murphy took to out of the ring where he faced Aleister Black who took down Murphy in the act of saving Humberto out of destruction.

We saw Baron Corbin backstage issuing some problems with the referees.

We were back into the ring with Charlotte Flair. She took the mic and said as I stand before anyone I am not gonna bore you by saying those things made her perfect. She said last week Bayley and her lackey....(she turned in to a sidekick) put a challenge to her for a champions vs. Champions match and I accepted it. I saw Rubby trying to say me. She went on to call Ruby in the ring so she could clear up the things.

THe mic hit and we welcomed Ruby in the ring.

Singles Match

Charlotte Flair Vs. Ruby

We were back after the commercial break, Charlotte took Ruby out of the ring, Ruby tried to launch some shots but Charlotte sent her shoulder first into the turnbuckle. Ruby pushed her self into the ring, Charlotte also followed her back and caused her some destruction. Ruby with submission move but Charlotte Flair broke the submission by lifting her up. Charlotte Flair with a kick but Ruby ducked as Charlotte Flair sent herself into the rope. Ruby rolled her up from behind out of the pin. Charlotte broke the pin at two and immediately came out with A figure-four lock to win the match.

Winner: Charlotte Flair, victory followed by submission

Asuka and Kairi Sane were in the ring to have the celebration as Asuka became the Raw Women's champion. They had some trash talking and then she was interrupted by Nia Jax in the ring. Nia Jax said there is nothing to celebrate about, she was literally handed over and by the time she will be replaced by someone possessive. Asuka meanwhile, attacked Nia Jax with a hip attack sending her out of the ring.

Breaking News: Kevin Owens is back on Raw to host KO show with Zalina Vega, Garza, Andrade and Austin as the special guest.

Singles Match

Bobby Lashley Vs. R-Truth

Bobby Lashley Vs. Truth was under the way, Bobby manhandled Truth as soon as he could do to beat down Truth.

Winner: Bobby Lashley, victory followed by submission

After the match MVP appeared from behind applauding for Bobby, Lana was also watching them from backstage, we went completely aggressive.

Tag-Team Championship Match

Alexa Bliss & Niki Cross Vs. The IIconics(Royce and Kay)

Raw Women's Champions Alexa Bliss & Nikki Cross entered the ring to defend the titles against The IIconics. The mic and we saw Royce and Kay in the ring, they had some trash talk.

Alexa Bliss and Kay started the things off, Kay immediately turned the tag to Royce. Alexa Bliss also had the tag with Nikki Cross, The IIconics had the lead in the match but Nikki would send Kay out of the ring and Alexa had Royce for a massive big right hand to take down her, then she would have climbed up to the ring post to have Bliss Twist for the pin, but Kay broke up the counts, and sent Alexa through the ring post which forced the referee to call out the match with Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross as the champions.

Winner: Alexa Bliss & Niki Cross, victory followed by DQ

Nia Jax was backstage to payback Kairi Sane by taking her down.

We were back for The Undertaker's The Last Ride chapter 2.

Submission Match

Shayna Baszler Vs. Natalya

We were back into the ring with Shayna Baszler to face off Natalya in a submission match. The mic hit and we welcomed Natalya in the ring. The bail rang and they Shayna caught Natalya into a tight grip at the apron, suddenly, Natalya tried to have immediate Sharpshooter for the win but Shayna ducked out to maker her own submission on Natalya.

She forced her to tap but Natalya would not tap out, she had a leg kick on Shayna Baszler to break the submission, Natalya with Sharpshooter at the middle of the ring. The referee asked Shayana if she wanna tap out, Shayna Baszler ducked herself out of the ring apparently, breaking the submission. Natalya with a leg kick sending her again out of the ring. She came back into the ring. Shayana Baszler turned out be the destructive by launching Kirifuda Clutch to win the match

Winner: Shayna Baszler, victory followed by submission

After, the match Natalya tried to destruct everything that settled down for KO show.

Tag-Team Match

Kevin Owens & Apollo Crews Vs. Garza & Adrade

For the first time Kevin Owens appeared in the ring after he wrestled at WrestleMania against Seth Rollins. He went on to welcome Zalina Vega, Garza Andrade, and Austin.

Zalina Vega has some trash talk to Kevin Owens as he looked them at the top of the apron. Kevin Owens said he could enter the ring but there is one reason behind why I am standing here at the apron because I have one more guest to introduce. Then he went on to call on Apollo Crews who took ran down in an aggressive way taking down Andrade out of the ring. Kevin Owens also joined the fight. Later, they settled for a Tag-Team Match

Aplollo Crews was riding tough on Garza, he turned the tag to Kevin who also made some rough shots on Garza. At the point Garza ducked out to make the tag with Andrade. We saw Andrade walking with some shots on Kevin at the middle of the ring but it went for a while as Kevin came back in the action taking down Andrade. We saw Garza was allowed to come back into the ring, but Kevin Owens with a Superkick allowing Apollo to come out in the ring. He immediately had Tossed Powerbomb to win the match.

Winner: Kevin Ownes & Apollo Crew, victory followed by pinfall

After the match Garza and Andrade turned their eyes on Austin beating him apart through the arena.

Singles Match

ALeister Black Vs. Murphy

ALiester Black instantly attacked Murphy at the hearing of the ring. He sent Murphy out of the ring. Aleister followed him back out of the ring, Aleister sent Murphy into the barricade. We saw Aleister taking back into the ring. Seth Rollins was looking Austin from very close, Seth Rollins approached his hand towards Austin and hugged him out to make him his disciple. At the ring Black got ready for the Black mass but Austin would attack him from behind as the referee called out the match.

Winner: Aliester Black, victory followed by DQ

After the match Murphy and Austin continued to make the destruction on Black with their moves. Seth Rollins hugged Austin as making him the another disciple.

Singles Match

Baron Corbin Vs. Drew McIntyre

We were back into the with the main event. Drew McIntyre entered the ring to face off Baron Corbin from SmackDown. The mic hit and we welcomed Baron Corbin into the ring.

Baron Corbin walked down into the ring, they both prepared for the fight but suddenly, Bobby Lashley and MVP interrupted them. MVP said he and Bobby have some personal interest in the match. Bobby put Drew McIntyre on the notice. Drew Vs. Baron Corbin continued after the commercial break.

The match kicked off, they both had a tight hold, Drew took him into the turnbuckle, the referee broke them up. Drew with some chop shots on Baron. Drew took Baron out of the ring and followed him back to send him tossing through the barricade with Closeline. Drew took Baron back into the ring, Drew climbed at the apron to take out Baron but Baron instead would hit Drew apparently sending him out of the ring with a kick. McIntyre tried to battle out of the turnbuckle but Baron took down Drew with a massive Closeline. Baron was taking the massive damages on Drew. He lifts Drew at the top of the ring post, Corbin held Drew from behind to send him through the ring. He went for the cover but Drew would have an instant kick out. Drew with a Backdrop to slow him down. Now, Drew kept the pressure on.

King Corbin sent Drew right into the turnbuckle and went for the cover but Drew again had an instant kick out at two. Baron went at the top of the ring post, he jumped at Drew but Drew would save himself with a Massive DDT. Drew went to prepare for Claymore kick but Baron ducked out to make Deep Six, Drew once again broke the cover at two and then finally went to upload Claymore Kick to win the match

Winner: Drew McIntyre, victory followed by Pinfall

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