WWE Monday Night Raw Results, April 13, 2020: Live Coverage, Recap, Full Results, Highlights, Winners

Jitendra Jangir Tue Apr 14, 2020
WWE Monday Night Raw Results, April 13, 2020: Live Coverage, Recap, Full Results, Highlights, Winners
Welcome to Anfostar live coverage of Monday Night Raw Results)-The week's episode continues to drop live from WWE Performance Center. The show features the two big champions appearances on the roster whereby Raw Women's Champion Becky Lynch walks down right after WrestleMania 36 where she defended her championship against Shayna Baszler. The New WWE Champion Drew McIntyre also get to appear on the show.


Raw Women's Champion Becky Lynch to appear on the following show.

WWE Champion Drew McIntyre to appear on the following show.

The Show Begains Here

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The show got started with Brock Lesnar vs. Drew McIntyre for WWE championship at WrestleMania 36 which was won by Drew McIntyre.

Drew kicked the things off Monday Night Raw. He said "it is surreal that he is the WWE Champion, It is surreal that he beat Bock Lesar just within 5 minutes and then what happened just right after 24 hours...he showed us the video when Big Show challenged me and I defeated him with a Claymore Kick".

He then went on to give an open challenge for WWE championship match.

We saw United States Champion Andrade and Zalina Vega entering the ring, Zalina congratulated and then apparently set off a match between Drew McIntyre vs. Andrade.

Drew McIntyre also agreed for the challenge

Qualifier Match

Ruby Riott Vs. Asuka

We saw Asuka walking down to the ring for a Money In The Bank qualifier match against Ruby Riott.

Asuka set down Ruby with a hold on her shouder with a tight grip, a massive cut by Asuka when Ruby was up at the top of the turnbuckle. Ruby Landing some kicks On Asuka at the top of the ring edge but Asuka landed a kick to take her down of the ring. We saw Asuka hitting Rubby through the barricade.

After the break Asuka was still holding Ruby in a tight grip of her lock, Asuka ready for the hip attack but Ruby blocked it by throwing Asuka out of the ring. Ruby with a rollover but Asuka blocked it. We saw Asuka going for the Asuka lock but Ruby would get back in the match with a little push but Asuka had a front Kick On Ruby for the cover at two.<.p>

Rubby with her move and went for the cover but she kicked out at two. Later, we saw an Asuka Lock coming out of Asuka on Ruby but she had the kick out at two. They went for the exchanges of rollover and finally, Asuka would have Asuka lock to win the match.

Winner : Asuka, victory followed by submission

-Still to come Aleister Black in a singles action later on Monday Night Raw.

MVP was in the ring to announce three Money In The Bank Ladder matches.

ALister Black would take on Austin, Rey Mysterio will take on Buddy Murphy and MVP himself put his match against Crews NEXT WEEK on Raw.

Singles Match

Aleister Black Vs. Oney Lorcan

Aleister Black was right back in the to pick his fight with Oney Lorcan. The bail rang and we saw Oney taking on Aleister Black for a while, shoulders down and Aleister Black Kicked out at one. We saw Aleister coming out with what he is known for. He sent Oney out of the ring taking a complete hold in the match.

Oney was surprising everyone his kind of fight he put against Aleister. Oney with submission move on Aleister in the quest of victory but Black was able to break it down. Oney with massive Closeline on Aleister and went for the cover but kicked out at two. The incredible showdown was showed by Oney taking the back to back damages on Black. Finally, Aleister had Black mass to win the match.

Winner : Aleister Black, victory followed by pinfall

Raw Women's Champion Becky Lynch entered the ring raising the title in her hand. She took the mic and said, "I had a short time to beat Shayna Baszler at WrestleMania and proved one more time that why she is The Man". She said, "Somebody who was born to bully will never beat somebody who was born to survive Everything." Becky Lynch laid down the open challenge saying that "whoever wins Money In The Bank Ladder Match can cash in to go one-on-one against The Man".

Qualifier Match

Sarah Logan Vs. Shayna Baszler

We saw Sarah Logan walking down to the ring for a Money In The Bank qualifier match against Shayna Baszler. The bail rang and a big Four-figure on Sarah, Shayna landed back to back punches and Logan, The referee backed Shayna Baszler. We saw Sarah was up to get back but at the same time Shayna Baszler would have an attack on Sarah's hand apparently setting an injury to her hand, the official called out the match as Sarah was not able to fight any longer.

Winner : Shayna Baszler, victory followed by Disqualification

The referee has ruled that Baszler was victorious and joins Asuka in qualifying for the Women's MITB ladder match! After the match, Sarah was taken under the care as the medical team came to take her out.

Singles Match

Akira Tozawa Vs. Austin Theory

Austin would set off his qualifying match against Aleister Black Next week on Raw, we saw Zalina joining commentary box among others. Austin continued to beat back and forth to Akira. At a point, we saw Tozawa back in the match as he landed a Backflip on Austin from the top of the ring, Akira had a cover but kicked out at two. Akira with submission move but Akira turned it into an ATL by capturing him on his shoulder to win the match.

Winner : Austin Theory, victory followed by pinfall

After the match we saw Andrade and Garza joining Austin for the victory celebration, suddenly they took Akira for the attack, Andrade had Apron DDT on Akira and they left the ring.

-Still to come New NXT Champion Charlotte FLair tonight on Monday Night Raw.

We saw Angle Zarga stepping into the ring to take on Miles in singles action. The bail rang and we saw Angle landing Airdrop right to the rib on Miles, Graza with a knee strike right in the midsection and finally he had his move to win the match.

Winner : Angle Zarga, victory followed by pinfall

After the match Andrade and Austin backed into the ring to cause the same destruction they did earlier with Akira, Andra took Miles on the top of the ring and applied a DDT to take her down.

Qualifier Match

Nia Jax Vs. Kairi Sana

Kairi Sana headed towards the ring to pick her Money In The Bank Ladder match against Nia Jax. She had some joke in the ring. She was followed by Nia Jax. The bail rang and we saw Nia sending Kairi away from her with the sway of her power.

Nia tossed Kairi out of the ring. Kairi came back in the ring whereby Nia caught her hits and hit her through the apron at the middle of the ring. Nia Jax was looking completely dominant on Asuka and she finally she would have Neck Breaker on Kairi to qualify for Money In The Bank Ladder Match

Winner : Nia Jax, victory followed by pinfall

Still to come The Queen Charlotte Flair up next on Monday Night Raw.

She said, "So, tonight is the history lesson from The Queen, so the first thing was to win the Women's Royal Rumble match apparently allowing her to take her title shot. She neither had a chance on Women's SmackDown Champion Bayley not at Raw Women's Champion Becky Lynch but she chose something big and that was the NXT Women's title", She said, "I was made the main event at WrestleMania by defeating Rea Ripley for NXT championship and set off a history". Then she hyped her match against Io for NXT championship she said she praised Io at once and then said "I don't care how she is but one lesson they need to take from me is to bow down to The Queen".

Singles Match

Bobby Lashley Vs. No Way Jose

Bobby Lashley (with Lana) was in the ring to pick his match against No Way Jose, We saw Lana instructing Bobby from out of the ring. Bobby Lashey was not quite agreed with some words of encouragement from Lana and he stepped out of the ring and said Lana to shut the hell out. He went back into the ring to take on No Way Jose. Meanwhile, Bobby got engaged with Lana and No Way came behind rolling Bobby but he had kicked out at two. Later Bobby landed Powreslam and went for the Spear to win the match.

Winner : Bobby Lashley, victory followed by pinfall

Tag-Team Match

The Viking Raider Vs. Alexander & Ricochet

Erick from The Viking Raider and Alexander started the things off, Erick with an impressive hit on ALexander to take out him of the ring. Erick with a tag with Ivar. Alexander made the tag with Ricochet and he took the right opportunity to get back up in the match. Meanwhile, we Ivar tossing Alexander and Ricochet out of the ring and then launched himself on the both of them. After the break, Erick was taking control of ALexander with a hold with his arms. ALexander was writhing in pain as Erick continued to make the hold tight.

Tag made which allowed Ivar to come out in the ring and he landed Alex thorough the apron and went for the cover but kicked out at one. They both went for the continued exchanged of tags. They worked looked for their move and went for the cover kicked out by Alex. Somehow, Alex was able to stand up to make the tag with Ricochet who hit a superkick on Erick and then a Standing Shooting star for the cover but kicked out at two. The Viking Raiders again came back into the match with the double team on Ricochet. ALex allowed Ricochet to come into the ring but nothing was too hard for The Viking Raiders to cause the pullover on Alex with Spin attack and then Ivar went for the cover but Ricochet had come to break it down.

The Viking Raiders with a Spin attack on Ricochet sending him out of the ring and then launched the move on Alex to win the match.

Winner : The Viking Raiders, victory followed by pinfall

Champion Vs. Chamion Match

Drew McIntyre(WWE Champion) Vs. Andrade(USChampion)

We were back into the ring with United States Champion Andrade accompanied by Zalina, Austin, and Garza into the ring. We saw WWE Champion Drew McIntyre coming out in the ring. They both had a confrontation at the middle of the ring. later we saw Zalina talking trash with Drew McIntyre.The bail rang and we saw Drew taking Andrade into the turnbuckle and then an air kick to Andrade sending him out of the ring. Meanwhile, Drew entangled with Austin and Garza causing a distraction on Drew.

Andrade took the adavantage and launched Drew right to the ring post and then he took him into the ring where he had submission move on Drew when he was at the top of the apron. Drew countered back and took out his hands-on Andrade leaving Zalina into a shock. Drew had the confrontation from Austin and Garza but this time he landed Andrade on both of them sending a tune for being a champion. Finally Drew had Claymore Kick on Andrae to win the match

Winner : Drew McIntyre, victory followed by pinfall

After the match, the mic hit and came out Seth Rollins into the ring, Garza first had the attack on Drew to take him down and then Seth set Drew for Stomp Breaker on Drew at the middle of the ring. Seth Rollins was not satisfied with the limit as he landed another Stomp Breaker on Drew McIntyre and slowed down looking at the WWE championship.

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