WWE Monday Night Raw Results April 27 2020: Live Coverage, Winners, Highlights

Jitendra Jangir Tue Apr 28, 2020
WWE Monday Night Raw Results April  27 2020: Live Coverage, Winners, Highlights
Zelina Vega and her crew thought they had the upper hand on WWE Champion Drew McIntyre, but McIntyre showed why he is the top-dog on the red brand as he prepares to battle Seth Rollins on Money in the Bank.

As it was announced by WWE earlier on SmackDown that Seth Rollins and Drew will steep up to sign the contract for WWE championship match at MITB. Aart from this Nai Jax, Asuka and Shayan Baszler battle in a Triple Threat match.

Match Card

Drew McIntyre and Seth Rollins to sign the contract

Triple Threat Match

Asuka, Vs. Nia Jax Vs. Shayna Baszler


Here we go!!!

We kicked the things off with MVP's VIP Lounge who welcomed Rey Mysterio as the guest for the show. He let Rey sit down and went on to introduce Aleister Black. MVP gave a thank and said him to sit down. He then introduced Appolow Crew as the third participant. MVP asked went near to Rey and asked him a question that what is being a Mr Money IN THe Bank, he turned the mic to Rey but soon lift off his hand apparently not letting him speak.

He then went towards Appolo who hold the mic and went to say but got the instruction from Zalina, Austin, Garza and United States Champion Andrade. She urged all the three to quit their spot at MITB in order to let Andrade, Austin and Garza come in. Rey held the mic and said to have a fight with them. Aleister Black, Appolo and Rey broke off in a brawl with them at the middle of the ring and made them flee from there.

Six-man Tag-Team Match

Aleister Black, Appolo and Rey Vs. Austin, Garza and United States Champion Andrade

Garza and Aleister Black picked the tag for their team. Aleister with a hold on Garza who tried to escape from it but got to be too hard for him. Zaina continued to start up her instruction from the out of the ring. A Running Shouder to Garza and made the tag with Appolo and Garza also found the way with Austin. Appolo with Suplex on Austin. Tag made and here came Rey Mysterio, Austin took some shots on Rey and let Garza to come in the ring. Rey somehow led the charge and hit both of them with his great athletism at the middle of the ring. Andrade brought the tag but Rey also sent him through the ring rope and prepared for his 619 but got dragged by Austin and Garza. We saw Alister and Appolo teamed up to jump through the rope on them.

Back from the break, Austin looked to be in control taking down Aleister Black. Austin lifts up Aleister on his shoulder and sent him through the turnbuckle. Austin with a Suplex on Aleister. Austin continued to be in the destructive side. Aleister Black was in the trouble as Austin ran the shots. Now they both were replaced with Rey Mysterio and Andrade back into the ring. Rey Mysterio sent Rey through the apron. Rey looked for another move but Andrade would dodge off to make the tag with Garza who sent him out of the ring.

Back from commercial, Rey tried to make the tag with his teammates but Garza would run some shot and let Austin come in. Austin got Rey on his shoulder, face-first Rey went through the apron. Rey somehow found the way to make the tag with Appolow who took his hands-on everyone. A Spine Buster on Garza and A Power Slam on Austin sending them apart. Andrade came for the cover but Appolo too had the back from Rey and Alister. Rey and Aleister took Austin and Graza out of the ring. Suddenly, Andrade with an Elbow on Appolo and went for the cover but kicked out at two and then Appolow Crews would have Powerslam on Andrade to pin him for the win.

Winner : Aleister Black, Appolo and Rey, victory followed by pinfall

After the victory they three stood tall at the middle of the ring as Austin, Garza, Zalina and Andrade looked them from the top.

Andrad and Zalina were backstage with Charley for the interview but Andrade would have his native language and then walked off from there. We saw Appolo appearing at the same place who explained that how excited he is to be the Mr Money In The Bank, Meanwhile he had the interruption from Andrade who run the shot on Appolo's chest. Appolo with a shot on Andrade. Zalina stopped him and said if You want a chance to go one-on-one with Andrade for the United States Championship then you got it. They walked off from there.

Triple Threat Match

Asuka, Vs. Nia Jax Vs. Shayna Baszler

Now, we headed for the Triple Threat match, Asuka walked off the ring as for the first entry in the ring. Asuka took the mic and had some words for Nia Jax as nothing was understandable but she had the name meanwhile. Nia Jax followed her entry in the ring. Later it came Shayna Baszler who pulled Asuka out of the ring and send her through the ladders. Nia Jax got off the ring and send Shayna with a Kick. Nia Jax with some shots on Asuka but got the attack from Shayna who sent both the women for the destruction. Shayan running the shots on Asuka but she instead got sent by Asuka into the ladders. Nia Jax turned her face on Asuka and ran her shots. Asuka and Shayna came back in the ring but Nia was still out who brought a ladder into the ring, She took the ladder and hit it on the both and finally tossed them through the ring. Nia Jax stood tall in the ring to celebrate her victory. She left the ring while Asuka and Shayna were still down near the barricade.

Winner : Nia Jax

Bobby Lasley and Lana were backstage, Bobby tried to explain Lana that she needs not to be his side tonight because she brings the interruption. We saw Lana turning red on Bobby but he explained that She so beautiful that brings the distraction for him.

Singles Match

Bobby Lashley Vs. Denzel

Bobby Lashley made his way to the ring to pick his match against Denzel. Bobby would immediately have Powerbomb to win the match

Winner : Bobby Lashey, victory followed by Pinfall

-Still to come a rematch between Ruby Riott and Liv Morgan up next.

Singles Match

Ruby Riott Vs. Liv Morgan

Ruby Riott took the charge on Liv apparently trying to remind her about what she did with her last week, Liv went to block another shot from Ruby and sent her through the top of the turnbuckle. Ruby tried to get back in the action and landed Riott Kick, she went for the cover but kicked out at two. Riott was up to the attacks on Liv, she went back and forth. Suddenly we saw Liv Morgan launching her move for the pin to win the match.

Winner : Liv Morgan, victory followed by Pinfall

Still to come Andrade Vs. Appolo Crew for the United States Championship.

The Former #wwechampion Jinder mahal returns to RAW just right now.

Akira Tozawa was up in the ring against the new returner Jinder Mahal. We followed the painful shots from Jinder Mahal. He went back and forth on Akira and sent him through the apron just after landing the superkick. He sent Akira through the ring rope. Jinder Mahal brought him back in the ring and ran some hard-hittings on Akira. We saw Jinder Mahal preparing for his final move Akira. He made Samoa Drop and then a move to pick the victory.

Winner : Jindar Mahal, victory followed by Pinfall

United States Championship Match

Adrade Vs. Appolo Crews

Appolo and Andrade went back and forth taking a hard brawl at the middle of the ring. Andrade caught Appolow and tried to send him through the top rope but Appolo had the cover to send him back. Andrade was still standing on the top of Apollo. Andrade flips back from the ring, Appolo followed him back whereby Andrade sent him through the ring post. He took Appolo back in the ring. Andrade with back hit and then a bunch of hand shots on Appolo. Zalina was outside for the instruction. We saw Andrade prepared for the move but Appolo would instead throw Andrade out of the ring.

They both swept the momentum out of the ring as Andrade connects a face-first to Appolon. Appolo and Andrade were both at the middle of the ring. Andrade walked up in the quest for Dubble Knee but Appolo would save himself from the kick and brought a massive Powerslam for the cover but kicked out at two. Appolo with a Close line on Andrade. Suddenly, Andrade turned and sent Appolo through the turnbuckle and landed Dubble Knee into the turnbuckle, Andrade dragged him for the cover but got the kick out at two. It showed how badly Appolo wanting to have the title. Andrade with DDT had the cover but Appolo was still able to kick out to set off the shock for Andrade. We saw Somewhere Appolo getting up for Pwerslam on Andrade but could not let him tap out for the win. Andrade with Hammer-Lock DDT and had the cover but he kicked out at two. After the lots of miss covers. Meanwhile, we saw Appolo Crew went on to injure his left leg which made him unable to compete in the match any longer.

Winner : Andrade(c)

WWE posted the storyline on Becky Lynch's new challenger.

Tag-Team Match

Ricochet & Cedric Alexander Vs. Matt Martel & Chase Parker

Winner : Ricochet & Cedric Alexander, victory followed by Pinfall

We were up for the WWE Championship contract-signing between Seth Rollins and Drew McIntyre. WWE Hall of Famer Jerry Lawler introduced Seth Rollins and said to him to sit down on the chair so he could have a lineup. He went to introduce WWE Champion Drew McIntyre. The champion requested Jerry Lawler to leave them alone in the ring. They both set on the chair. Drew McIntyre took the pen and signed the contract, Drew then turned it to Seth Rollins and also had some encroachment by saying that Seth is the one who jumped him a few weeks ago, they can get this done in 20 seconds. Seth Rollins took the mic and said "He does not want the title but he has to do so. Rollins said this isn't about him or Drew, it's bigger than all of us. He went on to say that "Drew will be a great champion someday, he's a great fighter, a warrior, and an honourable man, but he's not a leader, Rollins is a leader".

He said the WWE Universe, needs someone they can follow, someone to guide them. They need a leader and that could be him only. Rollins went to say that how he suffered for the title and says Drew doesn't have to. Rollins doesn't want what happened to him to happen to Drew. That is his burden to carry. Drew took the mic and filled with fake emotions. Drew said that was a really passionate speech. Drew said things are clear to him now and he's sure they are clear to everyone watching around the world. it's clear that Rollins is completely full of sh**t.

Drew gave him a piece of advice which included Rollins jumped him a few weeks ago and didn't finish the job. Drew told him to finish the job at Money In the Bank. Go for the throat because he sure will go for Seth's. They both stand up and face off. Seth Rollins stood up and said, "at Money In the Bank, the big picture will become very clear and trust him". Seth signed the contract. Drew immediately crashes Seth's face in the table. Drew cleared everything from the ring, we saw Seth coming back in the ring to face Drew but Drew dropped him with a Glasgow Kiss headbutt. Drew waited for the Claymore Kick but got the distraction from Murphy who took some shots on Drew and went to check out Seth Rollins. We saw Seth Rollins hugging him. Drew appeared behind them and landed a Claymore that connected to Murphy. Seth Rollins escaped from there.

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