WWE Monday Night Raw Results, Feb. 17, 2020: Highlight, Recap, Live Results, Winners And More

Anfostar Team Tue Feb 18, 2020
WWE Monday Night Raw Results, Feb. 17, 2020: Highlight, Recap, Live Results, Winners And More
Welcome to Anfostar_ Monday Night Raw takes place Angel of the Winds Arena, (originally known as the Everett Events Center). The episode features two matches so far. This Monday Randy Orton and Matt Hardy come into action in a No Hold Barred Match. The back summary of the match leads us to the moment when Matt Hardy emerged in the ring to confront Randy Orton and then displaying with turmoil between two. Randy Orton was too short to cut him off with RKO and woke him up to the familiar cognisance that was conducted with returning Edge. At the other side Bulgarian Brute is back in the action, this time with newly formed alliances? Rusev teams up with Humberto Carrillo To Collide, Bobby Lashley & Angel Garza in a Tag-team formation.

Seth Rollins holds “sermon” on Monday Night Raw. The Monday Night Messiah preaches, no one knows what exactly he has to preach. Last week Shayna Baszler bite Becky Lynch from her neck and that's how she sent her in the ambulance. However, all was set when Becky Lynch returns to the ring on the same night where she left off the message for Baszler that you better find me before I get her. It will also capture the attention.

Venue: Angel of the Winds Arena, (originally known as the Everett Events Center)

US Time: Will air live on Sunday evenings on the USA Network at 7 p.m. ET

India Time: Raw will air live in India on 9 March at 5.30 am on Tuesdays on Sony Ten 1 in English, Visit Sony Ten 3 to watch in hindi

Featuring Matches

No Holds Barred Match

Matt Hardy vs Randy Orton

Tag-team Match

Rusev teams & Humberto Carrillo vs Bobby Lashley & Angel Garza

Singles Match

Aleister Balck vs Erick Rowan


Here we go!!!

The Monday Night Raw kicked off with the first entry from thrilling Randy Orton, Fans went to louder their boo as he entered the ring. He went towards the fans side who shown him to get down. He stood tall in the ring and apparently pointed out the big screen to show up what happened last week when he came to address the audience, he attacked Matt Hardy with applying RKO.

He took the mic and spoke out that Tonights he supposed to face Matt Hardy in No Holds Barred Match and he promises this is not gonna happen again on what happened last week. Meanwhile, he was interrupted by Matt Hardy who was wearing protection around his neck. He said tonight he is not ready to face you as he was declared by doctors. He said he will still fight with you. Randy Orton said he not only respect Edge but he loves him like a brother. Then dropped the mic and headed towards the ring. Randy stopped at the end of the stage and turned himself back to Hardy. Matt was prepared to face Randy with Matt Hardy.

Randy was about to get a sneak attack by Matt with Chair but Randy instead puled him down from the rope. Randy Orton prepared to launch RKO on Matt Hardy and then back to back hits with steel chairs. Matt Hardy was lying helpless in the ring. Randy got down off the ring but there was something to be set off. He went upward again and stiped the neck protection to hit Matt with a chair but he stopped himself from doing this.

Randy Orton went down but instantly rush again followed by Randy Orton towards Matt and he pulled Matt from the ring and set him off to the ring stairs to hit him on the damaged neck. The referee tried to split them off but nothing could not stop The Viper to hit once again to the largest hit from chair.

Singles Match

Aleister Balck vs Erick Rowan

We were back in the ring with Erick Rowan to have his match with Aleister Balck. He was followed by Balck in the ring. Black tried to hit Erick but he countered it safely. Erick threw Blackout of the ring and went himself down to the ring. Erick hit him into the barricade with a massive hit on him. Erick picked him on his shoulder to hit the ring post but Black saved by hitting Erick instead to the ring post.

Aleister Black with Black Mass on Erick and went for the counter but he kicked off. Erick went on the attack to Erick as he it Powerslam on Balck for the cover but Aleister survived the Powerslam from Erick. Black took on Erick for the attack and had Balck Mass on Erick for the second time to finish off the thing for victory.

Winner : Aleister Black, victory followed by pinfall

We were back to Monday Night Raw with Charlotte Flair as it was announced earlier. She headed towards the ring. She had the mic to say that So last night she was on NXT Portland and she pointed at the big screen to show the scene of how she attacked Rhea Ripley. Charlotte Flair said she went to NXT to know the matter that who is filling the idea in Rhea Ripley's head to come out here to challenge The Queen. She said Rhea Ripley is good at fighting, "You have the AUDACITY to show up on MY show... and hold up the title that I put on the map?!". but the thing to be noticed pride comes before the fall. Lastly, she said Everyone is the next big thing until they're not and left off the ring by dropping the mic on the apron.

Triple Threat 24/7 Championship Match

R-truth vs Mojo Rively vs Riddick Moss

R-Truth was ready to pin Mojo with instant rolling but it was interrupted by Riddick and he rolled him up as well as retaining his title back to him. After the match, R-Truth went on to hit Mojo and got down to the ring leaving Mojo in the ring.

Winner : Riddick Moss, victory followed by pinfall

Singles Match

Drew McIntyre vs MVP

Drew McIntyre was introduced in the ring to pick his fight against MVP. He said, everyone is fired up tonight, so only 48 are left to WrestleMania. Charlotte Flair has already has fired her so he should be doing something special here. Drew said these days Suplex City is located in Claymore country and come to WrestleMania, he's demolishing that b---h to the ground. Paul Heyman interrupted Drew by entering the stage. Do you want the thing even bigger then he gives you the champion Brock Lesnar? He pointed at the entrance, another side Drew went to prepare for the fight, but Brock did not appear on the stag as Paul Heyman said do you think he would be here but he sorries for that, he is not here. Paul said Lesnar beating Ricochet at Super ShowDown, then beating McIntyre at WrestleMania Drew said he is ready to kick the head off Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania and become the champion.Paul Heyman said he has got the man of capable to fight with you tonight then he introduced MVP. He said Paul Heyman may not have issues with you but he has got the issues with you. He said he invited you as the guest for MVP last week but what he did he attacked me. Then he said tonight he will kick the chip the head off you.

MVP said referee to ring the bail and he instantly attacked Drew without waiting for the bail. Drew was too quick to have his move to win the match.

Winner : Drew McIntyre, victory followed by pinfall

RAW Women's Champion Becky Lynch was in the ring to address the audience with a brown paper bag She entered the ring SHe is felling a little on what went through last week. she came to the city to seek fame. She put out money from the bag which she was carrying with her. She said this is her destiny for the fine for what she will do when she crossed paths with Shayna Baszler. Becky Lynch said this is a down payment on violence. Becky dished out the money all around and said WWE make your way up to collect these from her because she is gonna do lots of things here with Shayna. Becky said last week Baszler bite me and the only animal can bite a neck.

Meanwhil, she was interrupted by Shayna Baszler who appeared on the big screen. She said there has been the Elimination Chamber and she is going to win it to challenge you for the title match at WrestleMania. One thing that makes the fact to win the Elimination Chamber match and that is she is familiar to that same cage and she will make it. Baszler said she's going to tear the living s--t out of Lynch. Becky Lynch said thanks to reminding her Elimination. She would be watching it. Then she left the ring.

Tag-team Match

Rusev teams & Humberto Carrillo vs Bobby Lashley & Angel Garza

Winner : Bobby Lashley & Angel Garza, victory followed by pinfall

The Kabbuki Warriors were backstage walking to ring. Kari Sane will go one-on-one with Natalya up next.

Singles Match

Natalya vs Kairi Sane

Natalya was the first to enter the ring to face to face with Raw Women's Champion Kairi Sane. Later THe Kabuki Warriors were next to enter the ring. Asuka said she will beat you at Elimination Chamber match and go to WrestleMania. Kari Sane entered the ring to face Natalya. The bail rang and Kairi Sane attacked Natalya for the instant bows. Sane was carrying Natalya in the tight grip. Natalya picked Kari on her back and hit her on the ground. Natalya punched Kair for the cover but she kicked out on two. Natalya tried to hit Kari but she got the distraction from Asuka, she turned to her side, Asuka pulled her down to the ground and hit her a massive kick while the referee was out to the sight. The referee counted up to 10 but Natalya was helpless to get up to the ring and that's how Kari won the match by count-out.

Winner : Kairi Sane, victory followed by count-out

AOP and Murphy were there in the ring with some pictures of Seth Rollins. Buddy introduced Seth Rollins to the ring. Seth Rollins entered the ring shaking the hands with the audience while walking to the ring. Seth Rollins was there in the ring with AOP and Murphy Hold "Sermon". He said "Sermon" was not in the term to come here, it was the simple way to talk with you. He went on to say something about Devin.

Seth Rollins said he is here to talk about the vision of us, resolution and improvement. He said by the determination you can achieve everything you want to achieve. Meanwhile, The Viking Raiders entered the ring and viciously rushed towards the ring to attack on them. Seth Rollins forged his way out to the end of the stage leaving Buddy and AOP in the ring. Next, we saw Kevin Owens came straight behind Seth Rollins to hunt him down with Starter.

AJ Styes came back to the Raw with The O.C. he took the mic and said The Phenomenal One is back on RAW. He then said WrestleMania is nothing without him. Gallows and Anderson indicated towards WrestleMania. AJ said he is the new Mrs WrestleMania and he does not care who he is gonna face at WrestleMania. Then he pointed at some of the greatest Superstars such as Roman Reigns, Brock Lesnar, Ricochet, The Undertaker, Randy Orton and so on. WrestleMania as far as they're concerned. AJ says being the humble man that he is, he can honestly say he's the greatest Superstar on any roster, of any era. Then he made_who is next??. AJ said he will prove his dominance at Super ShowDown in the Gauntlet Match and when he does..he was interrupted by Ricochet. AJ insulted him saying that no one believes that you gonna win Title. Ricochet said he earned the chance to face Brock and he will defeat Brock Lesnar to win the title, AJ and The O.C. Laughed on him making a joke out of it. Ricochet challenged AJ for a match for the instant. But Karl Anderson was there to accept the challenge instead AJ.

Singles Match

Ricochete vs Karl Anderson

Winner : Ricochete, victory followed by pinfall

Six-man Tag-team Match

Kevin Owens & The Viking Raidres vs Murphy & AOP

Kevin Owens entered the ring followed by THe Viking Raiders from the back. AOP and Buddy were next to face them. After the break, we saw Kevin Owns was fired up taking on Murphy. He made the tag with Ivar for the next, Ivar took some shots on Murphy apparently making the tag with Erick. He took Murphy to his opponent's side taking the retribution. Erick made the tag with Ivar and they both teamed up to launch Power hit on Murphy. Murphy somehow made the tag with Akam who was confronted by Erick, then went for the back to back front hit to each other. Akam took on Erick dragging him to his side and then handled the situation to Murphy who gripped Erick in his arms Erick tried to get out of the lock but unable to do so. Akam suddenly turned to Ivar pushing him on the ground then he also tried the same on Kevin but was master to save it.

Erick took the advantage and hit Akam with big knee strick and thew all the member onto the ground. Erick crawled to hit the tag with Kevin, another side Akam let Murphy come to the ring. Kevin took out Murphy out of nowhere. After the break, AOP was completely taking the retribution at Kevin Owens making him weak to make the tag. Akam gripped him in his arms. Kevin attempted to push him back with his power while he was still in his arm, he was at the point to touch the tag but again was pushed back by Akam. Somehow, Kevin Owen made Ivar made legal to come in. Ivar took control of the match. He let Kevin come in the ring, Kevin went on the top of the ring to jump from there. He went for the cover but it was broken up by Razar, he was followed by snap cover from The Viking Raiders and they threw AOP out of the ring leaving Keinv and Murphy in the ring. Kevin Owen had his move on Murphy to cover him instantly but it was broken up by Seth Rollins as he appeared on the ring.

Winner : Kevin Owens & The Viking Raidres, victory followed by Disqualification

Seth Rollins was in the ring with AOP and Murphy holding Kevin for the next move but The Street Profit fired up the stage by entering there to help them. The Street Profit took out AOP and Murphy for the removal and ultimately faced Seth Rollins who was alone there. He somehow forged the way to flee from there leaving other members of "The Monday Night Messia". Now AOP and Murphy were beaten hell and black by them and with this Monday night Raw went off the air.

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