WWE Monday Night Raw Results May 4, 2020: Winners, Highlights, Live Coverage

Jitendra Jangir Tue May 05, 2020
WWE Monday Night Raw Results May 4, 2020: Winners, Highlights, Live Coverage
Apollo Crews suffered a knee injury that would leave him unable to compete in the Men’s Money in the Bank Ladder Match on Sunday, May 10. WWE Announced a Last Chance Gauntlet Match to determine the next and last competitor for Men's Money In The Bank Ladder match for tonight's show

WWE Champion Drew McIntyre also gets to be in action against Murphy on Monday Night RAW.

Match Card

Tag-Team Match

The Street Profits(c). The Viking Raiders

Singles Match

McIntyre Vs. Murphy

Last Chance Gauntlet Match


The Show Begains Here

Here we go!!!

We kicked the things off with the host of VIP Lounge MVP who had some talk about Women's Money In The Bank Ladder match. He showed us a Triple Threat match between Asuka, Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler. MVP then went on to introduced Asuka in the ring. Shayna Baszler was the next to be introduced in the ring as Asuka set on the chair. and finally, he introduced Nia Jax MVP asked Nia Jax do you think you have the ability to climb from the first floor to the top of the roof and then finally climbing at the ladder. Nia Jax reacted to be the finest on the red brand.

Then he went to ask Asuka and Shayna Baszler, Asuka spoke her native language which was very hard to understand. Shayna Baszler and Asuka both stood up staring each other. They turned towards Nia Jax hitting her out of the ring. MVP controlled Shayna Baszler and Asuka at the middle of the ring.

Up first in the Last Chance Gauntlet Match Bobby Lashley.

Last Chance Gauntlet Match

Bobby Lashley Vs. Titus O'Neil Vs. Akira Tozawa Vs. Shelton J. Benjamin Vs. Humberto Carrillo Vs. Angel Garza Vs. Austin Vs. AJ Styles

Bobby Lashley entered the ring to pick the fight against Titus O'Neil. We saw Titus O'Neil entering the ring. The bail rang and Bobby Lashley ran the shots on Titus O'Neil and finally, he had the Spear to win the match.

Akira Tozawa was the next to enter the ring, he quickly attacked Bobby Lashley as he entered the ring. Akira went for another clash to dash down Lashley but at the same time Lashey would have his massive Spear to eliminate.

Shelton J. Benjamin was the next to enter the ring against Bobby. He continued the game for a little by kicking out Bobby Lashey but could not make it through as Lashley made his Spear to eliminate Shelton J. Benjamin.

The Mic hits and here we saw Humberto Carrillo coming up in the ring. After the commercial break- We saw Lashley gripping Humberto Carrillo in the corner, he was completing manhandling the red brand. Lashley looked for his move but Humberto Carrillo escaped by connecting a Kick on Lashley. He went on the top of the turnbuckle to jump at Lashley. Humberto Carrillo set off another clash Bobby Lashley caught him this time. Bobby sent him through the turnbuckle and led the back to back leg hits.

The referee tried to break the momentum of Lashley but he continued to do so which cost him a disqualification from the match as the referee made the call. Bobby could not believe what he just did right away. He went on to cause the destruction of Humberto Carrillo. The referees entered the ring to send him away from the ring. We saw Angel Garza entering the ring.

Garza with a Drop Kick on Humberto Carrillo for the cover but kicked out at Garza went on to cause Humberto Carrillo's left hand, Humberto Carrillo was finally able to counter back but had this for a little. Face first Humberto Carrillo into the apron. Humberto Carrillo led the chance now with some hits on Garza.

Garza was quick to respond Humberto Carrillo with a Dropkick he went for the cover but Humberto Carrillo broke it up. Garza stuck it up by going back to back for the cover. Garza with a Moon Shot out of the frustration and went for another cover but Humberto Carrillo kicked out at two. We saw Garza taking some shot into the turnbuckle. Suddenly, Humberto Carrillo rolled Garza to eliminate him from the match. Austin Fuery entered the ring to take as the next shot in the match. He was all-about laser-focused by causing the same hand. Austin held Humberto Carrillo from his back, Humberto Carrillo with an Elbow on Austin. Humberto Carrillo went for the quick Crossbody but Austin would have a right hand for the cover but kicked out at two.

Austin took Humberto Carrillo at the top of the turnbuckle to take him down on the apron but Humberto Carrillo would instead be rolled him up for three counts to eliminate him from the match.

We saw the return of AJ Styles as he entered the ring to take out Humberto Carrillo. We earlier also predicted into our Monday Night Raw Preview that AJ Styles could be back into the ring. AJ Styles fired up with some rough shots on Carrillo, there was a cover but Carrillo kicked out instantly. Now, AJ with right hand causing Carrillo left hand as it earlier got injured in a clash with Garza. AJ was able to sight up as Carrillo hit the turnbuckle. AJ caught Carrillo's leg to make it more painful. Carrillo caught up AJ for DDT, AJ with a kick but soon Carrillo would have Running strick on AJ to take him down.

AJ Styles with a Gutbuster on Carrillo and then finally he had submission move to let Carrillo tap out of defeat. He stood up to celebrate the victory.

Winner : AJ Styles, victory followed by submission

UP NEXT: We had an EXCLUSIVE interview with the Monday Night Messiah Rollins before he challenges Drew McIntyre for the WWE Championship at MITB.

The mic hit and here came the Monday Night Messiah Rollins into the ring to have an interview with Charley. Charley asked him for tonight's matchup whereby Murphy would take on Drew. Seth Rollins said his disciple has the faith in him and he will lead it to the best. Charley asked him that how he is preparing against the most dominative person Drew McIntyre. Seth Rollins said He is a fighter, he a warrior, he is dominant.

But he told him early he is not a leader which does not lead him for his destiny. He said Being a leader is something where you have to be responsable for everything. He said He is not trying to break the dream of Drew, "he is not trying to take anything from him. He is trying to unburden him but he is trying to burden off Drew's shoulder. He then stood up to rise for another word. he said he will finally write down the history by winning the title and he will stand right here in the ring to raise the title out of proud.

Tag-Team Match

Ricochet & Alexender Vs. Shane Thorne and Brendan Vink

Winner : Shane Thorne and Brendan Vink, victory followed by pinfall

Tag-Team Match

The Street Profits(c) Vs. The Viking Raiders

The Street Profits(c)(Angelo Dawkins, Montez Ford entered the ring to face off The Viking Raiders.

The Viking Raiders ran the shots on The Street Profits in order to get the quick win in the match. Ivar took on Montez Ford at the middle of the ring. Montez Ford tried to counter back but Ivar would send him into the turnbuckle to let Erick come in for the explosion. Erick came into the ring in the try to set some kicks but Montez Ford would fight back to make the tag with Angelo Dawkins who launched a Bull Dog on Eric as he was up to take from his team.

Angelo Dawkins was having the complete domination on Erick as he held him in the grip of arms. He let Montez Ford come in to take on Erick. He continued to be in the same destruction. Somehow, Erick made the tag with Ivar who brought some relief for Erick. Angelo Dawkins was completely taken under the control.

The show continued between the tags. Meanwhile, The Street Profits had a Duble DDT on Ivar and then move for cover but kicked out at two. The Street Profits were at the lead in the halfway of the match. The Street Profits had another move to take up the cover but Erick quickly came back in the ring to break the cover. Finally, The Viking Raiders had their move to win the match

Winner : The Viking Raiders, victory followed by pinfall

We turned to a big screen whereby Aleister Black had a special message for the returning AJ Styles.

NXT Champion Charlotte FLair up for the next.

Charlotte Flair entered the ring and she had some talk regarding the title defence against Io. Meanwhile, she was called out by Liv Morgan for a match.

The Bail rang and Charlotte Flair took Liv into the turnbuckle. Liv Morgan looked to get back in the match with the great efforts that she was taking on Charlotte Flair. It was thought out that Liv would set up the intimation if she gets to defeat Charlotte Flair. Liv Morgan had everything that she could take to beat down the best. Charlotte Flair got back into the action leading some shots. Liv Morgon took down Charlotte Flair with the right hand. Face first and Charlotte Flair went onto the apron.

Charlotte Flair meanwhile, had her countered move to get the relief from Liv Morgan. Charlotte Flair with Powerbomb on Liv and went for the cover but kicked out at two. She took Liv into the corner whereby, Liv tried to jump on Charlotte but Charlotte would have her submission move. Liv, Somehow touched her feet to the rope, breaking the submission. Liv Morgan with Dublle Knee on Charlotte Flair and went for the cover but Charlotte Flair kicked out at two.

Liv Morgan finally turned to have her move but was instead got by Charlotte into The Figure Four Leg Lock to let Liv Morgan tap for the defeat.

Winner : Charlotte Flair, victory followed by Submission

It was the great match than the rest of the above so according to us, this match got A+ grade.

Singles Match

McIntyre Vs. Murphy

Drew McIntyre entered the ring to take on Murphy. The bail rang and we saw Murphy had elbow attack on Drew. Murphy got off the ring and went towards Seth Rollins who was right standing at the top of the entrance. Drew came from behind he landed a kick on Murphy's Jaw. Drew sent Murphy into the barricade twice and then took him near the ring whereby Murphy had some advantage to take out Drew with a massive shot but Drew was quick to counter back as he again sent Murphy into the barricade. They both came back into the ring. Murphy taking some shots on Drew and went for the cover but Drew broke the cover at once.

Drew took Murphy on the top of the turnbuckle whereby he tired to make Powerbomb but Murphy would turn to make his own Powerbomb to send Drew on the apron. Murphy went for the cover but he kicked out at once. Murphy looked to wear another move but this time Drew had a chance to land Claymore Kick on Murphy to win the match.

Winner : Drew McIntyre, victory followed by pinfall

After the match Seth Rollins proceeded toward the ring while Drew was still in the ring staring at Seth Rollins. Drew went up on his knee and called Seth Rollins to come in for the fight but Seth Rollins turned and went out the arena. Drew continued to celebrate the victory. Suddenly, Seth Rollins appeared from nowhere to land a Superkick on Drew. He then looked to have Stomp breaker but Drew would right get up to catch Seth from his throat and landed a Headbutt. Drew prepared to make out Claymore Kick but Seth Rollins rolled down from the ring. This is how Monday Night Raw take the leave off.

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