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WWE NXT | Charlotte Flair Gets Reminded By The Motive 'We Are NXT!!'

Updated On: Thu Feb 06, 2020 By Anfostar Team


Welcome to Anfostar_Last night the confrontation between Charlotte Flair, Rhea Ripley and, Bianca Belair did not go in candid conversation. The Queen emerged out in NXT to put her response to Rhea Ripley who came to Raw to challenge Charlotte Flair for the NXT title match at WrestleMania. Charlotte got hit by a double-teaming face drop by Rhea Ripley and, Bianca altogether.

Let's read out the full recap about what took place last night.

Bianca Belair had her first entrance in the ring, she took the mic and sounded off like_She is going to get her title shot at NXT "Takeover: Portland" but apparently Rhea Ripley, she must be forgotten about that she went to RAW to challenge Charlotte Flair for WrestleMania 36. Bianca said she doesn't give a damn all about of that and even about a queen, she just wants to face to face with Rhea Ripley to come out here right now and...she was disrupted by the music of "The Queen" Charlotte Flair.

Charlotte mentioned the rope to Bianca for opening it, by but Bianca did not respond it in any way. Charlotte put the mic and made her "Wooo!" moment in the ring, Charlotte said, she has been looking Bianca, she is an amazing athlete and she has the respect for her. She went on to say that you and Rhea are fired up getting to talk about the queen, you made it all of yourself..she was interrupted by the music of Rhea Ripley, she came in the ring and said she's all about dropping The Queen at WrestleMania. Meanwhile, they both were cut off by Belair by stepping in between them to control. Belair said Ripley thinks she's just going to run over her in Portland, but no, she is now the "EST!"

Flair turned to say that this is a confrontation for champions, so Belair needs to stand over to the side and fix her braid. Rhea immediately took the action and said she was not on the Raw to disrespect Raw, so, don't go disrespecting NXT. Henceforth, Rhea said ya! it is true that she is going to face to face Bianca but in case you forget_we are NXT!! then Charlotte got hit by a double-teaming face drop by Rhea Ripley and, Bianca altogether. Lastly, Rhea stood tall raising her title in the air, while Charlotte and Bianca made their way out of the Universe.


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