WWE NXT: Drake, Vs. Kushida, Vs. Atlas Full Recap, Drake Wins

Jitendra Jangir Thu May 28, 2020
WWE NXT: Drake, Vs. Kushida, Vs. Atlas Full Recap, Drake Wins
We kicked the things off with Triple Threat Match the winner will get to face the another no. winner of the match.

Drake walked down to the ring to face off Kushida, Atlas. Kushida entered the ring as for the second entrance. Atlas ended the next and the final entry in the match.

The bail rang, and they all fought off in the middle of the ring. Atlas took Drake in the grip by pushing Kushida out of the ring. Kushida followed the ring to run some shots on Atlas.

It was all worth watching fighting them in the ring. Some good efforts from Drake and took control of both of them.

A brawl of hands went all the way in the ring, Drake with Dropkick on Kushida off the turnbuckle, Drake now took Atlas out of the ring, Meanwhile, Kushida made his way in the match and took his hands on Drake first and then jumped on Atlas off the turnbuckle. They now fought off in the middle, Atlas with a Drop on Drake and held a DDT off the turnbuckle, he went for the cover but Kushida dragged him away from the ring.

Atlas went on the top rope where Kushida also followed him to make the scrap for him. Drake also joined them but Kushida sent him through the ring. Kushida caught Atlas and dashed him down and immediately, led an Armbar on Atlas, Drake suddenly with his hand across the Atlas' chest and went for the three counts to win the match.

Kushida thought he is the winner but he got dazzled when the official announced Drake as the winner of the match.

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