WWE NXT | Keith Lee Dethrones Roderick Strong To Win The Title

Anfostar Team Thu Jan 23, 2020
WWE NXT | Keith Lee Dethrones Roderick Strong To Win The Title
Welcome to Anfostar_The Limitless Keith Lee has proven that what he stands for by winning the championship at the stack of his power. Last Night he defeated Roderick Strong to become the new NXT Noth American champion.

Have a look at the full recap at what went through

The fans had the side for Keith Lee as Roderick Strong entered the with Adam Cole and Undisputed Era, "NXT Tag Team Champions Kyle O'Reilly & Bobby Fish". Fans started booming over them. Fans started chanting for Lee as he entered the ring and got the introduction.

Lee tossed Strong out of the corner and Strong hit to the floor to connect with the rest of The Undisputed Era. Keith was looking so aggressive to claim his chance to beat down Strong and eventually becomes the new champion. He went on to make his dominance despited The others kept distracting him from ringside. Strong also tried on Lee's injured ankle against the steel ring. Strong attempted to injure Lee's leg with back to back hits so that he could make him lam to the extent.

Lee seemed to make a comeback but he got his ankle hurt for the serval times. At the same time, he was also being disrupted by Adam Cole which Strong took into an advantage and rocked, Lee, with strikes. Cole distracted the referee from the apron, So Fish could take the advantage to take him out of the apron. We went through the lots of retribution there as Strong was continued with Clotheslines and DDT. Lee was unable to get back in the action because of having the injured ankle.

Finally the time approached to the end when Strong took advantage of the distraction with knee strikes but Lee launched power slam in the middle of the ring for the pin to win the title.

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