WWE NXT Latest News | Finne Balor challenges Adom Cole for Title next Wednesday

Anfostar Team Thu Dec 12, 2019
WWE NXT Latest News | Finne Balor challenges Adom Cole for Title next Wednesday
After defeating Keith Lee and Tommaso Ciampa in a wild Triple Threat Match, Finn Bálor is set to earn the right to challenge NXT Champion Adam Cole next Wednesday.

A few weeks ago Adom Cole assisted Finn Balor in defeating Tommaso Ciampa but the assist was put on the insult as Finne surprised Pele kick. the rivalry became complex since that time. seeing the situation NXT General Manager announced a Triple Threat match between Finn Bálor & Tommaso Ciampa & Keith Lee and he who wins will stand for a chance to challenge Adom Cole for NXT Title.

Last Night Finne Proved to be the one who will challenge Adom Cole next Wednesday on Dec. 18. Now, Bálor will get the opportunity to show Cole, The Undisputed Era, and the NXT Universe that he rises above all and have the courage to be supreme than all. Finne Balor has won the NXT Title once and now he has the opportunity to reign for the second time.

NXT is reaching its horizon by accomplishing the great and spectacular matches by the degrees. Last week Shayna and Horsewomen were eyed attacking Ripley as well as accepting the challenge of Ripley for having a Championship match. Now the match will take place on Dec. 18 for the NXT Woman's Championship between Shayna and Ripley

Below are the so-far decided matches

1. NXT Women's Championship match

Shayna Baszler(C) Vs Rhea Ripley

2. NXT men's Championship match

Adom Cole Vs Finn Balor

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