WWE NXT: Matt Riddle Vs. Timothy Thatcher Cage Fight Full Recap

Jitendra Jangir Thu May 28, 2020
WWE NXT: Matt Riddle Vs. Timothy Thatcher Cage Fight Full Recap
Kurt Angle made his way into the ring, the cage was settled down for the match, Timothy Thatcher walked down to the ring, Matt also followed the way, the bail rang and suddenly, Matt jumped to take down Timothy Thatcher and ran rough on him.

Timothy Thatcher with a gridlock but Matt released himself from the lock and went on to cause the harm, Matt with a superkick to Timothy Thatcher, Kurt started to have the counts.

Timothy Thatcher got up, Kurt went near and we saw Timothy Thatcher was bleeding from the mouth he apparently went on to broke his teeth, Timothy Thatcher handed the broken teeth to Kurt. The medicine came to check him out. medicine cleared that he can still have a match if he wants to.

We went for the commercial break, Timothy Thatcher continued to have a match, Timothy Thatcher with a Suplex on Matt, Timothy Thatcher with a submission move to take the control, Despite his injury Timothy Thatcher was having a good match as he continued to lead the destruction.

Matt with Submission move but Timothy Thatcher broke it up and led his own, they went ground and pound, Timothy Thatcher hung on the top of the Cage with help from Matt, we saw Matt also joining him up. They had fight brawl at the top of the cage.

Timothy Thatcher with an Anklelock. Timothy Thatcher was taking the complete dominances, Timothy Thatcher looked to have Butterfly move but Matt made Knee attack to dash Timothy Thatcher down on the ground.

Matt jumped over Timothy Thatcher and went for the cover but kicked out at two. Matt in the act to have moved but this time Timothy Thatcher would make his submission move, Matt fell unresponded, Kurt checked him out twice but there was no response from Matt and that how Kurt rang the bail with Timothy Thatcher as the winner of the match.

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