WWE NXT News : Garza gets double gold night on NXT Dec. 11, 2019

Anfostar Team Thu Dec 12, 2019
WWE NXT News : Garza gets double gold night on NXT Dec. 11, 2019
It was ice on cake for Angel Garza on Tonight's latest NXT episode, As he got the sprit from winning NXT Cruiserweight Championship by defeating Lio Rush. Apart from this he also got to propose her girlfriend in the on-going show. So now you can imagine what can be a better night for Angle as he got what he wanted.

After the much of standing on the offensive side, Angle Garza was booed for his misbehavior, literally blowing a kiss on Lio's wife and Lio resolved to get back the words by defeating him but nothing favored for him as Agle stack a victory by becoming an NXT Cruiserweight Champion reigning for the first time-ever in NXT.

After winning the NXT Cruiserweight Championship match he went on doing something crazy. He celebrated his victory by proposing to his girlfriend, Zaide, in front of the NXT Universe!!. "He said there are four things, that are important in my entire life"_ the first thing is this Wrestling, and second this entire support of NXT Universe, and the third one is my family, and the final is my girlfriend." Then he went on proposing her(accepted). This is how it was a double gold night for him.

Making it very special, Triple H also took his tweeter to share a congratulation for both gold. He said "New Champion. New Fiance. Not a bad night for the New NXT Cruiserweight Champion Angel Garza.

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