WWE NXT News | Keith Lee Gets Fine After Suffering An Ankle Injury

Anfostar Team Fri Jan 17, 2020
WWE NXT News | Keith Lee Gets Fine After Suffering An Ankle Injury
Backstage news says that Keith Lee ok!! and free to fight Roderick Strong for the NXT UK title as it was reported by Matt Camp.

Last week we saw Keith lee made his first entry flaunting over to be 1#contender to challenge American Champion Roderick Strong at World collides. They chanted for the no. contender, he took the mic to say that for you it's your no. 1 contender but don't let me misprint you at all. He said The Undisputed Era had a great 2019 and they are arguably greater than anyone they still hold all the men's gold in NXT the end of their 2019 was as great as anyone, but here lies the different he is limitless, he will prove that next week when he defeats Strong to become the NXT North American Champion and forever. Instantly he was interrupted by The Undisputed Era - Strong, NXT Champion Adam Cole, and NXT Tag Team Champions Kyle O'Reilly & Bobby Fish.

Adam Cole had the mic to say that they are going to do the same as what they've done to Imperium and Tommaso Ciampa. After saying this they attacked Keith with a assemble force, Keith fought off at the very last moment as he could server to fight them, they crushed Keith to be laid in the helpless condition but later Tommaso came to aid off Keith he immediately took down everyone who came in his way and recruited with Keith to beat dow them to get them fleed from there. Fans chanted "Daddy's home!" and They stood tall in the ring.

Then it was reported that Keith Lee is having an ankle injury so he might be able to compete for the next match.

Later we saw Cathy Kelley with Johnny Gargano backstage. She asked about saving Tommaso Ciampa earlier, meanwhile, Ciampa also joined them and thanks to him. Following their meeting in the ring, Gargano asked Ciampa that has he heard about the challenge from Moustache Mountain. the confession came out in a proposal-accepted They agreed to team up again as they behold their memory back. We saw The Undisputed Era rushed towards them to attack but security were out there to stop them from attacking. Keith Lee got completely got angry and threw security gourd in the bushes with one collision just like what he did with Adam Cole, He sent another security guard into the windshield of a car which got shattered, it was impossible to stop Keith from attacking as he put another guy onto table Lee says "the prophecy will end next week."

Now Keith Lee has made it clear that he is going to blow up everything, you can see his full tweet.

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