WWE NXT Results Dec, 18, 2019, Adam Cole defends his title successfully against Finn Balor

Anfostar Team Thu Dec 19, 2019
WWE NXT Results Dec, 18, 2019, Adam Cole defends his title successfully against Finn Balor
We're live from the NXT Arena at Full Sail University in Winter Park, Florida, Titles match, Adam Cole and Shayna baszler to defend their title

Here we go!!


NXT Title Match

Finn Balor vs. Adam Cole

Earlier it was announced that the match between Finn Balor Vs Adam Cole(C) for the NXT Title will be shown commercial-free which means there will be no commercial interruption but later Mauro announced it to be "limited commercial interruption."

The match was on its full sail, we got to see everything form dropkick to clothesline and much more with 1916. When Balor pin Cole for a 1916 but Johnny Gargano appeared on the stage who brought a little bit distraction for everyone but not a little for Adam Cole took advantage of the distraction, and then launched the Last Shot for the pin to retain.

Winner: Finn Balor, victory followed by pinfall

Singles Match

Damian Priest vs. Killian Dain

Winner: Damian Priest, victory followed by pinfall

Singles Match

Cameron Grimes vs. Kushida

Winner: Cameron Grimes, victory followed by pinfall

Singles Match

Io Shirai vs. Santana Garrett

Winner: Io Shirai, victory followed by pinfall

Singles Match

Travis Banks vs. Pete Dunne

Winner: Pete Dunne, victory followed by pinfall

NXT Women's Title Match

Rhea Ripley vs. Shayna Baszler

First for first it came Rhea Ripley to the ring, labeled as the "challenger" Shayna Baszler made a second appearance with Horsewomen in the ring that as well as brought tension for Ripley and the cause of a lot of distraction to her, during the match Baszler went for the Riptide but Ripley applies dropkick which lead Baszler onto referee. The referee went down in the corner in a no-count condition, then Ripley went for the Riptide and covered for the pin but the referee was unable to respond. Meanwhile, Horsewomen (Shafir and Duke) came climbing the ring but got dropped by Ripley at ringside.

Ripley went to wake up Referee and after some time it all got back to normal Baszler pinned Ripley in Kirifuda Clutch several minutes. but the plaudits and chantation of the fans brought her into live she then somehow rolled her out of the pin and finally, Ripley applied the Prism submission to win the title as well as becoming the new champ

Afer the match crowed went on not to control themselves to come at the ring cheer for Ripley and uplifted her in the air leaving for the celebration

Winner: Rhea Ripley(New Champion), victory followed by pinfall

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