WWE NXT Results June 10, 2020: Recap, Highlights, Winners

Jitendra Jangir Thu Jun 11, 2020
WWE NXT Results June 10, 2020: Recap, Highlights, Winners
The first of NXT after NXT Takeover: In Your House continues to be live from Winter Park Florida. The show has got a few lineup loaded.

The night displays a singles match between Finn Bálor Vs. Cameron Grimes. Both the superstars have showcased their ability to fight throughout the ring.

The Prince looks to respond to his only loss this year when he faces Grimes on NXT this week. He fought against Damian Priest at NXT Takeover: In Your House who as well as the hand to bring the only loss for Finn of the year from the hands of Cameron Grimes.

Finn Bálor achieved retribution against Damian Priest. Now, he can do the same against Cameron Grimes? to settle the score.

Annouced matches

Singles match

Adam Cole Vs. Dexter Lumis

Singles match

Finn Bálor Vs. Cameron Grimes


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The show kicks off here!!!

The show commenced with a view from NXT Takeover: In Your House.

Undisputed Ear started the things off, they headed towards the ring. Adam Cole said "the Ear of Adam Cole will continue to up, He made some hits on Dream as he will never be able to get a title shot against him. He went on to make his shot on all the superstars that on one will be able to defeat him in WWE. They took the shot on Dexter Lumis, Adam Cole called him out into the ring. Meanwhile, Roderick Strong spotted Dexter Lumis into the crowd but as the rest made the eyes he disappeared. Adam cooled him down. Adam Cole made everyone believe that tonight he will beat Dexter Lumis. They left the ring with this.

Roderick Strong was having some problem to breathe as he is frustrated by Lumis. Adam Cole tried to make his persuade.

Mixed Tag-Team Match

Keith Lee and Mia Yim Vs. Johnny Gargano and Candice

Keith Lee and Mia Yim made their way up into the ring to face off Johnny Gargano and Candice. They stood at the middle of the ring having some trash talking. Keith Lee lift-off Candice, Johnny came by for the save. Now Keith Lee and Yim took them one by one. The referee tried to break them up so he could start the match. The bail rang and we saw Yim tossing Candice through the turnbuckle. Yim took out Candice. She went for another move but Candice was taken away by Johnny, Keith Lee from behind took out some damages on Johnny, They both now had teamwork to swipe off them.

Commercial Break***

After the break, we saw Candice taking some shots on Yim as they turned the things to their side during the break, Candice beating her through the turnbuckle, Candice with running hand but missed it as Yim ducked from there, Yim with a move and made the tag with Keith Lee, Johnny also came into the ring by the rules. Keith Lee lift-off Johnny on his shoulder, Candice came for the save but Keith Lee instead lift her off on his another shoulder.

Johnny saved the Powerbomb by pricking Keith's eyes, Johnny now were having hits on Keith Lee, Candice had some shots on Keith Lee but that was until Yim could make it to the ring. She had some shots on Candice and then she had a move on Johnny Gargano.

We saw Johhny Gargano made the DDT on Keith but he made it over Candice and got completely damage, Keith Lee held the match and checked out Candice if she got any damages, Keith Lee lift her into his lap, but Johnny from behind for the roll to win the match.

Winner : Johnny Gargano and Candice,victory followed by pinfall

The reply of In Your House, Io Shari will be next up tonight on NXT.

Tag-Team Match

Rinku Singh and Saurav Gurjar Vs. Mikey Debrey and Mike Reed

Rinku Singh and Saurav Gurjar made their up into the ring for a Tag-Team match. They had the match finishing at an earlier stage to win the match.

Winner : Rinku Singh and Saurav Gurjar,victory followed by pinfall

We spotted The referee talking to NXT General Manager William Regal to have a discussion about Cameron Grimes, he told that Cameron Grimes has broken Jaw injury, William told him to take the camera to Cameron Grimes.

Commercial Break***

After the break, we saw Cameron Grimes pretending over his Jaw broken injury, William spotted him doing so. William made it clear that he will have to take the fight.

There we got an announcement that next week Breezango will get a Tag-Team title shot against Imperium.

Singles match

Finn Bálor Vs. Cameron Grimes

Cameron Grimes made his way to the ring to face off Finn, Balor walked down to the ring. The bail rang, and we saw Finn taking rough on Cameron Grimes, Finn got a shot from Cameron Grimes but right after, Finn a dropkick to take him down. Cameron Grimes once again got on Finn with some shots, now Finn with a grip on Cameron Grimes, he tried to break up the hold and finally he did it.

Cameron Grimes, with a chop shot on FinnCameron Grimes, but soon Finn would have chops to take Cameron Grimes down. Finn with hard-hitting streak Face first Finn with a Dropkick, Cameron Grimes went out of the ring, Finn also followed him back and sent him through the barricade, Finn sent him back the ring, Finn entered the ring but had a sudden attack from

Commercial Break***

After the break, Cameron Grimes was all focused taking on Finn, he had some trash-talking regarding Finn, we saw Finn emerging again into the ring with a Slingblade and then a Drop Kick to take down, Cameron Grimes, he went for the cover but kicked out at two, Cameron Grimes advanced in the match, he went up to the turnbuckle to drop Finn. He went for the cover, 1,2... and kicked out, Cameron Grimes continued to dominate the match for a while as Finn soon got the lead in the match.

Finn with his finishing move to win the match.

Winner : Finn Bálor,victory followed by pinfall

Singles match

Kacy Catanzaro Vs. Dakota Kai

Kacy Catanzaro with a quick move to take out Dakota, she ran rough some shots on Dakota Kai, but that went for a little as Dakota with a knee stick to take her down, Dakota with another move but this time Kacy Catanzaro wold duck to have her won move, now Kacy Catanzaro taking some shots into the turnbuckle, Kacy with another move but Dakota denied this and got Diving double foot stomp to win the match.

Winner : Dakota Kai,victory followed by pinfall

Aftter the match, Dakota Kai was not over with Kacy Catanzaro as she commenced brutalizing her with Raquel González. Kayden Carter ran down to make the save. She picked Dakota Kai for the destruction but soon got slammed by Gonzalez. Kai and Gonzalez stood over Carter.

El Hijo del Fantasma walked down to the ring for the celebration of his new championship victory. Drake Maverick interrupted him meanwhile the words. He entered the ring and has a congratulation for El Hijo del Fantasma, he later said he is a full-time wrestler of WWE and now he needs to get his hands on you once again, Suddenly, we tow mask person, Drake and El Hijo del Fantasma in the defensive moves. Suddenly, El Hijo del Fantasma turned and had the attack on Drake, two mask man put off their mask and started moving hard on him. El Hijo del Fantasma also put off his mask.

Singles match

Adam Cole Vs. Dexter Lumis

Dexter Lumis made his way to the ring, Adam Cole with Roderick and Bobby Fish into the ring. The bail rang and they collided with a hand lock, Adam Cole with some shots into the turnbuckle, Dexter Lumis meanwhile sent him out of the ring, Adam followed the ring, where he tossed Adam Cole at the middle of the ring, A big right hand by Dexter Lumis, they fought at the top of the apron, Adam Cole a kick to take down Dexter Lumis.

Commercial Break***

After the break, we saw Adam Cole with a move to Dexter Lumis and went for the cover but had the kick out from Dexter Lumis. Adam Cole had some trash talking but Dexter Lumis had instead smile, Adam Cole with a Neckbreaker, Adam Cole with a Dropkick on his back, Adam Cole got up for another shot, Dexter Lumis on his knee smiling at Adam Cole, Dexter Lumis took Adam to make the destruction.

Now, Dexter Lumis with a German Suplex for the cover, 1,2...and kicked out at two, Dexter Lumis with another move but got a little resistant fom Adam Cole with a shot, Adam Cole with a Superkick right to Dexter Lumis' face and went for the cover but kicked out at two.

Adam Cole tried to cause the damages but Dexter Lumis forced back in the match. Dexter Lumis continued to make his way with moves. Adam Cole somehow advanced in the match as he started beating black and blue. Adam Cole tried to finish the match with his move but Dexter Lumis caught him with a tight grab looking to finish the match. Roderick Strong and Bobby Fish brought the distraction for Dexter Lumis with a move, Adam Cole would take the advantage to end the match with his finishing move.

Winner : Adam Cole,victory followed by pinfall

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