WWE NXT Results June 24, 2020: Live Coverage, Winners, Recap

Jitendra Jangir Thu Jun 25, 2020
WWE NXT Results June 24, 2020: Live Coverage, Winners, Recap
The tensions boiled when Superstars like Keith Lee, Adam Cole, Johnny Gargano, and Finn Balor meet in the ring to bring the chaos.

But, The NXT General Manager has an explication for the tensions between Adam Cole, Keith Lee, Finn Bálor, and Johnny Gargano. each man eyed the NXT Championship worn by Adam Cole and Keith Lee's North American Title.

NXT General Manager William Regal submitted a solution, proclaiming Lee would defend his championship against Finn Bálor and Johnny Gargano next week in a Triple Threat Match with the winner challenging Cole on July 8.

Bronson Reed after having the completion of his, he called the bluff to Karrion Kross for a match. A few minutes after the match was made official for the display tonight on NXT.

Cameron Grimes and Damien Priest left along to settle the score that they may have left behind, tonight it will be Cameron Grimes vs. Damien Priest.

Annouced Mtches

Triple Threat Match For NA Championship

Keith Lee(c) Vs. Johnny Gargano Vs. Finn Bálor

Singles Match

Bronson Reed Vs. Karrion Kross

Singles Match

Cameron Grimes Vs. Damien Priest


Singles Match

Cameron Grimes Vs. Damien Priest

Cameron Grimes kicked the things off as he walked down into the ring to face off Damien Priest. He had some trash-talking. Meanwhile, Priest lame through the stage. He entered the ring where he faced off Cameron Grimes with some back to back hitting. Cameron Grimes was running rough on Priest.

Preist made his comeback into the match when he landed a dropkick to Cameron Grimes. We saw Priest followed him out of the ring but instead got hit by Cameron Grimes pushing him back to the ring edge. Cameron Grimes took him back into the ring. After the minutes, Cameron Grimes landed a Knee strick to win the match.

Winners : Cameron Grimes, victory followed via pinfall

We once again had our eyes dug on Robert who tried to persuade Rhea Ripley but once again got dumped into the dustbin. Aliyah came to make the save. Aliyah slapped Reha Ripley on what she did to Robert. Rhea Ripley went on to fix up their match later on tonight.

Singles Match

Jake Atlas Vs. Santos Escobar

El Hijo del Fantasma now know as Santos Escobar walked down into the ring with his right and left hand assist. Jake Atlas came running into the hast and tried to have an early collision with Santos Escobar but the referee stopped him doing so. The bail rang and we saw Jake ripping him apart. After the commercial break we saw Santos Escobar having some shots into the turnbuckle, Santos Escobar with a massive dropkick, Jake went down. Santos Escobar with Armlock.

Jake somehow got out of the lock but Santos Escobar with another back to the backdrop to sent him down on the ring. Santos Escobar with back lock, Jake was trying to get back on his feet, Santos Escobar looked for the driver but Jake would duck to make the dominance in the match. jake with Standing Moonslute. He went for the cover but kicked out at two. Jake sent him out of the ring with a dropkick, Jake at the top of the apron and launched himself over them.

Jake took Santos Escobar back into the ring, Jake had his another move for the cover but he once again kicks out. Jake went on the top of the ring post. Santos Escobar meanwhile, stopped him doing so and a driver move to win the match.

Winners : Santos Escobar, victory followed via pinfall

Next we were on the hype for our main event, a North American Championship match between Keith Lee(c) Vs. Finn Vs. Johnny Gargano.

Tag-Team Match

Kacy Catanzaro & Kayden Vs. Dakota Kai & Gonzalez

Kacy Catanzaro & Kayden approached to the ring in order to pick up their matchup against Dakota Kai & Gonzalez. Kacy Catanzaro & Kayden were at the top of the match as they continued to beat them black and blue but then Gonzalez with a huge Powerbomb to Catanzaro and made the tag with Dakota Kai who landed her submission move to let Catanzaro tap out.

Winners : Dakota Kai & Gonzalez, victory followed via submission

After the match Dakota Kai approached to the camera and led a message to NXT Women's Champion Io Shairi that she has the eye on NXT Championship now.

Singles Match

Bronson Reed Vs. Karrion Kross

Karrion Kross made his way up into the ring to face off Bronson Reed. The bail rang and Bronson Reed with a sudden attack to Karrion and pushed him into the turnbuckle, Bronson Reed looked for another shot but Karrion would catch him for the offense.

Bronson Reed with German Suplex, Bronson Reed went for the hype but we saw Karrion Kross stood up like he did not have any effect, Bronson Reed landed more hits but nothing went onto effect him. karrion Kross now went fo the savages on Bronson Reed.. Karrion was animated, Karrion Kross with Backdrop and then would have his submission move to win the match.

Winners : Karrion Kross, victory followed via submission

Adam Cole was backstage for the interview, he said, "Well, that's a good question as a tough one. Actually, I mean the common man would say whoever is the weakest. Whoever you have an advantage against the most like one of those answers. The problem is I'm not the common man. I'm Adam Cold Bay Bay".

He further added, " I am the longest reigning and greatest NXT champion there has ever been so my answer whoever truthfully because it does not matter because the result will be the exact same right now Mackenzie. I'm way more worried about making sure, my mantle has enough room for one more Championship stupid question" and he left off from there.

Singles Match

Rhea Ripley Vs. Aliyah

The bail rang and we saw Rhea tossing Aliyah into the middle of the ring, Aliyah found herself out of the ring, where she got some instruction from Robert, Aliyah back at the apron, Rhea tried to snatch her but would instead hit from Aliyah. Rhea Ripley was a little back into the match. but soon Rhea Ripley would dominant over Aliyah with Dropkick and some more of her moves.

Robert brought the distraction for Rhea but, Robert threw his shoes into the ring which inraged Rhea to catch him for the hits. Rhea followed him but Robert escaped from there. He approached to the ring where Rhea Ripley caught him for the big drop, Aliyah tried to have the advantage with a roll but soon Rhea Ripley turned her eye and landed a Riptide to win the match.

Winners : Rhea Ripley, victory followed via Pinfall

After the match Rhea Ripley stood tall into the ring and had some mockery with Robert.

Singles Match

Dexter Lumis Vs. Roderick Strong

Dexter Lumis walked down into the ring, Roderick Strong headed towards the ring with Bobby Fish, the bail rang but Roderick was too desperate and was not ready to pick the fight, Roderick Strong, again and again, went out of the ring. Bobby Fish tried to explain to him so that he could pick the fight. Roderick dropped himself, Dexter grabbed him and sent him through the glass and went into the ring, while Roderick fled from there, the referee went for ten counts declaring Dexter as the winner of the match.

Winners : Dexter Lumis, victory followed via Pinfall

Next week it will be Rhea Ripley Vs. Robert & Aliyah in a Triple Action, Robert & Aliyah were backstage talking with NXT general manager, Robert & Aliyah demanded a rematch. Where General Manager William announced that Next week it will be Rhea Ripley Vs. Robert & Aliyah.

Triple Threat Match For NA Championship

Keith Lee(c) Vs. Johnny Gargano Vs. Finn Bálor

We were next up for the main event For NA Championship as well as the winner gets to have a title opportunity against Adam Cole. Johnny Gargano walked down into the ring as for the first, Finn Balor also followed the ring entrance. Keith Lee also made his appearance. The bail rang as the official made the introduction.

Johnny rolled through the bottom rope as Keith Lee and Finn fought off into the ring, Finn at the top of the ring post, Keith Lee tried to take him down but Johnny from behind to make the interference in the match as we went for the commercial break.

Back from the break, we saw Finn tried to take down both of them but Keith Lee was more dominative, Finn climbed at the back of Keith Lee, Johnny from behind to take out Finn, Now, Johnny climbed at the back of Keith Lee, Soon Finn took Johnny Down and had the same climbing. This time Keith Lee landed him through the turnbuckle while he was on the back, Keith Lee chopped down both of them. Keith Lee took the shot on Johnny, Finn from behind with Sleeper hold, Keith Lee somehow got out of the hold, Finn and Johnny went out of the ring, Keith also followed them, Suddenly, Finn Balor with Sling Blad to take down Keith Lee, Johhny with a jump on Keith Lee, They both took the shot against Keith Lee, Finn and Johnny caught Keith and sent him through the steel stairs as we went for the commercial break.

After the break we saw, Finn was driving Johnny with his shoulder into the turnbuckle, Johhny showed a little big strength as he landed a Slingshot to Finn. Keith Lee also joined them now, Finn Balor with Slingblad and went for the move but Keith Lee appeared from the top of the apron into the turnbuckle, Keith Lee with a big drop on both the superstars. Finn targeted Johnny, Keith Lee joined the fight, Finn with a Sleeper hold on Keith Lee, Johnny made the save and landed a DDT on Finn Balor. Johnny with his move on Keith Lee and looked to have a cover but Keith Lee rolled through the bottom rope, Johnny with a suicide dive to take down Keith Lee, Johnny with another Suicide Dive on Finn but Finn would make the save and instead sent him through the barricade.

It was the narrow escape for every superstars as they did their best to pick the winner. Keith Lee with a powerbomb to Johnny and went for the cover but Finn at the top of the ring post to launch himself, Keith slid away from there, Now, Keith Lee caught Finn for the Big Bang to win the match.

Winners : Keith Lee(c), victory followed via Pinfall

After the match, Adam Cole made his appearance into the ring to face off Keith Lee as now by Keith Lee has become his opponent.

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