WWE NXT Results May 27, 2020: Recap, Winners, Highlights, Cage Fight

Jitendra Jangir Thu May 28, 2020
WWE NXT Results May 27, 2020:  Recap, Winners, Highlights, Cage Fight
This week's NXT Episode is bringing a lot to beef the upcoming NXT Takeover: In Your House. It will be a good shot to hype up the ahead show match card.

This week we will witness a Triple Threat match between Drake, Kushida, and Atlas, the winner will go to the finals of the tournament to determine who faces El Hijo del Fantasma for the championship.

Another match will be the spotlight on the same night between Matt Riddle Vs. Timothy Thatcher in a cage fight with Kurth Angle as the special referee.

Charlotte FLair is soon to defend her NXT Women's Title against Rhea Ripley and Io Shirai WWE Takeover: In Your House but Rhea Ripley and Io Shirai will team up against Charlotte Flair and a partner of her choosing THIS WEEK on WWE NXT. It was announced by William Regal on his twitter account.

Pre-decided Matches

Tag-Team Match

Charlotte Flair & TBA Vs. Rhea Ripley & Io Shirai.

Triple Threat Match

Drake, Vs. Kushida, Vs. Atlas

Cage Fight

Matt Riddle Vs. Timothy Thatcher(Kurt Angle as special Referees)


Here we go!

Triple Threat Match

Drake, Vs. Kushida, Vs. Atlas

We kicked the things off with Triple Threat Match the winner will get to face the another no. winner of the match.

Drake walked down to the ring to face off Kushida, Atlas. Kushida entered the ring as for the second entrance. Atlas ended the next and the final entry in the match.

The bail rang, and they all fought off in the middle of the ring. Atlas took Drake in the grip by pushing Kushida out of the ring. Kushida followed the ring to run some shots on Atlas.

It was all worth watching fighting them in the ring. Some good efforts from Drake and took control of both of them.

A brawl of hands went all the way in the ring, Drake with Dropkick on Kushida off the turnbuckle, Drake now took Atlas out of the ring, Meanwhile, Kushida made his way in the match and took his hands on Drake first and then jumped on Atlas off the turnbuckle. They now fought off in the middle, Atlas with a Drop on Drake and held a DDT off the turnbuckle, he went for the cover but Kushida dragged him away from the ring.

Atlas went on the top rope where Kushida also followed him to make the scrap for him. Drake also joined them but Kushida sent him through the ring. Kushida caught Atlas and dashed him down and immediately, led an Armbar on Atlas, Drake suddenly with his hand across the Atlas' chest and went for the three counts to win the match.

Kushida thought he is the winner but he got dazzled when the official announced Drake as the winner of the match.

Winner : DRAKE MAVERICK, victory followed by pinfall

Johnny Gargano with Candice walked down to the ring and they had something to announce, Johnny told that he is going to give an opportunity to the young stars to fight with him. He then went on to introduce Adrian Alanis.

Singles Match

Johnny Gargano Vs. Adrian Alanis

Johhny went on to shake the hands with him but immediately put him under the harm by taking him down. Adrian Alanis a move to take Gargano away but soon Johnny for his submission move to win the match.

Winner : Johnny Gargano, victory followed by Submission

Singles Match

Raquel González Vs. Shotzi Blackheart

Raquel González with Dakota Kia entered the ring to face off Shotzi Blackheart who was already was in the ring. Raquel González was taking advantage of her friend in the form of distraction. Tegan Nox made the save by entering the ring.

Raquel González was taking complete control on Shotzi Blackheart with her move that she kept digging on Shotzi Blackheart. Now, we saw Shotzi Blackheart coming back in the match as she took out Tegan Nox and Raquel González with a jump off the turnbuckle. Tegan Nox went to check out Shotzi Blackheart where she faced Candice who prevents her to do so. She somehow able to make the distraction. We saw Raquel González made her move to win the match.

Winner : Raquel González, victory followed by pinfall

Tag-Team Match

Charlotte Flair & Chelsea Vs. Rhea Ripley & Io Shirai.

Rhea Ripley & Io Shirai made their way up to the ring, Charlotte Flair followed the ring, there was still a mystery on who will join Charlotte Flair, the music hit and we saw Chelsea to join The Queen.

Chelsea and Rhea Ripley kicked the things off, Rhea Ripley went on to call out Charlotte Flair to face her, Chelsea instead on Rhea's back Rhea with a punch and took down Chelsea, Rhea tied to have a big boot on Charlotte FLair but she escaped the way.

Rhea made her tag with Io Shirai who ran some shots on Chelsea but it was for a while as she sent Io out of the ring and then launched herself on Io. Chelsea with a tag to Charlotte FLair, They were back into the ring, Charlotte with some leg hits into the turnbuckle and turned to have a tag with Chelsea. Io got back into the match by taking Chelsea out of the ring and then a dive to dash her down.

After the, Charlotte Flair was having some chop shots on Io, Charlotte Flair made the tag with Chelsea, Io also let Io come to the ring. Rhea Ripley swept the match in a possible victory. Somehow, Charlott Flair took Rhea Ripley under the Figure_of-four lock but at the same time, Io broke the cover. Io with 619 on Charlotte and went to have another move off the turnbuckle, suddenly, Charlotte Flair rolled Io for the three counts to win the match

Winner : Charlotte Flair & Chelsea, victory followed by pinfall

Willim Regal joined NXT Champion Adam Cole on the camera, Adam Cole said tonight he was going to have a great celebration as he is the longest-reigning NXT Champion but everything was scraped away. Adam Cole took his point on Dream saying that he does not deserve a chance on his championship. William was kept on having them on the line. Adma Cole to have the match with a term on the line.

Adam said if, he defeats Dream at Takeover then he will get to have a match with him. Willam Regal agreed and announced that The Velveteen Vs. Dream Adam Cole will be at NXT Takeover: In Your House. He also mentioned that they will have a different place to show their talent.

Singles Match

Tommaso Ciampa vs. Leon Ruff

Winner : Tommaso Ciampa, victory followed by pinfall

Cage Fight

Matt Riddle Vs. Timothy Thatcher(Kurt Angle as special Referees)

Kurt Angle made his way into the ring, the cage was settled down for the match, Timothy Thatcher walked down to the ring, Matt also followed the way, the bail rang and suddenly, Matt jumped to take down Timothy Thatcher and ran rough on him. Timothy Thatcher with a gridlock but Matt released himself from the lock and went on to cause the harm, Matt with a superkick to Timothy Thatcher, Kurt started to have the counts.

Timothy Thatcher got up, Kurt went near and we saw Timothy Thatcher was bleeding from the mouth he apparently went on to broke his teeth, Timothy Thatcher handed the broken teeth to Kurt. The medicine came to check him out. medicine cleared that he can still have a match if he wants to.

We went for the commercial break, Timothy Thatcher continued to have a match, Timothy Thatcher with a Suplex on Matt, Timothy Thatcher with a submission move to take the control, Despite his injury Timothy Thatcher was having a good match as he continued to lead the destruction. Matt with Submission move but Timothy Thatcher broke it up and led his own, they went ground and pound, Timothy Thatcher hung on the top of the Cage with help from Matt, we saw Matt also joining him up. They had fight brawl at the top of the cage. Timothy Thatcher with an Anklelock. Timothy Thatcher was taking the complete dominances, Timothy Thatcher looked to have Butterfly move but Matt made Knee attack to dash Timothy Thatcher down on the ground.

Matt jumped over Timothy Thatcher and went for the cover but kicked out at two. Matt in the act to have moved but this time Timothy Thatcher would make his submission move, Matt fell unresponded, Kurt checked him out twice but there was no response from Matt and that how Kurt rang the bail with Timothy Thatcher as the winner of the match.

Winner : Timothy Thatcher, victory followed by Submission

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