WWE NXT UK TakeOver: Blackpool II, Results (Jan. 12, 2020 ), Venue, Headlines

Anfostar Team Sun Jan 12, 2020
WWE NXT UK TakeOver: Blackpool II, Results (Jan. 12, 2020 ), Venue, Headlines
Welcome to Anfostar NXT UK TakeOver: Blackpool II, Results. The event took place from Empress Ballroom in Blackpool England which included the intense rivalry between Storm, The Scary Queen of Scots and Piper Niven for the NXT UK title. The second main event included United Kingdom Championship Match, WALTER (c) vs. Joe Coffey and an NXT UK Tag Team Championship 4-Way Ladder Match between Gallus' Mark Coffey & Wolfgang (c) vs. Imperium's Marcel Barthel & Fabian Aichner vs. The Grizzled Young Veterans Zack Gibson & James Drake vs. Mark Andrews & Flash Morgan Webster. The show got the reflection from Andy Shepard, Tom Phillips, and NXT general manager William Regal who welcomed us to the Takeover Blackpool II pre-show. The day was extremely studded with surval superstars including Johnny Saint, NXT general manager William Regal, and Triple H.

Singles Match

Trent Seven Vs Eddie Denis

Trent Seven was the first to kick off the show then it brought out Eddie Denis in the ring for sigles match against Trent Seven. Seven instantly went for the powerbomb on Eddie and covered to count but he kicked out with 2 yet. uring the match Denis tried to remove the top turnbuckle pad but he got refusal from the referee Seven took advantage of the distraction to nail with a superlex and went for the cover kicked out with 2 counts. Finally, Denis got to remove the pad, .Denis sent him on exposed steel then He lift Seven for a buckle bomb but the referee denied to do so. Denis instead thew Seven to the outside on the barricade!! and went to pick him back to pin for the win.

Winner: Eddie Denis, victory followed by pinfall

NXT UK Women's Championship Match

Kay Lee Ray Vs Toni Storm Vs Piper Niven

Winner: Kay Lee Ray, victory followed by pinfall

Singles Match

Jordan Devlin Vs Tyler Bate

Tyler got cheered up when he entered the ring, in a match that can only be described as "spectacular, incredible and, amazing as Tyler Bate got the job done against Jordan Devlin just before the initial of the match Devlin pushes him into the turnbuckle by turning the chairs, the referee had to come in order to isolate them, Devlin pushed Bate, the match got even more exciting by their company's teamwork. Instantly Bate turned it into a headlock Bate turns it into a headlock, this time it was Bate who dropkicked Devlins to send him outside. Bate tried to launch a suicide dive but Devlin had his back against him. Devil went for the springboard to cover him but he kicked out, Devlin dragged Bate to the ropes to drown him. Meanwhile, in the match, we saw an amazing mockery Devlin mocked Bate by twisting his mustache. This time Devlin went for the Saito-suplex but had to face the block from Bate, he went for the standing shooting star but again got the two counts.

Devlin stood into a spike-Frankenstein. Devlin had his slingshot cutter to Bate on the apron which made both of them on down to the ground, Referee went to count but they got settled down in the ring. later in the match, Bate launched a huge haymaker. Devlin went for a package-piledriver. the match was getting its end when hitting a huge headbutt. Bate jumped to the top corkscrew plancha on Devlin and this is how he pinned him for the victory. The match was such thrilling that everyone took their words to praise the thrilling match.

After the match UK general manager Johnny Saint, NXT general manager William Regal, and Triple H had a standing ovation for the thrilling match.

Winner: Tyler Bate, victory followed by pinfall

NXT UK Tag Team Championship

Grizzled Young Veterans Vs Imperium Vs Gallus Vs Flash Morgan Webster/Mark Andrews

Winner: Gallus retains the NXT UK Tag Team Championship, victory followed by pinfall

NXT UK Championship

WALTER Vs Joe Coffey

Winner: WALTER retains the NXT UK Championship, victory followed by Sumission

After the match WALTER stood tall to celebrate the victory but before he could move NXT champion Adam Cole appeared to his back and crashed the party for WALTER, as the Undisputed ERA surrounded WALTER beat him down and lastly Adam indicated that this is what gonna happene at World's Collide.

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