WWE NXT news, Becky lynch enters the past house

Anfostar Team Thu Nov 28, 2019
WWE NXT news, Becky lynch enters the past house

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WWE has become a crashing party Since the on-going invasion between three brands NXT, Smackdown, and Raw and last Monday night Raw stands for the same cause when NXT came out to beat down Raw and Smackdown.

Last night Triple H invited to the best brands for a fight with NXT, he tweeted that "doors are wild open for you" even NXT also reminded The Raw woman's champion, Becky Lynch as what was said by Triple H And that was quite accepted by "The man" Becky Lynch sent out a tweet, wondering how much has changed at NXT since she last stepped into the ring there. And shows that Becky Lynch has entered the NXT yard in order to counter.

Just only two days are reaming for the Survivor series where every match will be sizzling up to its top when all superstars come to brawl in order prove there best. But before that, you are seeing some blazing trailers. Triple H unlocked the door for the Smackdown and Raw, invention was wrapped up by "The Man" as she came around and walked right in where she once had her reputation made. Becky Lynch kicked off the show by calling out NXT woman's champion Shayna Baszler to come down for a fight with her but that that fall on the deaf ears to Shayna Baszler but The Man's challenge was accepted by "Ripley" instead.

While Both were on top of their fight, however, the match was broken up with an instant entry of Baszler along with Jessamyn Duke and Marina Shafir who were flaming outside to interrupt the match Becky and Ripley fought off Horsewoman altogether and got the success to make them flee from there and ultimately they both had each other's shoulder in order to clear up the ring.

The match was announced as "No Contest"

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