WWE News | 16-time World Champion 'John Cena' Pays For Vietnam Veteran’s Groceries

Anfostar Team Wed Mar 18, 2020
WWE News | 16-time World Champion 'John Cena' Pays For Vietnam Veteran’s Groceries
Are you positively inspired by somebody? if, you not then would be after browsing an encouraging store from John Cena. In fact, every WWE Superstars have been eager to help such people who needs it for sure. WWE has its own community for such great works, but this time The kind of Cenation Leader that recently came into being on Reddit.

We noticed something on Monday when a Reddit user posted a photo of their uncle with 16-time world champion John Cena in a U.S. Navy SeaBees cap, whereby, he wrote: "John Cena paid for my Uncle’s groceries!".

The following report from went on to give a store to know more about the news as it was told by, explaining that the man proofs to be Vietnam veteran Charles “Bud” Phillips and it was told that Cena had kindly paid for Phillips’ groceries after noticing his hat and thanking him for his service.

As it is told by that the man's daughter explained he Website that “My dad didn’t even know until he was being checked out and the cashier said, ‘John paid for your groceries.’”

John Cena tells us that not replying the whole talk but as an inspiring saying that "The immediate future of the already uncertain and uncomfortable times will bring a tremendous challenge to us all. Control the controllable, be the best you that you can be, and use effort to be as calm and logical as possible in this rapidly changing landscape."

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