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WWE News | Baron Corbin Blames An Unfortunate Pre-match Wardrobe Selection For His Loss To Roman Reigns

Updated On: Sat Feb 29, 2020 By Anfostar Team


Welcome to Anfostar_Earlier this week, Wilder marked his 40-pound costume for declining his legs during his imposing appearance in his encounter with Tyson Fury where Fury got out to be the winner.

In an interview Wilder said "By the third round, I had no legs. I was completely done. My legs were gone. I had to step into survival mode very early. But you know me -- I'm going out on my shield. I'm a fighter. I'm a warrior. That's what I do."

Now Corbin has come into the term to Blames An Unfortunate Pre-match Wardrobe Selection For His Loss To Roman Reigns. He took to his twitter to claim the concern_ I’m never gonna take anything away with from Roman Reign’s preparation for a main event steel cage match.

I was prepared ... but I didn’t think of the toll my entrance gear (the chainmail, my robe) and entrance would take on my body. Three min in my legs were tired.

On Super ShowDown Baron Corbin went to weaken his strength by getting another defeat from Roman Reigns in an intense Steel Cage match and now he has set up the blam with similar properties that were claimed by Wilder.

What can be the ultimate conclusion of Baron Corbin's talk as he has never been able to be stable whenever has to fight with Roman Reigns, A few weeks ago Baron Corbin was not satisfied with his defeat at the hands of Roman Reigns and then Roman Reigns fixed a Steel Cage match where Bron too got the defeate.

Below is the full tweet from Bron Corbin

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WWE Smackdown Baron Corbin

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