WWE News: CM Punk And Charlotte Flair Comments On The Rock's Daughter Simone Johnson

Anfostar Team Wed Feb 12, 2020
WWE News: CM Punk And Charlotte Flair Comments On The Rock's Daughter Simone Johnson
Welcome to Anfostar_This week's WWE Backstage featured Charlotte Flair as the Special guest, among others such as CM Punk, and Paige with the main host of Backstage, Renee Young, WWE Hall of Famer Booker T.

Recently, we noticed that the daughter of The Rock has reported to WWE Performance centre to officially begins her training. She reported WWE Performance Center a day before and she apparently grabbed the attention of WWE Superstars Including Triple H.and his father THe Rock and CM and Charlotte Flair as it reported on WWE Backstage.

The question was raised about Rock's daughter during the show that what advice she would have to keep if just wants to be phenomenal like her father THe Rock. Well, in the reply, CM Punk said "The only person I think Simone Johnson can relate to is you," Punk said to Flair. "Somebody who is the daughter of a living legend, that comes in, now she's signed to NXT, and I think you could be a tremendous help to her. So, if you had any advice for her, what would you say?" then he turned to her side waiting for the reply.

Charlotte Flair: "It's not easy", "A lot of people are gonna think it's easy, and in some ways, it is easier, like, you grew up around the business, people know your dad, and they know your family. "But there comes a lot of criticism", and do I trust him?, do I trust her? favouritism, not favouritism, is my dad coming too.

It's a just lot, and you just have to block out the noise and stay true to you, and you have to work twice as hard, and you can never take anything for granted. she added.

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