WWE News | Charlotte Flair Challenges Rhea Ripley For NXT Women's Title At WrestleMania 36

Anfostar Team Mon Feb 17, 2020
WWE News | Charlotte Flair Challenges Rhea Ripley For NXT Women's Title At WrestleMania 36
Welcome to Anfostar_Charlotte Flair vs Rhea Ripley for the NXT Women's Championship is set for WrestleMania 36 as The Queen made the proclamation by attacking Rhea Ripley after her victory on Bianca Belair.

After the match, Rhea Ripley stood tall to celebrate her victory Ripley raised her title but then she was attacked from behind by Charlotte Flair. Charlotte Flair took the mic and said she thought about it and she will see Ripley at WrestleMania. The fans went crazy on hearing this announcement. Flair did not stop here although here as he uploaded her move on the apron to be laid down. Flair took the title in her hands and raised the NXT Women's Title in the air. Immediately, Charlotte Flair dropped the title on Ripley and proceeded towards the exit.

The war waged a few weeks ago when Rhea Ripley came to Raw to let Charlotte choose her title for WrestleMania but everything fell on the deaf ears. Last week on Raw Rhea Ripley again made her visit for Raw to make out the same reason where she confronted Saraha Logan for One-on-one. Rhea Ripley defeated Logan for the successful victory but After the match, Rea had her question to Charlotte asking that where is she answer, you came to NXT but she did not find the answer.

Charlotte replied saying that_maybe that's how The Queen operates. She went on to say that how she would trust because she is gonna have her championship match with Bianca what if she loses. The Charlotte left the stage leaving Rhea in the ring.

Now finally The Queen has made her statement by challenging Rhea Ripley for the title match and potentially has proved that don't mess up with The Queen.

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