WWE News: Daniel Bryan Says 'Drew Gulak Taught Me To Never Stop Training'

Anfostar Team Sat Mar 28, 2020
WWE News: Daniel Bryan Says 'Drew Gulak Taught Me To Never Stop Training'
Welcome to Anfostar_ *A lots of comments are surrounding all from Daniel Bryan to Drew Gulak after Drew defeated Nakamura to let Daniel get his hands on Sami Zyan at WrestleMania for The Intercontinental Title match.

The duo has left an indeed special impression on us with their kind of standability and teamwork. Drew Gualk has shown that he can do to the extent to let his teammate rise high above the circumstances by getting an impressive victory over Nakamura. This would now lead Daniel to let be the competitor against Sami.

Daniel Bryan instantly put his twitter to share his feelings on Drew Gulak. "Thanks to @DrewGulak’s incredible jackknife technique, I will be facing @SamiZayn for the Intercontinental Title at WrestleMania! Nobody’s gotten their hands on Sami in months: with #CoachGulak’s help, that’s going to change!", "Daniel Bryan added",

Daniel also wrote replying to Chad Gable that "Thank you! Any fault in our previous technique was entirely my own. But @DrewGulak may agree that we could use someone who has expertise in Greco Roman to bolster our training. Is there anyone around who fits that bill? #IronSharpensIron".

Daniel also added, "@DrewGulak has taught me to #NeverStopTraining... not even to celebrate with vegan sausages. #SmackDown.

Below you can observe the full tweets from Daniel Bryan.

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