WWE News Dec. 30, 2019 | Samoa Joe Teams Up With Kavin Owens Against AOP And Seth Rollins

Anfostar Team Tue Dec 31, 2019
WWE News Dec. 30, 2019 | Samoa Joe Teams Up With Kavin Owens Against AOP And Seth Rollins
It was the final show of the year. First, for first it came down Kavin Owens he said we're going to cut right to business tonight showing a video clip about how they beat him and Rey Mysterio and later to Samoa.

He said you know AOP is going wild with every superstar in the locker room and I have been sent to hospital twice in month, Owens said he will keep calling them out and getting beat up but sooner or later, he's taking one of those idiots down with him. He then talked about Rey Mysterio. He showed a video clip showing a video the attack on Rey losing the WWE United States Title a few days later to Madison Square Garden. Then Owens went on to say enough guys enough...suddenly was cut off by AOP and Seth Rollins.

He said Owens is still failing to see the big picture. This isn't something he chose, this is something that was forced upon him by people like Owens who think they know best you, this is his sacrifice, for the greater good, to be a leader, a messiah, to take the industry into the next decade you have left no choice to impose my will. He further went on to say that if he resist them AOP will enforce my will, later with an instant flow Kavin got off the stage to attack AOP but got beat down the dust instead, with no wait more Samoa came forward to beat down AOP.

he suddenly attacked AOP and they got themself in the ring but AOP again got back in the fight and they started hammering Samoa too but that was too soon as Kavin came up with steel chair and took hard-hitting on them, finally the security headed towards them to stop them, they pulled AOP back to backstage but before that Kavin jumped off them and dashed down them on the ground.

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