WWE News | Drew McIntyre Invites WWE Fans To Claymore Parties, Top Jackhammers By Goldberg

Anfostar Team Sat Apr 18, 2020
WWE News | Drew McIntyre Invites WWE Fans To Claymore Parties, Top Jackhammers By Goldberg
Welcome to Anfostar_The possessor of the biggest and greatest-know move in WWE 'Jakhhamer' has steeped up in his yard, It indeed concludes none other than Goldberg who had been the most dominative WWE Superstar in his time being. Last week he made his return by picking his against 'The Fied' Bray Wyatt for the Universal Championship.

The Championship bout will come to the surface with Super Showdown that will take place from International Arena at The Boulevard in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia on Thursday, Feb. 27.

Befor we get closer and live look of Jakhhamer from Goldberg at Super Showdown, has presented a clip resulting in the top 10 Jakhhamer of his time in WWE. The video concludes some of the greatest and powerful Superstars of all the time such as; Wrath, Jamal, Scott Norton, Mark Henry, Bam Bam Bigelow, Current WWE Champion Brock Lesnar, Reese, Rosey, Roadblock, and, The Gaint.

Below is the full clip:

Turnig to another cover then we get to touch The new Royal Rumble winner Drew McIntyre who is soon to make his time worth with the only and the Champion Brock Lesnar. While the prediction has already been laid down Drew McIntyre when spoke with BBC Scotland's The Nine on about how he's preparing to become the first Scottish WWE Champion.

He told that "by the WrestleMnai he will be the new champion when he defeats Brock Lesnar. He also said predicting about the possible victory match with Brock Lesnar "I was the first-ever Scottish guy to win the Royal Rumble, and apparently will be the first-ever British guy to win it and hopefully I'll be the first-ever Scottish World Champion."

Later he was also caught up with WWE cameras at last night's live event, where he spoke; .Drew McIntyre is counting down the days until Wrestlemania...and plans on have a Claymore Party or two along the way! He officially invited the WWE Universe to catch up with him in relishing "claymore parties" till the WrestleMania Countdown.

"Here's an opportunity for to me to send everybody an official invitation to everybody to my claymore parties," McIntyre asked the cameraman for the main event countdown who replied with 57 days "That means every week we got the live events, RAW on Monday, I reckon I could get 60 claymores out there, sometimes, multiple times a night. Everybody come along.

There will be a guest of honor, I'll kick their head off, and the rest will be a party all night. And this all leads up to April 5." The biggest party of the year, multiple countries come together in Tampa, my back yard. I know crazy people are there because I am one of them and after I beat Brock, we are gonna have parties for days.

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