WWE News | Edge Marks His Match Against Randy Orton As The Main Event Of WrestleMania 36

Anfostar Team Thu Mar 19, 2020
WWE News | Edge Marks His Match Against Randy Orton As The Main Event Of WrestleMania 36
Welcome to Anfostar, *Edge is eager to know the challenge acceptance from Randy Orton which he put on the line this week's Raw for a Last Man Standing Match, but he is still anticipating the answer from Randy Orton.

We have seen that It will be the first time when the big event like WrestleMania gets hosted two nights (April 4 and April 5).

On replying this news, Roman Reigns reflected his match with Goldberg, as the one main event of those two nights. Roman also mentioned at the end that who will be the next to claim the night very special for them. Roman Reigns said on his twitter account that Two nights of @WrestleMania @WWE’s biggest event just got BIGGER. One of those nights belongs to the #BigDog... Who will claim the other?

Now, Edge has come into the terms to tagged his match against Randy Orton as the special night of the event. He said replying to Roman Reigns that Aw that’s cute Big Pup. But whether you realize it or not, if @RandyOrton has the nads to accept my challenge for #WrestleMania we’ve already marked our territory on what the real main event is. After 9 years the wolf is back in the yard.

Edge challenged Randy Orton for the Last Man Standing match at WrestleMania 36. He went on to say that that this isn't a story Orton writes, Edge will dictate and at WrestleMania, Orton won't stand back up. He smacked the mic to leave off the ring. He said as more that at WrestleMania 36, if Orton has the guts, then it'll be Edge vs. Orton.

Randy Orton could find himself to be nowhere when Edge Rated-R returned to Raw occur out to be challenger against The Viper but Edge was not deep below the circumstance to predict his match up with Randy Orton at WrestleMania. The Apex Predator will be live next week on Raw to answer back 's challenge.

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