WWE News: Edge Reacts On Howard Finkel's Earlier Death

Jitendra Jangir Thu Apr 16, 2020
WWE News: Edge Reacts On Howard Finkel's Earlier Death
Earlier we heard a saddened report that Howard Finkel who was an American retired professional wrestling ring announcer, employed by WWE and was considering the greatest ring announcers in the history of sports and sports-entertainment has passed away at age 69.

We have witnessed several superstars reacting upon Howard's death which also includes Edge who took to his Instagram to say that;

"Howard Finkel was the voice @christian4peeps and I emulated when we performed our own ring introductions for our living room or side yard(depending on the weather) wrestling “shows”. I know there’s an entire generation of kids, now grizzled adults who did the same thing. He was “our voice”.

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"When I debuted in the WWE and I heard Howard’s voice introduce Edge, I welled up. THAT’S when it became real that I’d made it. I will never forget the goosebumps I had the night on a house show at The Skydome when he said “and NEEEEEEWWWW Intercontinental Champion”. Our first tag title win at WrestleMania of all places. The voice? Howard.

More importantly than all of that, he was my friend. He was a genuine, warm and compassionate man who absolutely LOVED his job. I remember standing with him nightly behind the curtain with a bunch of the boys firing him up as Welcome to the Jungle played for his ring intro music. This hurts. The Fink. The best. Ever.

While, Johnny Gargano posted that "Howard Finkel was a staple of my childhood. The voice we all grew up with. I first met Howard backstage at WrestleMania 33. I walked up and as I said "Hello, sir" and went to introduce myself, he burst out "HELLO, JOHNNY!" I couldn't believe he knew MY name!"

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