WWE News | Edge Returns To Raw Following Orton’s Attacks On Beth Phoenix

Anfostar Team Sat Mar 07, 2020
WWE News | Edge Returns To Raw Following Orton’s Attacks On Beth Phoenix
Welcome to Anfostar_The Royal Rumble was the place when Edge made his return to WWE and Raw was the kind of place where he got to meet his best-ever tag-team friend Randy Orton who picked snap attack on Edge, subsequently letting him send to the medical process.

We saw Randy Orton offered to reunite with old RKO tag-team Edge, fans chanted yes!! Edge got his favor to be in RKO again but something unbelievable came out when Randy Orton turned to be savage for him as he launched RkO on his own friend Edge. Fans started booing over him but he continued to make his attack on him. he brought a steel chair and hit Edge form his back.

He fenced Edge's face into that steel chair and went on the top of the ring post to jump on a settled chair, whole WWE Universe chanted NO!! No!! he stopped himself from doing so but it was more dangerous when he went down to bring one more chair and placed his head on that another one chair and hit Edge ring front of his face. Fans chanted you are an as..le.

After the attack, Matt Hardy came to know the answer from Randy Roton but he was too taken under the more like destruction twice with the same action of the attack on Edge. Last week it was announced that Beth Phoenix will be returning to Raw to provide a medical update on her husband, Edge Rated, whereby in the ring she confronted Randy Orton in the ring.

Randy Orton explained the whole story on what he had the memorable moments with Edge being his superstar. At the end of the conversation Beth tried to hit Randy but she instead had RKO from Randy Orton.

In the wake of Orton’s latest strike, The Rated-R Superstar will return to Raw once again this Monday, and there will be plenty to address.

All you have to do, just stand by the chair with a tight hold because the actions will be on the line between Randy Orton and Edge.

The speculation is made that Edge will challenge Randy Orton for a singles match at Elimination Chamber event.

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