WWE News | Fans Reaction Over Braron Corbin Vs Roman Reigns Match

Anfostar Team Sat Feb 08, 2020
WWE News | Fans Reaction Over Braron Corbin Vs Roman Reigns Match
Welcome to Anfostar_Roman Reigns and Baron Corbin still have got some unfinished business to be set at Super Showdown. While on the other hand fans are likely to put this match in their backlist and need a change in the game. Fans are questing the lack of creativity dragging the matchup between Baron Corbin and Roman Reigns. The feud started just about months ago, just The Usos returned to SmackDown to aid of their brother Roman Reigns.

Roman Reigns has got a positive amount of power within him as he went on to defeat Bron Corbin in a Falls Count Anywhere match.

Last Night Roman announced a Steel Cage match on Super Showdown.

Last Friday Night SmackDown King Corbin Suddenly, King Corbin entered the stage, if Roman is what he says to be then he would have won the Falls Count Anywhere match and then would have apparently won the Royal Rumble and would be headling. Meanwhile, he went on to insult a fan who was standing near to barricade. Roman Reigns made his way in the ring by ambushing the back to back kicks on Baron Corbin.

He hit Baron Cornin into the barricade and then took him in the ring but Baron Corbin escaped his way out of the ring to exit. Roman Reigns took the mic and said that how cowards react. He went on to accept King's challenge and said this he is gonna have a steel cage match while keeping everyone out of the destruction. Reigns exited the ring and greet fans at ringside.

Now the fans need a fair ending of this match and brawl.

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