WWE News | Injury Report On Nakamura After Receving A Powerslam from Intercontinalal Champion Braun Stroman

Anfostar Team Sun Feb 23, 2020
WWE News | Injury Report On Nakamura After Receving A Powerslam from Intercontinalal Champion Braun Stroman
Welcome to Anfostar_Follwing a massive Powerslam from Intercontinalal Champion Braun Stroman on Nakamura has caused a lot of harm than anyone else in the match as Nakamura received nine staples in his head after the first-ever Symphony of Destruction Match

We saw The Monster Among Men teamed with Elias to defeat Nakamura & Cesaro while having the consent of using instrumental in the match. Nakamura even Instagrammed his post writing that "Don’t worry. I’m a tough." But, the piano was the toughest. @adamscherr99 and I couldn’t beat it.

Let's read below on what happened last week on SmackDown

It was a STACKED show on Friday Night. It was the match for No Holds Barred and the Falls Count Anywhere match. The only way to win the match is by Submission or Pinfall. Cesaro, Nakamura and Sami Zayne kicked off their entries.

Elias made his way to the ring and he introduced Braun Strowman in the ring who came with a massive-hitting guitar. The match kicked off and we saw Elias and Nakamura were in the ring. Elias was taking on Nakamura with complete massive hittings with instrumentals as they were passed by Sami Zayne to Nakamura.

Elias took Nakamura out of the ring and tried to hit the drum to Nakamura but he was confronted by Cesaro who stopped him doing so, he was followed by Braun Strowman who stood tall back of the Cesaro and sent him through the dump. Sami tipped Braun's back which turned Braun to follow him but he was kicked by Nakamura. After the break, Braun Strowman was taking on all his opponents.

Sami came from behind and hit Baun with guitar and then a Duble DDT on the big guitar. Elias came into defence and he took then up. He went off the top of the ring post setting Cesaro into the table. Elias was stopped by Nakamura but Braun Strowman came in the defence to pull him down.

Braun took Nakamura on the top of the announcement table and sent him to hit a Powerslam on Piano and Elias with a high jump on Cesaro, Braun covered Nakamura went for the cover to win the match.

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