WWE News: Lacey Evans Continues To Target Sasha Banks

Jitendra Jangir Thu Apr 23, 2020
WWE News: Lacey Evans Continues To Target Sasha Banks
The feud prevailed between two of the superstars when Sasha Banks mocked at Evans’ family, including her 7-year-old daughter since then Lacey was trying to find the way out to vanquish over Sasha Banks but the chance like this did not appear for her.

Later Lacey Evans got a chance to get her hands on Sasha Banks at several occasion but Sasha Bank somehow kept escaping from the fight, those she did not have a proper remedy of satisfaction. Last week on SmackDown we saw Lacey Evans joining the force with Tamina to take out Bayley and Sasha Banks with Women's Right.

Backstage we noticed that Lacey Evans had Sasha Bank for destruction on her hands. Now Lacey Evans and Sasha Banks are set to break out another feud when they go one-on-one this week on SmackDown.

While, Lacey Evans is continued to put her nasty word on her speak. So to make a regard Lace Evans twitted about Sasha that "Just because it's a quarantine.....doesn't mean you dont dig deep, find motivation and use what you got to train ya nasties! No entry signposted hand See you tomorrow sweetheart @sashabankswwe"

I would like to remind you that Lace Evans and Sasha Banks will collide for the spot at Women's Money In The Bank Ladder match at MITB.

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