WWE News: Lana and Rusev are ready to free the cord

Anfostar Team Sun Dec 08, 2019
WWE News: Lana and Rusev are ready to free the cord
After a lot of misconception, restraining order, arrests, and the journey jail, they both have reached the conclusive point which will turn into a divorce paper sign-on this Monday Night Raw. Now Lana is independent of what she wants to do with Bobby Lashley and Rusev can also marry and engrossed with someone whoever he wants to make a bond with.

The additional and relevant consequences have been by Lana when she first mingled with Bobby Lashley from singling Rusev. Afterward, Rusev could not slap the anger to whip down Bobby Lashley and that's where concerning the attacks, Lana filed a divorce and restraining order against Rusev where he was forbidden to come across but nothing could not fence Rusev to come down and beat Bobby the hell out.

Following the illegal policy of being committed a crime, Rusev was arrested and sent to jail for some days, later police set him free concerning a match with Bobby at Starrcade. After filing multiple restraining, Rusev did not stop his assault over Bobby. Following this concern, Lana had two officer who were there to protect Bobby and Lana from Rusev but they didn't make it according to the will. Instead of arresting Rusev They arrested Bobby where Lana took action and angerly made a slap one of the officers which cost her a jail.

It was like a sheep in the wolf clothing. Not so long took to set them free from shackles. Now it's official that Lana and Rusev will split up on this Monday night Raw. So far nothing has gone so quiet between both of them so you might get to see a glimpse of something big.

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